meanie authors

light the way home (and i’ll follow)

author: suukis 



Warnings: None

Author’s Summary:  For Wonwoo, home had never been brick walls built around rooms of worn out furniture. For Wonwoo, home came in the form a clumsy, lanky guy who coincidentally went by the name of Kim Mingyu.

Notes: So so cute. Meanie’s relationship warms hearts. 


author: ryerim



Warnings: Alcohol, Mention of mental illness

Author’s Summary: Wonwoo is pretty sure his entire family hates him and his commitment issues are starting to make his life (as well as Mingyu’s) miserable.

Notes: Well-developed story with good plot. Definitely worth reading if you enjoy slow but intense fics. Ongoing with 3 chapters!

jingle (my) bells

author: byunbaekcute

Meanie with Jihan, Jicheol, and Junhao


Warnings: None

Author’s Summary:  Mingyu’s not quite sure what to make of his (blooming) friendship with Wonwoo. Christmas is near, and with that comes colder temperatures and an increasing desire to stay hidden under thick duvets. Through snowball fights, hot chocolate and subtle glances, Mingyu finds his heart racing a little faster day by day.

Notes: I know it’s a little late, but this fic isn’t really holiday themed?? Like you can definitely read it without the holiday jolliness. This oneshot is really amazingly well written, so I really wanted to rec it. (I recommend checking out the entire fic series here !) 

Look up and get lost

Author: 97gyu



Warnings: None

Author’s Summary: Mingyu is an astronomy-obsessed loner and Wonwoo wants to know why.

Submission Notes: This is my first drabble (ff in general) that I have shared, so self-promo, no shame lol sorry 

Notes: Lmao i’m always open to self-promos be proud of the wonderful piece of art you have written authors !! Announce it !! Love it !!