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I know everyone me too is freaking out over the new chapter spoilers and feels betrayed by having bnha crush our hearts like this, but here, let me give you some hope?

(長い インターン 活動が) original japanese text 

This is from the end of chapter 128. Now, Deku clearly mentions how that was just the beginning of his internship with Nighteye and that wouldn’t be possible if he died, would it? He could have used the word “long” because it felt like a very long internship (considering they went through a lot) but i’d like to keep my hopes up and believe Nighteye won’t die. 

I’m sure not many people remember that I make gifs and stuff bc I haven’t made anything in ages lol but I think I’m going to have to call it quits on gif making as a whole (or at least not to call myself an editor). I’m actually quite sad to say that but I have no time anymore and whenever I try to make something I’m always unhappy with the result. I don’t want to rush into making gifsets just so I can get notes and feel an ounce of happiness. That’s not me. I’m not that sad lmao. So yeah…. sorry if anyone is disappointed, being an adult really sucks :(((

that interview with Zach Sang is probably the best interview BTS’s has had since coming to the US for the AMAs. like, Zach obviously did his research and he didn’t ask petty questions like ‘who is your celebrity crush?’ instead what he did were:

  • he actually asked questions the boys’ wanted to answer and you could see that they’re very comfortable. 
  • yoongi even spoke up a couple of times and joked about making it to the billboard
    zs: what was your dream growing up? like, when you first realized that you wanted to sing. what was your end goal? what did you wanna see yourself do?
    yg: go the billboard. i made it <laughs>
  • he talked about how BTS’ music embodies change and the belief of the next generation and that even when their songs are in Korean they’re proving that music is w/o borders wHICH IS ONLY WHAT NAMJOON HAS BEEN TALKING ABOUT EVERYTIME SOME IDIOT ASKS THEM ABOUT RELEASING AN ENGLISH SONG
  • he did his research about the history of their songs and their lyrics and Namjoon legit sounded surprised when Zack reference their earlier lyrics of studying and being turned into working machine bECAUSE SHIT SO FAR HE’S THE ONLY INTERVIEWER WHO TALKED ABOUT IT
  • instead of talking about how the boy’s are dealing with the glitz and glamor of being a celebrity/idol, he asked about how they deal with the pressure of being idols and basically being looked up to by their fans and how do they deal with it (of course he mentioned about the glitz and glamor of being a celebrity but that it’s just material and he asked them how they stay in touch with themselves)
  • he understand that BTS’ journey isn’t an easy one and he knows what their work is all about calling them ‘socially charged since the beginning’
  • HE’S THE ONLY ONE WHO ASKED ABOUT THEIR UNICEF WORK SO FAR and you could practically see the boys light up at the question. they all smiled and nodded and Namjoon thanked him and enthusiastically discussed about their UNICEF #EndViolence campaign
  • he asked them about how they remind themselves to love their selves and not as BTS - which for me is a very relevant and good question bc so far all we see people ask them is ‘how does it feel like to be one of the biggest boy bands in the world??’
  • the boys are comfortable enough to answer in Korean and let Namjoon translate for them unlike in the other interviews where they really struggle to speak in english for the interviewer (but idk. maybe that’s just me)
  • yg: please don’t compare yourself with others
    jh: finding my dreams and something that i really want to achieve is the best way to love myself
    nj: simply just call yourself (…) if i’m zach i’ll tell myself ‘zach, you’re doing just great. zach, i love you.’ pat your shoulder 3x a day. that can change you.’
  • he asked them if anybody in the group has the goal of learning english and everyone is just like ‘of course!’ (suga said ‘why not?’ V was very cute raising his hand and saying ‘me!’ and jhope sang the english alphabet. omg these boys.)
  • namjoon said they’re practicing and studying and memorizing words for the interviews and he’s really very, very proud of them.  (◡‿◡✿)
  • ZACH TOLD THEM TO JUST KEEP RELEASING MUSIC IN KOREAN because BTS is connecting people through music, telling the same struggles and experiences wherever they may be, and it’s a Big Deal.
  • He thanks BTS for their UNICEF work, telling them it’s very appreciated that the boys are working towards making the world a safer place and Namjoon legit said he’s the first one to ask them about their UNICEF campaign and said they’re so touched.


I showed my dad the DNA music video and as soon as suga came on screen he just said “That’s my man!” and didn’t say anything the rest of the video, it’s official my dad is gay for Yoongi 

Gilly: Oh, seems here, some guy named Rhaegar got an annulment from his wife and married another girl down in Dorne named Ly-

Sam: Why should Caesar get to stomp around like a giant while the rest of us try not to get smushed under his big feet? WE SHOULD TOTALLY JUST STAB CAESAR!!!

y’all: omg keith & lance didn’t interact for like 5 episodes & are separated for a couple months, klance is dead!!

korra & asami, who were separated for 3 YEARS & didn’t even see each other for like half of the last season of tlok, and even after that didn’t interact v much in that season and were still endgame: you are like little baby watch this