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Hello my friend. If you are here, please, just please, don’t scroll without reading this.

I’m a teenager. A teenager who is living in the middle of a difficult political situation. A spanish teenager. I mean, it’s not difficult to know what’s happening right now in Spain. In Catalonia. Maybe you know what I’m about to say. Maybe not. But please, keep reading. This is important.

Catalonia and the rest of Spain is in the middle of a difficult, intense and very dangerous fight. The spanish goverment has applied there the Article 155 of the spanish Constitution. That is: Mariano Rajoy (president of Spain) has dismissed Catalonia’s government, has restricted the powers of the Parlament and has convened regional elections in Catalonia. In other words: chaos.

Today, Spain is sad and angry. Everybody is confused and nobody knows what will be the next movement. I’m not going to say how I feel or what is my position of this, because this is something that every person has his own opinion. But everything is going down. The tension between both Spain’s government and Catalonia’s government is getting bigger and one day this is going to explode.

This is unfair to every spanish. Mariano Rajoy wants to control Catalonia’s TV programmes. And I don’t care what people say, because that is called the same in every part of the world: dictatorship. This is worring, yes. But not as much as it seems from here. Spain had had a complicated time in history and now everything it’s the same. My family talk about another Civil War. People in the street talk about another Civil War. Every single person talks about another Civil War.


Nobody wants that! Nobody wants to see dead bodies. Nobody wants to see their mother against their father, their brother against their sister, their friends against their friends. It doesn’t matter what we think, it doesn’t matter our ideology because we born in the same place, in the same country and that means we are like twins.

You, that are reading this, please, spread the word. Like or reblog this post and tell everybody.

Tell your friends, your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your neighbour, your boyfriend or girlfriend. We need to spread the word! Tell everybody about this! Send the link of this post. Let’s show everybody that this has to stop.

It doesn’t matter where do you live. We need help. I don’t live in Catalonia. I live in Andalusia but this affects everybody. We need a government that is up to the dialogue and stop something that is going to end very badly.

Just because you don’t live here doesn’t mean you are not important. Please, help me to stop this. Please, help us.

Please, reblog. This needs to stop.

Thank you for your attention. And remember: Spain needs everybody who is up to help.

Partner and I have been rewatching The Two Towers for the first time in a long time.

anyway, one thing that has always been weird for me is Eomer giving Hasufel and Arod to random strangers, just like that.  Just giving them away, two horses, to a trio of foreign travelers he just met and had suspected of being spies.

like.  what?  This is Rohan.  Horses are the thing you value above all else, I don’t care if their riders are dead, even if their riders don’t have actual heirs somewhere to whom ownership would pass (or Rohirric inheritance law works differently and ownership has somehow defaulted to their éored’s commander, IDK), you’re still a calvary force planning to see a lot more battle in the near future, chances are high you’re going to end up with horseless riders who’ll need them.

this time I actually processed the fact, though, that Eomer believes they’ve inadvertantly killed two innocents, prisoners of the orcs, the beloved companions of these travelers.

The horses aren’t a gift.  They’re weregild.

Y'all, Hazel and Nico are not actually 70+ years old….

T H E   K I D S   I N   A M E R I C A

“Would you look at that girl. She is so adorably clueless.”
A mega mix playlist for when you want to live like a valley girl and sing totally loudly with the top down on your jeep. Get in loser, we’re going shopping. 

01. Kids in America - Kim Wilde // 02. Stacey’s Mom - Fountains of Wayne // 03. Dancing With Myself - The Donnas // 04. Leave (Get Out) - JoJo // 05. Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani // 06. No Scrubs - TLC // 07. Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus // 08. Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects // 09. Side to Side - Ariana Grande // 10. God Is a DJ - P!nk // 11. Wannabe - Spice Girls // 12. Mickey - B*Witched // 13. Barbie Girl - Aqua // 14. Everybody (Backstreets Back) - The Backstreet Boys // 15. Wherever Whenever - Shakira // 16. Kiss Me - Six Pence // 17. Money - That Poppy // 18. Oops!… I Did It Again - Britney Spears // 19. Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds // 20. In Too Deep - Sum 41 // 21. Supermodel - Jill Sobule // 22. Heartbreaker - Mariah Carey // 23. All Star - Smash Mouth // 24. Fancy - Iggy Azalea ft. Charlie XCX // 25. Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield // 26. Milkshake - Kelis // 27. Bye Bye Bye - *NSYNC // 28. Shout Out to My Ex - Little Mix // 29. Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne // 30. C’est La Vie - B*Witched // 31. Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus // 32. Mrs Robinson - The Lemonheads // 33. Bootylicious - Destiny’s Child [continued]


>be me

>about 13 years old

>basically naivete incarnate still

>just discovered the world of

>have an account and a few stories posted so far

>currently working on a fanfic of Spirited Away

>get a comment one day

>commenter asks if I can put lemons in my story

>I think it’s an odd request but will do anything to please a fan

>write the next chapter acknowledging the lemon request and say that the chapter WILL CONTAIN LEMONS

>about halfway through the chapter I wrote a giant duck running past the protagonist with an armful of lemons

>duck says “MY lemons” then runs off

>feel pleased with myself at having granted my fan’s request

>years later I find out there’s another meaning for lemon in the fanfic world

>lemons are sex scenes

>my commenter was asking me to put a sex scene in my story

>at 13 years old I unintentionally trolled the shit out of some random person


Guys he’s only the Great Maximus Kong, Lord/Warrior-chief of the Wasteland, King of the North, Demigod of the Desert on the outside…

Inside he’s still Leonardo…

So you know his weakness

Why can’t black girls have a happy teen movie for once? Something bad always happens whether it be depression, teen pregnancy, death, fighting, bullying, drug abuse, or heartbreak in the worst way. Teen black girl movies are always traumatizing.

When are we gonna get a Clueless, Bring it On, Mean Girls, High School Musical, Wild Child type movie where we are the main character? This goes for other girls of color too.

i see some discourse going on about adults and minors in the fandom and i would like to put my two cents in on the situation as a twenty year old.

IT is a book made for adults. IT 2017 was a movie made for adults, seeing as it’s rated R - meaning seventeen and older. there is nothing wrong with adults being in this fandom and participating. while half of the novel seems to circulate around them as children (i haven’t read yet so i can’t say that definitively), and the first part of the movie series focuses on them as children, that does not automatically mean the book/movie is for kids/teens.

however, that does not mean that teenagers are not gonna watch the movie and relate to it. the many teenagers in this fandom is proof of that. i feel like that’s only natural with a popular movie starring teenagers. there is nothing wrong with teenagers being in this fandom and participating.

there is nothing wrong with either of those age groups being in the fandom. it’s amazing that this universe can reach so many different groups.

with that being said, i want to make some statements.

minors do not have to interact with the adults in this fandom. that is a 1000% okay choice to make. it is not your job to make anyone feel comfortable, so have fun.

adults do not have to feel guilty for being in this fandom. the book was made for you, baby, so don’t let anyone make you feel bad. you belong in this fandom just as much, if not more than minors.

if the characters are being referred to as children, THEY SHOULD NOT BE SEXUALIZED IN ANY WAY.

if the characters are being referred to as adults, then it’s okay to have adults themes.

i don’t think it’s that hard to grasp, guys. this really should not be a discourse. respect boundaries and understand that this not just for one group or the other.

*WTTM is leaked*

Some antis: lmao this is all fanservice, otayuri won’t ever be canon!

Me: remembers the weeks of victuuri butt shots, naked stretching, cuddling, and apparent “fanservice” all leading to a canon engagement.


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a small ramble about spiderman: homecoming

this is gonna sound really stupid and unnecessary but it feels really important to me that they made peter parker 15 in the movie. like i know a lot of people might not have been 100% convinced with tom holland being like 20, but he plays the part of a 15 year old so believably that i wasn’t bothered. it’s important to me that he was 15 because in the MCU, all the other heroes are chiselled 30+ people with harrowing backstories and lots of experience. peter’s just a kid, and he’s in school, and he’s juggling all his teenage emotions along with the fact that he’s a superhero. given that marvel’s target audience tends to be teenagers, i think it’s important that we get to see someone more like us in their movies. after so many movies about billionaires with robotic suits and WW2 soldiers, seeing an average 15 year old boy like us do the same things that older characters like tony and steve do is really refreshing for me. that’s why he’s my favourite MCU hero right now.

okay but how long do you think kev practiced that “you like the water? well i can introduce you to some fiya” line before actually saying it to chiron