*sigh* I just want to be with you. And not just sometimes, but every day. I wanna wake up every morning and see your face, and I wanna fall asleep every night in your arms. I wanna make you pancakes for breakfast and eat cereal with you for snacks, because I know you like that. I wanna dance with you in our bedroom, and I wanna play video games with you in our living room. I wanna have comfy Saturdays with you and late movie nights just for fun. I wanna dress up and go out with you, and I wanna just be me and make you dinner at home. I wanna see you off when you leave, and I wanna welcome you home when you return. I wanna cuddle you when you’re sad and I wanna sing you to sleep. I wanna hear you sing your favorite songs in the car, and I wanna let you hear me sing mine. I wanna be there for you when you’re sad and I wanna smile with you when you’re happy. I wanna always be close to you and never ever have to be far away. I wanna look into your beautiful, amazing green eyes, and I wanna kiss your soft lips. I wanna rub your back when you ache, and rub your feet when you’re tired. I wanna be that someone that you always want and that something that you can’t love without. I wanna be that swing in your step and the sparkle in your eyes. I wanna be the one you always love. Because I will always love you.