If people want to understand why I’m so frustrated with the BC Liberals…

You’d feel the same way if the provincial equivalent of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have been running your province for the past 16 years (I’m sure people in Alberta & Saskatchewan can relate to this feeling).

Schools have been underfunded, teachers fired, government has attacked teachers basic labour rights. The BC Liberals got rid of our human rights commission. Public utilities have been sold off or privatized. The party has been a failure on the environment (they did cut emissions briefly but now they’re going way up again); they’ve had so many scandals I’ve lost track (deleting emails relating to access to information, lying about everything, The Site C dam, approving Kinder Morgan’s pipeline, etc). Canada’s worst mining disaster (Mt. Polley) happened under their watch. They ignored Vancouver’s housing crisis for years. They’ve had one of the worst minimum wages in Canada, and the highest cost of living. They’ve screwed over disabled people with meanhearted policies.

too-music  asked:

Funniest thing ever about emotional abusive parent(s) is when they try to buy gifts and such for you. Like that totally makes up for you being a control freak about my life for some many years.

This is why to this day my mother sends me frying pans in the mail. 

No I’m not kidding. She mails me kitchenware at random, she mails me expensive dresses (usually about 2 sizes too small so when I say to her that it doesn’t fit she is able to make a comment about how I must have gotten fat/let myself go since I left her care which HAhaha 🖕) and little notes that say “miss you baby, come home soon xxx” and while I am always very very careful to tell her thank you and mail her a thank you card, if I don’t sound suitably awed by her (baffling, I mean who the fuck mails a cast iron pan over the ocean???) overwhelming generosity, you can bet your last dollar that I’ll get a phone call the following day telling me I’m an ingrate and I take advantage and how neglected she is and how I don’t love them anymore and blah, blah, blah, blahblahblahblah.

And it’s worse because people who don’t know the situation genuinely just think you’re a meanhearted mother fucker because you’re not gushing over things. Like “wow I wish my mother would send me these things, why are you not more grateful” like yes well Susan, I might be able to enjoy these things if they didn’t come with the unspoken price tag of unconditional forgiveness and a heaping side dish of emotional bullshit, but here we are.