when oddr thinks of blowing a raspberry into someone’s neck, that person should know it means he’s 100% comfortable with them and likes them

Lowkey extremely highkey irritated with the fact that there are still fanfiction writers out there that still write their ‘mean girls’ as having faces “caked with makeup.” It’s 2016. Let that stereotype die already! I don’t care if the girl is Oompa Loompa orange or wearing blue eyeshadow up to her eyebrows. You aren’t going to make me dislike the character just because she cares about covering up blemishes or her eyeliner being on point. Don’t tell me about how her face has “pounds” of makeup on it. Show me why I shouldn’t be fond of this character through her attitude and actions towards others. I couldn’t care less about the amount of foundation she’s wearing, that doesn’t make me see her as a despicable person.

If you’re still not grasping what I’m saying, watch the pizza parlor scene from She’s the Man and take notes. Maybe you’ll gain some valuable writing skills.

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8. JokerXReader!

delyngarcia: Could you make a fanfic where y/n and the joker are together, but then she gets kidnapped and joker rescues y/n from kidnappers and takes her home with him? And maybe have y/n kinda go crazy if you know what I mean! (Possibly face cutting smile? Idk! Keep up the awesome fanfictions!)

So this one ended up a little different than you and I wanted it to be. Instead of the Reader going crazy, we got Joker going crazy with her, I hope that’s okay, ‘cause actually after I read it through I really liked the idea of Joker doing what he does into this fic. XD Anyways, tell me if it was good, and if you wanted to read more about this nightout between Joker and Reader in here, ’cause I think I could write a second part, were I will write what Joker exactly did with the Reader and how he got into this for him brilliant idea. :) Hope you enjoy it, even if it’s a little bit different from what you wanted, and I’m sorry about switching things a little bit. :) <3  


„Get this bitch, I want her dead!“, the voice of Two-Face over the whole street as you were trying to escape him and his goons.

It was two days ago, as you and Joker had stolen his supply with dynamite.

J have had an open account with Two-Face since he ruined his last big plan.

Now you were running for your life, ‘cause Two-Face recognised you at the club as you were waiting for J.

You heared gunfire behind you and jumped up on the next ladder which leads on top of a few roofs.

You were very skilled with acrobatic stunts and so it was no problem for you to jump from roof to roof.

More than six blocks of houses away you heared nothing more than the wind that was blowing through the empty streets.

You let out a breath of relief.

„Thought you left us behind, don’t you?“, suddenly a voice said straight infront of you.

It was Two-Face himself.

„What do you want, Fuck-Face?“, you said smiling.

There was no criminal you hated more than Two-Face, except the Pinguine.

„You. Dead“, he said and pushed his gun against your throat.

„Hey, boss“, some goon interjected.

„What?“, Two-Face snapped.

„Wouldn’t it be better, we take her with us, as our hostage, and when the clown tries to rescue her, we shoot her and him“, the goon said.

Two-Face obviously gave that idea a think over.

„Nice idea, Walther. Congratulations, today is not the day I will kill you, because you were fustile half the time, you worked for me.“

„Thanks boss“, Walther said and smiled like a total fool.

„We will see if this freak finds that funny as well, when he sees you dying. Now go“, Two-Face hissed and pushed you to the ground as he wanted you to move on.

„Fuck you“, you said and spitted onto his black leather shoes.

He kicked you in the stomach for that and grabbed you by your hair.

You screamed out in pain.

„Do that again, and I will kill you right here“, he murmured.

„You’re an idiot, he will find me and than you’re ugly face will look even more fucked, as by now.“


At the Joker’s Club

„She should’ve been here half an hour ago. So, do you guys wanted to tell me something?“, the Joker asked and looked up into the circle of his henchman.

Everyone knew what happened, but no one wanted to be the one, who clarifys Mr J.

He would go crazy, if he finds out, what happened, even more crazy as he was already, if anyone could imagine that.

And of course he would murder someone, because no one has tried to imped what happened to you.

Not because they didn’t liked you, more because they were scared of Two-Face, even if they worked for the more dangerous person in this room.

Rick at the other end of the circle round table raised his hand in fear.

Joker glared at him and nods his head.

„Tell me“, he growled.

„Um … (Y/N) … Two-Face … got her …“, Rick murmured.

Jokers already mad countenance got even more mad.

„What?“, he asked with his most eerie voice and stepped towards Rick, so that everyone moved away a little bit from him.

„She … got … kidnapped …“, Rick whispered and pressed his eyes together, as if he thought Joker would slap him to death.

Someone behind Joker                coughed and that was definitely the last thing he has done, ‘cause Joker turned around and shoot him into the head.

„Where is she?“, he growled.


 „Where is my dynamite?“, Two-Face asked again.

„Even if I would know it, I wouldn’t tell you“, you said through squinted eyes.


He punched you in the face, for the third time now.

You felt the pain rushing through your cheek again and blood runs out of your nose.

„He will leave you here to rot in this hell“, Two-Face said.

„Try what you want, but I will not tell you anything, Fuck-Face“, you hissed even if you felt like dying after all those torture he has given to you.

Not even that he punched you in the face several times, he also had once more kicked you into the stomach and tried to drown you into a bucket full of water.

Another slap into your face and you felt more and more week and feeble.

„You’re just a toy for him just a little bitch, that has done some of his dirty work, to get killed in the end. He doesn’t give a shit about you. Too bad, you were only in this whole thing since a few weeks now“, Two-Face grinned.

„But you had only done it for the money, anyways, right?“, he laughed.

„Stupid girl“, he said, and slapped you the last time before you heared gunfire again in the background, but before you could see what happened everything around you turned black.


As you woke up your head felt like it would burst in the next second.

You thought you were still at Two-Face’s stash and wondered about the precious bedroom you laid in, now.

Everything here looked like it gleams, like no one ever had been here to live.

You looked down at you and recognised that you were covered into a shiny pruple blanket, but underneath that you were half naked.

Only your bra and panties were on your body and they didn’t even looked like the one’s you wore before things messed up with Two-Face.

What the hell happened here?

Your thoughts got into very horrible stuff and you started to panic a little bit as you pushed the blanket on the side and stood up from the king size bed you laid in.

The room was big, bigger than any bedroom you were in so far.

Big windows covered from  white curtains and as you pulled them apart your mouth dropped.

You could see whole Gotham City in here, every street, every skyscrapper, it was amazing and some sort of living with a billionair who brought you here, but that reminded you of why you were here again, and how you got into this luxurious apartment.

At the other end of the room there was a big mirror in which you could finally see yourself.

And your eyes got wide in shock.

Not only that you were covered into dark purple frillies.

Your skin, -already milky and white as hell-, was now pale like one of a vampire in this old Dracula movies.

„What …“, you whispered completely speechless and touched your arms, as if you were testing if you fell into a white paint bucket.

But no chance, this was your skin, no color painting, no joke, that was real and even your hair color were a little different than before, it was a darker, and more intense (h/c), what matched perfectly with your now white skin, also your eyes seemed to be more than just the old (e/c) they were framed with black eyeliner.

As you touched your face the first thing that got your attention was that there wasn’t any sign of all the injuries you got from Two-Face, not a single bruise left.

You shook your head, that was impossible, what the fuck happened, since you fell into faint.

You turned your head away from the mirror, but the moment you turned your armes with you, another thing nearly stabbed you in the eyes.

There was something black at your wrist.

You raised your hand and couldn’t believe it.

There was a single letter on it.

In a shape you just saw it once, in your whole life.

„J …“, you whispered and traced the letter out with your finger.

„Alright! What we have here?“, a very familiar voice shouted into the room and your whole body twitched.

„Feeling better now, (Y/N)?“, J asked with a demonic grin on his face as he came towards you.

„What happened?“, you asked back in confusion.

It seems like he rescued you, but what has he done, while you were like comatose.

„Nothing that should bother you, doll“, he said still grinning and turned you infront of the mirror again, as he wrapped his arms around you and laid his chin onto your shoulder.

You felt his naked and muscular torso behind your back, what made your heart beat loudly against your chest.

„You like it?“, he asked.

He gazed at you what felt like burning holes into your eyes, even if you looked into the mirror.

„Yes, I think it’s nice …“, you muttered still confused.

What has he done to you?

But your words weren’t a lie.

Even if you didn’t know what happened, the result looked more than beautiful on you.

„You wanna know, what I’ve done to you“, Joker said in amusement and gave you that typical maniac smile.

„Well, yes .. I mean …“, but before you could speak further he grabbed you hard at your neck and kissed you so hard that you had been fallen to the ground, if he didn’t wrapped his left arm around your waist.

„I‘ve turned you into my porperty, little girl“, he repeat growling before he pushed you onto the bed and came above you with a wicked grin.

Suddenly you understand what he said, but you still couldn’t believe it.

Does that mean he created you over night?

How could that happen without you noticing anything?

But the rest of your thoughts were drowned by the pleasure that suddenly hits you, while J was removing the clothes you wore from your body …

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<<Miss Diaz, my priority is to ensure your and your baby’s safety. And this idea you have in your head is not safe>>, the doctor tried to reason.

<<Oh, doctor, we both know that’s not true. Our safety is not your number one concern, our happiness is. Because if I’m not happy, I am going to walk out of here and into the clinic of some other doctor who can be more reasonable than you>>, Jacqueline responded, a mean grin on her face.

The doctor grimaced. <<I understand this is important to you, Miss, but please try to reason>>, he pleaded.

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your relationship with + mcneybags

i wasn’t ready for this shit wtf || Accepting ;;


      ░ 🌟 ❝    REMY… UGH! Listen, I call him names and hit him FOR a reason.
                     He tried to make me lose my fish,
LIED TO ME and pretended
                     to be my friends
JUST so I’d lose my fish, and then he TRICKED
                     me, Chester, and AJ into going to his CRUMMY military school!
                     Where, by the way, he tried to
BLOW MY FISH UP! I have every
                     right to be mad at him! To not like him! Heck, when we first met,
                     all he did was rub his
MONEY in everyone’s face! I mean- who
ALL the seats to a movie JUST for stupid bags of money?!

                   It’s like he DOESN’T even know HOW to make friends…Well, ok-
                   maybe that’s
NOT true… He sure knew how to PRETEND to act
                   like he knew how to act like a friend…
KEEPING them is a whole
                   other story then! I told him- I don’t
CARE if he has a fairy, but OH
                NO, he’s gotta be all ‘ Weeh weeeh- you have parents who see
                   you for longer than two minutes and have two fairies and this is
UNFAIR and you should’t have them AT ALL! ‘ ugh! I’m so sick
                   of him half the time! Then he gets
ANGRY at me for TRYING to
                   figure a way to make it so they
HAVE more time for him, but I
                   guess some
OTHER WORLDLY FORCE decided no to that! I
                   didn’t say specifically to leave him on an island! I didn’t KNOW
                    somehow his parents would end up
                   psychic! I can’t even figure my
OWN future out, much less his!

                    And it’s REALLY hard because like… UGH, I feel sorry for him- ok?
                   I told Cosmo and Wanda that, and it’s kinda…well
SAD to see a
                   kid have like
ONE friend. I might not be popular, or even liked that
                   much, but at least I have
SOME friends that aren’t just my pets! And
LIKED hanging out with him when he was pretending that one time!
                  But every time I
TRY to open up and LET him try again, he just does
                  something to remind me ‘
OH RIGHT! You don’t WANT friends! ‘. He
                  just… He’s so jealous of something that…doesn’t really
EXIST, and
                  spends all his free time thinking of ways to make
MY life miserable
                  that he doesn’t
TRY to figure out ways to…I don’t know. Fill the void
                  that his
PARENTS sure aren’t… Like…maybe not to HIS extent but,
                  I can…kinda relate… Ugh, never mind- forget I said that. I just-

                 Remy’s just really difficult. I don’t know how Juandissimo deals with
                 him though… I guess
LOVE makes you forget those things. I’m sure
                 I annoy Cosmo and Wanda sometimes, and they still
LOVE me, so
                 I just… I don’t know. I don’t
KNOW what Remy is to me. He’s not a
                 friend- he
HAD that chance, and if he WANTS to be friends, he better
                 be willing to say
SORRY and actually TRY. Because I sure as heck
DONE trying with him.

                 Though… I doubt I’d actually ever say, or at least MEAN it if I were
                 to say I
HATED him. …’Cause I don’t hate him either…      ❞

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hello! i'd just like to drop in and say i've been having a very rough time lately. not much has been able to lift my spirits, and i've been feeling hopeless, honestly. earlier, i remembered this blog though, and i've been scrolling through it for maybe half an hour and it's managed to bring a smile to my face! that means a lot, honestly. you are so kind and sweet and helpful and appreciated by many. thank you so much for all you do and say 💖 i hope all is well with you.

Thank You Dear! I Try My Best!

i love that the one thing that the fandom can agree on from the sdcc voltron panel is that under no circumstance should keith be allowed to lead the voltron squad


messing around with the witch au lovesquare in some pretty color palettes from this


satine’s ““““nephew”””” looks like a perfect combination of her and obi wan………………but that’s none of my business 🐸☕️