Long ago I made the unbreakable promise to myself that I was never giving up on meaningful people or things in my life.

By the way, do you have any plans for today?

—  Gabriel.
So clear.

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i feel shitty whenever my villagers say "wow i'm seeing you a lot today!" like they're living peaceful meaningful lives while i sit around wanting to fight everything

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I just made a fanfic and I wanted to hear your opinion. You get 10lives. you can choose to live normally or do what Jongin is trying to do: die the 10x required to be gone for good. Jongin struggles to see his purpose in societythinking that he'd rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life. the time between each death is 12months. This means that it would take him 10years to finally die as he wishes to do. The fic starts with jongins 9thdeath which is the year he meetsKyungsoo.

ooooh sounds interesting! I kind of have feels just from imagining this tbh. you should definitely go for it! and if you do write it, please send me a link, I’m very intrigued already

I still have hope that some of these Duggars–even the married ones–will still escape. My older half-siblings were raised in a similarly-controlling church, married “approved” people, and STILL both siblings rebelled in later adulthood. They’re now 40 and 38, happy, and living productive, meaningful lives far away from the church that spiritually abused them and their spouses. Moral of the tale? Never give up on someone finding freedom.
Random Punch Out Headcanons

I’m not smart enough to do interesting headcanons, so these are very general. If you want to add or if you want me to write down more about any subject I can.

Glass Joe has a huge sweet tooth, kind of like Doc Louis but not so much with chocolate as just sweet cream or very sugary things. Joseph also has a niece that inspires him to keep boxing. She is only five, but he loves her so much that he keeps giving it his best. Glass Joe is also infertile. He wanted to have children but after a few incidents in the ring, he was no longer able to which makes his friendliness towards other children a lot more meaningful. Joseph lived in an Orphanage from when he was thirteen to sixteen years old before finally being adopted by a kind woman named Celesse Abel.

Von Kaiser was 16 when the Berlin wall was built. Not only was his father very strict on turning Kaiser into a respectable fine man with military training, Kaiser himself was keen on going to a military academy so that he could become strong enough to forget his past and forget about his family on the other side of the Berlin Wall. Von Kaiser’s full name is Friedrich Von Kaiser. He despises children, as well. The tick that he has is from him training vigorously when he was young, having been born only a decade and a few after World War 2 and wanting to be able to protect his country if there was ever any attacks.

King Hippo is possibly the most mature and intellectual out of all of the boxers. His people are all overweight, though they made him King due to his much larger mass and ability to eat five turkeys in three seconds.

Piston Honda cannot use his real name inside the ring, instead he has to change ‘Honda’ to ‘Hondo’. Piston is actually very interested in Western culture, and prefers boxing over his other martial arts that he knows and practices. Hondo doesn’t hold grudges very often. He would rather learn from his mistakes and his opponent’s tactics to find how to beat them in a more unique way. Hondo is a great artist. Piston Honda is very involved in politics involving his country, but remains quite open to many ideas and doesn’t argue much. Unless it’s a debate on figure skating. He loves figure skating so much that it’s kinda weird.

Bear Hugger is a very eco-friendly person, and boxes to raise money for Wildlife preserves or for the Canadian Military. (He is very peaceful, though.) Bear Hugger’s real name is Mathis Tremblay. Mathis is Quebecois, and enjoys speaking with Glass Joe in French. (though the different accent and slang can sometimes throw the Parisian off.) He also is very political, but keeps to himself and doesn’t normally vote on anything having to do with the government. (He wanted Quebec to become an independent Country, though. Even if he knew the consequences.) Hugger has a very low tolerance to heat.

The Great Tiger  has a very enjoyable, light-hearted personality. He is very charismatic and humorous and because of this, he attracts many people. When Tiger first joined boxing, he was horrible, because he focused mainly on training himself in magic and because of this the WVBA allowed him to use magic. To spice things up! He is very pro-wildlife and likes to train in the wilderness to ‘Learn from the animals beside him’. Great Tiger is famous almost everywhere except France, Slovakia, Czech, Belarus and Poland. Tiger has a fear of being unwanted and making people unhappy.

Don Flamenco has an abusive father, that he still looked up to because his father had convinced him that every time he had hit Don, he was showing him how to fight in the boxing ring. (Even though Don’s dad knew nothing about boxing and was instead Don’s inspiration to become a Matador.) Don is suicidal because of this, though his instincts have grown past that depression after meeting Carmen. ‘Flamenco’ is not Don’s last name but rather a nickname given to him early on when he danced before a fight. Don’s full name is Donato Garcia.

Aran Ryan is extremely superstitious. He also loves his family more than anything, though he dislikes his sister. Aran hates the UK, but was not keen on the idea of Scotland leaving the UK. Aran is an avid fan of childish cartoons with dark plots, such as Steven Universe. Ryan is a violent drunk (Though he’s violent anyways.)

Soda Popinski had an alcohol problem but his wife eventually got him to drink Soda instead. (Though, he still likes to go out drinking with Aran and still loves Vodka.) Soda dislikes America. Though his main language is Russian, Soda knows many more languages and speaks with the Great Tiger in Hindi, or with Dragon-Chan (The rare moments they speak) with Chinese.

Super Macho Man likes to imitate reporters who follow him and finds enjoyment in listening to other boxer’s stories. He knows just about everyone’s past and their ambitions. Macho puts on a very egotistical guise in public but is very laid-back and can be very respectful on few occasions.

Mr Sandman has children and a wife, but occasionally they have a polygamous relationship with other boxers or friends. He is a very responsible and loyal person, and actually doesn’t get mad that often. He’s very serious about boxing though, and doesn’t want to make himself seem like a fool in front of his wife (And husbands sometimes) and children.

(based on this / for trxgichxro)

and this was terrible, this was aria’s worst nightmare and it came to get her. she couldn’t even look him in the eyes as she heard him, she didn’t want any of that, she was far from being ready to settle down and she always thought that he would be like that too. but no, aria forgot about how some people really have goals and want to do something meaningful with their lives while she just wanted to be free. “you know that i don’t want any of that, right?” she muttered, tears already on her eyes.

You know you’re starved for physical affection when you have a really good dream and the high point was a really nice hug

I’m not adjusting to living alone all that well

The Truth About Freedom

What are we willing to fight for?

Most of the time the things we fight over are pretty trivial. Things like who’s turn it is to pick the movie, who gets the last piece of pizza, etcSometimes these things can feel really important in the moment and we spend a lot of energy seeing that justice is done.

But do we spend that same amount of energy fighting for what matters? Or are we blind to the meaningful things in our lives that we can take for granted? The scary truth is that there can be things in our lives that harm and enslave us, and it’s too late before we notice. Any type of addiction has the power to worm its way into our minds and hijack our thoughts.

Freedom to think and feel.

I want to be free from my addiction. It’s starting to affect my emotions and twist my thoughts. - Male Fortifier, 15-years-old

We hear things like this everyday. Porn addiction affects people’s lives in very real ways and there is specific science behind why this happens.

The chemical oxytocin, which is released during intimacy, works as an eraser for old brain pathways, melting them away so that large-scale rewiring can happen. In a relationship, this helps by erasing old, selfish pathways and making room for new ones focused on the combined success of the couple. (Norman Doidge, The Brain that Changes Itself.) However, porn can do just the opposite - erasing old couple-centric pathways to build new ones around the self-centered and unrealistic things seen in porn.

Like any addiction, porn teaches us to focus on ourselves. It is a completely self-gratifying experience. We train ourselves to seek more and more. We condition our mind to look for bigger, better, newer, stranger experiences. We discover the shocking novelties the internet has to offer and they reward us with a rush of chemicals in the brain unlike any other.

But isn’t this freedom? Freedom to do what you want and what makes you feel good?

Not really.

These chemicals that flood our brains while we consume porn literally change how we think and feel. The honest truth is that without self-control we can easily become controlled by our urges. Then the only thing we will be free to do is continue to feed more urges. Eventually, we will build a mind that can trap us in our own desires.

Gathering the troops.

Part of the word addict comes from a latin root that means “surrendered.” To be addicted means to give in to something, to be taken over. An addicted brain is territory occupied by an enemy.

Finding out that there are things in our society, our homes, and in our lives that have the potential to take our freedom hostage should motivate us. We won’t roll over and let this happen. We aren’t going to shrug and accept this for what it is. We will never, ever accept this is “normal”.

Rise up in rebellion.

But what if it’s too late? What if your life is already out of control? What if you don’t know if you can ever be free again?

To that, we say it is never too late! There is no such thing as a point of no return when it comes to addiction. You can always reclaim your freedom from addiction. The pathways that porn builds in your brain can be broken down. All you have to do is fight smart and be strong.

Be a smart Fortifier.

A smart Fortifier is diligent. They revisit their Battle Strategies, pay attention to their Battle Tracker, and use tools like STAR as much as they can. They know that Fortify is not a one-time thing and they study and learn as much as they can for as long as they need.

A smart Fortifier is patient. They see a setback as a battle lost, but not the war. They always use what they learn from defeat as well as victory. They know that change might be slow going but that their freedom is worth the fight. They won’t be caught off guard.

A smart Fortifier is humble. They know this is a personal struggle but they know they should never have to fight alone. They rely on their Accountability Partner and pledge to live honestly, even when it’s hard. They know that they are weaker when they isolate themselves with secrets. Remember: Fortifiers know they can’t fight alone.

Freedom is worth it.

There is no greater cause or noble endeavor than the pursuit of freedom. There may always be things in our lives that are unfair and unjust. Other people can make choices that harm or hinder us and we will have to cross those bridges when they come. But no one has the power to design true freedom for us. Only we control our future. With hard work and resolve, we can become the people we want to be. A person who is free to think and feel how they wish.  

Freedom is a heart unhindered and a mind uncaged.  If we strive to live a life where we are truly free, maybe the world will follow.  

Decide what life is about

Some lines of thinking after a heart-aching breakup:

1) I don’t need your love! There are plenty of people who love me. My friends my family other lovers!
2) I don’t need anyone’s love, I’m a lone warrior making it through. I’m hella independent.
3) shit what will I do without your love?! I poured out all my heart for you; you’re my everything, and everything is you!

this line of turbulent thinking is grounded on the premise that I believe life is about love. So maybe life shouldn’t be about love.

Hold up, before chasing me down to burn my blasphemy with your torches of vigilant love, I don’t mean to rule out the place for love in life. In fact, I embrace it. It will be the main motivator for me to share my energy, time, wealth, and wisdom and knowledge.

it’s just that I think making life about growth and curiosity is more meaningful and powerful than love. Reimagine what the flow of internal mental rollercoaster would be, after a heart-aching breakup if life isn’t about love:

1) I still care about this person and I’m still very curious about the world. I’ll keep living so I can continue living life. It sucks to lose someone I love so much, and it still hurts, but it’ll pass.
2) I still think of her, but I’ve got this other really interesting thing to figure out.
3) wait this means I’m More free than before to explore? Cool!

See how something fundamental like what you think life is about changes the internal dialogue, which research [1] has proven is a major contributor to success?

Live a meaningful life. Love fully, because you truly care. You will still hurt after a heart-aching breakup, but at least you know you’ll continue living a meaningful life. And all of that starts with a simple, powerful decision.

Love life. Love humanity. Love growth.

Footnote 1: see The Growth Mindset

Have a meaningful Monday!

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One of the major perks of the job is getting to see how different people and different cultures choose to celebrate one of the most meaningful days of their lives. This Chinese and Indian wedding was so beautiful and interesting, well worth the 5am start to capture the bride getting ready!
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How do I go about finding a transgender to have a "experience" with I'm a married male but separated at the moment and have always wanted to have some fun with a Trans gurl. Any help would be great. I have tried craigslist with no luck

I’m just gonna be very blunt with you. Don’t take offense. I’m like this with everyone.:

So you say you want an “experience” with a trans woman? First of all, we aren’t rides. You just don’t get thru the gate (door), have a quick ride (sex), and exit the way you came with no hopes of it ever being anything more then just a ride. MOST of us have feelings, and are searching for something meaningful in our lives, and not just have a quick fling, or casual sex. Then again, there are those types of trans women that fund value in the number of guys she can sleep with – and therefore she is just a ride. I don’t know where I am going with this… “Insensitive”.

Anyway, I used to use before I met my boyfriend, and since deactivated my account. The site itself is a piece of shit, and there isn’t a billion of users on it, but, its a good place to start.

Secondly, sorry about the “separation”?, maybe?

Lastly, DON’T use craigslist for ANYTHING except for job openings and sales of merchandise. Craigslist is flooded with crossdressers (men in wigs), desperate trashy hussies, thieves, criminals, liars, and STDs.

If you want and STD or AIDS, Craigslist is the place to be. That or LGBT focused bars and clubs. It’s like Craigslist in the flesh. Not saying all LGBT bars and clubs are infested with STDs, but, more often then not, a ‘character’; male, female, or trans, will appear in one of these establishments carrying one of those traits I listed earlier, if not all, just 'looking’ for an “experience”.

Good luck.

But the fact that you are lost right now tells you something. It tells you that your life as it has been is not your life as it will be. It tells you that you’re not the kind of person who settles for okay or sort of good enough. The fact that you are lost tells you that you would rather be living in the middle of uncertainty than dead-set on something that makes you consistently miserable. And I’m not sure if you realize how rare that really is. How few people still give a shit about doing something meaningful with their lives. How many more people we need who are just like you – lost and reeling, yet still pushing themselves to do better.

You are lost because you care. You’re lost because you’re passionate. You’re lost because you know that there is more inside of you than what you’re currently offering the world and that is a brilliant thing to know

—  Heidi Priebe

But the fact that you are lost right now tells you something. It tells you that your life as it has been is not your life as it will be. It tells you that you’re not the kind of person who settles for okay or sort of good enough. The fact that you are lost tells you that you would rather be living in the middle of uncertainty than dead-set on something that makes you consistently miserable. And I’m not sure if you realize how rare that really is. How few people still give a shit about doing something meaningful with their lives. How many more people we need who are just like you – lost and reeling, yet still pushing themselves to do better.

You are lost because you care. You’re lost because you’re passionate. You’re lost because you know that there is more inside of you than what you’re currently offering the world and that is a brilliant thing to know. #wordsofwisdomwednesday #23 #illbeokay #youllbeokay #heidipriebe