The Hot Darkness of Hannibal Lecter’s Mind

A look at the intimacy that Will and Hannibal shared in the first half of season two, in the context of their physical separation

The first chapter of the third season operates in a manner in which everything that happens physically also happens metaphysically, and this is key to the resolution of both the events that occur and of Hannibal and Will’s relationship. 

On the surface, the story divides itself into multiple main locations: Florence, Palermo, Aukštaitija, and the United States. But, within all these locations, there’s only one real location, and within that location, time moves both backward and forward. It is the landscape of Hannibal’s mind. 

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Malec-Week First Day: Favourite Malec-Scene

So, as I definitely got more than one favourite scene (basically every Malec scene is my favourite, apart from the one we don’t talk about), I’m going to post two that always make me laugh and give me that warm flutter in my chest (you know what I’m talking about ^^)

This one is from “City of Lost Souls”, from the point of view of Isabelle, when she stays over at Magnus’s loft before she and Jocelyn meet the Iron Sisters.

It [the bathroom] was halfway down the hall, and the door was just opening, Alec emerging in a cloud of steam. He had a towel around his waist and another around his shoulders and was rubbing energetically at his wet black hair. Isabelle supposed she shouldn’t be surprised to see him; he’d been trained to wake up early in the morning just like she had.

“You smell like sandalwood,” she said by way of greeting. She hated the smell of sandalwood. She liked sweet scents - vanilla, cinnamon, gardenia.

Alec looked at her. “We like sandalwood.” Isabelle made a face. “Either that’s the royal ‘we’ or you and Magnus are turning into one of those couples that think they’re one person. ‘We like sandalwood.’ ‘We adore the symphony.’ ‘We hope you enjoy our Christmas present’ - which, if you ask me, is just a cheap way of avoiding having to buy two gifts.”

Alec blinked wet lashes at her. “You’ll understand-”

“If you tell me I’ll understand when I’m in love, I’ll smother you with that towel.”

“And if you keep preventing me from going back to my room and getting dressed, I’ll get Magnus to summon up pixies to tie your hair in knots.”

Destroy the idea that it’s lame to ask someone’s permission to touch them, that the question “May I kiss you?” is something to scoff at. 

Yes, being seized and swept up by passion is sexy, but having someone check with you to get an explicit okay, a clear signal of consent, before they touch or kiss or hug you, that’s just as sexy. That’s sweet and respectful and I will never think someone is lame for asking me that. 

I might say no, but truly, thank you for asking me. That means more than any kiss could.  

I need gems with dreadlocks in my life??

Okay no but hear me out, if there was to be any gem with killer dreads out there, IT WOULD TOTALLY BE A FUSION BETWEEN GARNET AND ROSE.

Love is such an intense feeling, and it is so different from any other emotion. It’s so precious, though, and so rare. It’s like, if you love someone, that’s always there. Even if you’re angry with them love is always the constant, with the anger mixed in. With the sadness mixed in. With the happiness mixed in. It’s so bizarre, but so amazing. And I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

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Do you like Hexxus from Ferngully?

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(this and the moaning skeleton are my favorite versions kind of, don’t look at me)

ah yes, the quite erotic charged gassy god of chaos and pollution!!

well I guess I like Hexxus, I never was that much into ferngullyback in the day, but Hexxus as most animated villains of course catched the eye of thismightyneed kiddieself, I mean is a goddang seductive and evil ongoing changing form creature with one heck of a singing voice, he is one of those villains that make you feel extremly confuse about why is so attractive and yourself ask WHY YOU FIND HIM ATTRACTIVE TO BEGIN WITH!!!!!

…but yeah I like Hexxus, he is a good fun villain and interesting in concept for the full potential of evilness even if he did very little to really put a fight with the good guys besides just plain exist there, not on my top favorite villains tho, buuuuuut his song probably yeah on my top of villains songs, really good stuff there man

okay so like here’s the deal. it’s 2:30am. i’m like 20 away from post limit, JUST because of the gay day, and it’s not going to reset until 11pm tonight, so um, i’m a little screwed lmao. i’m going to go ahead and stop answering them for now but i want to start again after it resets bc not only is it just you guys talking about how pretty girls are (tbh same) there are so many of you asking for advice and it makes me so unbelievably happy that i’m able to help you guys and jfc i want to answer them all and tell u all its going to be okay and to follow ur dreams but i still have like 100 so idk if i’ll be able to get all of them but i WANT TO ugh this is hard okay well yeah i’ll be off tumblr all day probably. also there’s a meetup today but i won’t be able to post anything lmao oops. but i should be back at like 11 and i’ll answer more but hopefully i don’t max out again. anyways yeah that’s it, see u guys later! peace love and happiness, love u to bits

I’ll just get to the point:

So… I won a scholarship for university next year.

A $110 000 scholarship.

To go to the best university my country has to offer - the Australian National University - and study advanced science, probably majoring in quantum mechanics/physics or chemical engineering.


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