I was so ready to love you
Though we were oceans apart
I knew right then that it was you
I was convinced that it was you
Meeting you was not an accident
It meant something to me
It still does

But my heart keeps hope
That one day you will be back
I have to believe that you will
There’s just too much in me
That still want to give to you

There are nights
Sleepless nights
Where I just think of you
And I remember you
Your heart and your smile

I miss you
There are days
When tears just keep flowing
Silent days
Where I just want to keep waiting
For you to come back

I still have hope
My heart believes it’s true
Things happen for a reason
And I cannot give up
Because you’re worth fighting for

I’m was so ready to love you
Because I was convinced it was you
You meant so much to me
You still do

The Globalist was originally going to be called The British Empire or The Rise and Fall of a Dictator or an Empire and it’s like the opposite of the story we heard so far, like a 2nd story (epilogue, long epilogue) because the main part of the album you have the personal journey - giving up on yourself, losing faith in yourself, love and so on, going on a dark journey, brainwashing, military, blah blah blah, and then you come back and rediscover love and ooh it’s a happy ending, you know - that’s kind of the main story of the album. [The Globalist] is like the same story but the dark version.  The song start with the same kind of message than Dead Inside, this person feels abandoned, unloved and kind of alone basically [and] instead of going on a internal journey, an internal journey of darkness and sort of solving that and coming back to discover love, they decide to just become a dictator, and become a kind of power hungry maniac and in some ways inflict their damage onto the rest of the world… which I think a lot of people of power do by the way, I think that a lot of people who are drawn to power are a bit like that.  So that’s why this sort of character is like this dictator character that kind of starts off like that and they make the other choice - rather than going internal and solving, they go external and destructive and end up pretty much destroying everything, the world and so on.  And that is where that part of the song ends.


Drones is sort of a mysterious, ghostly moment - I wanted to create this sound of the ghosts of the innocents that have been destroyed throughout the world though this way of thinking [the way of thinking of the non-empathetic/psychopathic globalist], through this psychotic mentality or through this desire to achieve results for corporations, the military and so on […] so I just kind of wanted to create this haunting sound of these voices floating in our heads at the end of it.

So the album has these two stories:  you got Dead Inside through to Aftermath which is kind of like sort of a happy ending if you like, so that’s the good side of going on that journey. And then the bad side which is The Globalist to the end of The Globalist.  And then you end with that sort of mysterious, ambiguous moment where you don’t quite know .

I guess the intention is that you realise that there is a choice that you have to make, whenever a person reaches challenging moments in their life. There is a choice that you make:  you deal with it, feel the pain and get over it or you choose to inflict it on others.


Matt Bellamy on the meaning of The Globalist and Drones 

in XFM interview on June 9th

I think I’ll always love him. I could say over and over again that I hate him and that he tore my heart into pieces but that doesn’t mean I don’t love him.

He taught me how to love. He taught me how to fully embrace my soul with another’s. He showed me how to let myself be vulnerable. Because of him I know how it feels to have sparks fly every time you kiss. I know how it feels to have his touch linger on my skin. I know how it feels to look into someone’s eyes and see nothing by the most honest and genuine love.

Yes, he broke my heart so badly it felt like it had been ripped out completely. But he showed me what it is to fall in love.

That’s why I’m alone… Because I know what true love is and my heart won’t settle for anything less.

 - Waiting (by thereislovetobefound)