meanie authors

wonWOW left the chat

author:  saranghaetae 

Meanie with Junhao, Verkwan, Jeongcheol, and Soonhoon 


Warnings: Mention of sex 

Author’s Summary: -dkay has added Garden Fairy and Hot Chinese Guy to the chat Hot Chinese Guy: seokmin what the fuck, minghao was about to give me head dkay: aw that’s cute dkay: now help me with my psychology essay -Hot Chinese Guy has changed Garden Fairy’s name to wonWOW -wonWOW has left the chat

Notes: Fun and lighthearted. Meanie hardcore pines over each other. (text fic)

Length:  8031 words // Ongoing with 5 chapters

Escape Velocity

author: cuddlebone

Jihan, Meanie, Jicheol, Verkwan, Junhao, and Soonseok


Warnings: Homophobia, Relatively non-violent incidences of kidnapping, parallels to child trafikking/slavery, prosthetic limbs/blood

Author’s Summary: Jisoo and Jeonghan are college students in 1990s Seattle, and they can hear each other’s thoughts. Seungcheol and Jihoon are part of a gang in 1940s New York, and they can share memories. Soonyoung and Seokmin are boy-scouts at a 1960s summer camp, and they can experience each other’s emotions. Mingyu and Wonwoo are in love in 1920s Paris, and any words they write appear on each other’s skin. Junhui and Minghao are apprentices in 1980s Hong Kong, and they only saw colour after they met. Vernon and Seungkwan are in 2100s San Fransokyo, and a clock had been quietly counting down the minutes until they came together.Chan is sitting in his bedroom in 2017, wondering why names he does not recognize and dates decades before and after his time are scribbled on his exposed skin. (A soulmate AU.)

Notes: The writing is flawless, the plot is amazing with solid flow. It’s a fic of different storylines, but I feel they’re woven together seamlessly. Could not recommend a fic more! It is mostly ambiguous/angsty endings, so if you want fluff not the fic to read. 

Length:  35472 words // 2 chapters of 7

A Plug and His GDI

Author: jacktbfh

Pairing: Meanie, side JunHao, side VerKwan, side SoonHoon, side JiHanCheol

Genre: fluff, angst, smut, university!au, top!bottom!wonwoo, top!bottom!mingyu

Rating: NC-17

Length: multichaptered - 16

Word Count: 90,209

Warnings: drug usage

Description: Mingyu didn’t know what to expect when he decided to rush, but it sure as hell wasn’t this.


excuse my bad handwriting

author: blueshade 

Meanie with Junhao


Warnings: Very brief mention of smut

Author’s Summary: Mingyu’s just relieved there’s another sober person at this godforsaken party. Even if that other person might potentially be a serial killer (?) in his free time.(Mingyu pinpoints the name after five seconds—Jeon Wonwoo—and double-takes. Wonwoo’s in Mingyu’s calc class, and he always sits in the back and never speaks. Which is all fine and dandy, but he’s hot, so people talk. Accounts of attempting to ask the boy out have been catalogued as an acceptable horror story to tell around the campfire.But Mingyu does not give a shit about that right now. He’s desperate. So he grabs the water bottle and says, “Please help me.”Wonwoo’s eyes widen. “Excuse me?”) [5 (wildly incorrect) theories about Jeon Wonwoo that Mingyu’s heard and the 1 fact that he discovered for himself.]

Notes: Fluffy slow burn oneshot with awkward meanie. I love their dynamic in this!

Length: 14410 words // Oneshot 

A Plug and His GDI

 Author: jacktbfh 

Meanie with verkwan, junhao, and soonhoon


Warning: Rated M, smut, recreational drug usage + underaged drinking

Author’s Summary: Mingyu didn’t know what to expect when he decided to rush, but it sure as hell wasn’t this. 

Submission Notes: hi I wrote this and was just looking for some more exposure :) there is a lot of recreational drug usage and underaged drinking, but the story is based around college Greek Life so it ties into the story. my readers have reassured me that it doesn’t seem forced/actually adds a lot to the story in case people are worried about that :) thanks!

Notes: Well written, good flow. 

Length:  53823 words // Ongoing with 10 Chapters 

How I Met Jeon Wonwoo

author: flowerfairies 

Meanie with Soonhoon and Junhao


Warnings: Little mention of smut

Author’s Summary: A couple of years down the road from the birth of his children, Mingyu decides to sit them down and tell them the story of the rocky road that was falling in love with Jeon Wonwoo.Including the deepest, happiest and even saddest and most difficult moments he can remember.(aka mingyu tells the story of how him and wonwoo came to be, how soonyoung and jihoon went through four break ups before their happy ending and how junhui finally settled down)

Notes: Funny and interesting to follow. I love the set-up of the fic. 

Length: 6156 words // Ongoing with 3 chapters 

jeon who?

author: bootaeful 

Meanie with Taekook


Warnings: None

Author’s Summary: “Can’t you at least tell me the surname of whoever you’re crushing on,” wheedles Bambam as he clutches Mingyu’s arm. “I’m like, the god of matchmaking.” To which Bambam gets a scoff and a scuff to the head by Yugyeom.Wonwoo can practically feel Yugyeom’s eyeroll from where he is sitting, facing away from the trio chatting. “I call bullshit.”(In which Jeon Wonwoo misunderstands and misjudges – but hey, it’s not his fault that they share the same surname. And he’s not bitter, not at all.)

Notes: Good fluff about misunderstandings. Non au!

Length: 2062 words // Oneshot
SVT High

author: 4ureal30z

Meanie with Jihan, Junhao, Verkwan, and Soonhoon 


Warnings: Smut

Author’s Summary: Jeonghan loves his boyfriend Joshua but wishes things were more exciting. Hoshi has a crush on his bestfriend Jihoon, but jihoon’s to busy with student council stuff to notice. Wonwoo wont admit to liking Mingyu. Seungkwan and Vernon wont confess to one another. And Jun and Minghao just want to explore each other’s bodies. The story of a group of friends trying to figure out love and friendship.

Notes: Really amazing fic with a great plot. Ongoing with 18 chapters.