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WHAT DO YO USE TO NAME CHARACTERS??? I want a site were I can look up a name as well as a meaning it it will give me some names. I hate naming thing. Can all my characters be named Noname? I'd very much like that. Thank you for your help.

I LOVE NAMING CHARACTERS! Okay the main site I use for character names is Meanings of Yes, it’s used to name babies but characters are my babies so it’s all good ;) On the side bar on the left you can choose “Search Name Meanings” as well as a few other options like choosing gender or origin. Once you click on that and get the search options you put in your preferences including how long you want the name to be. It’s really helpful :) 

Also, and maybe this is weird but I’m writer and spend a lot of time thinking about the problems of fictional people so I’m too far gone to worry about that, keep a list of interesting names that you hear for possible future characters.