Hello Mimpsters!

I just got some new MeUndies in the mail and I had to post about them! 

This was my first time trying MeUndies brand underwear, and I gotta say…I am pretty impressed. I love them! The material is so incredibly soft, and they stay in place without cutting into my sides. 

Any undies that create a muffin top are a total no go. I’m almost 30; I deserve the finer things in life.

I bought a few different pairs, so maybe I’ll share the rest soon. But, these cute little polka dot boy shorts are maybe my favorite. I’ve always been a full butt underwear kind of gal, but during my sophomore year, living in my sorority house, I got teased for wearing “granny panties,” and so I became a pretty dedicated thong enthusiast.

But, like I said. I’m an adult now, and I don’t need to run around in a string. Yet, these guys are maybe some of the sexiest undies I own! I love how just enough butt hangs out underneath, right?

Anyway, I bought them individually to try, but the coolest thing is, you can buy a subscription and have a pair sent to you once a month. WHAT?? Amen to the lazy!

ALSO, they have men’s skivvies too. In fact, I really want to buy my dude the matching pair to these so we can be gross and adorable.

Thinking you or your loved one might need some undies? They DO make the perfect stocking stuffer. Check them out over HERE

Be back soon with more undies adventures!