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Magical Astronomy   (Satellite Café Terrace)

—English fanlyrics—

Maribel: asa-turney

Renko: lori-hime

Just imagine…

Hot chocolate darker than a midnight sky,

Cream swirling through it in a milky way,

Topped with a whipping of a cloud on high,

Fresh from the Satellite Café.

Glaze on the layers of the atmosphere,

White stardust sprinkles on a fine parfait.

I’ll take your hand and you can take me here,

Up to the Satellite Café.

Price is steep–  Oh, but the flavors are the richest.  Before you’ve gotten in

Too deep…  make sure you know what you want will be worth what you paid.

What’s your wish?–  Look at the menu, stretching lightyears into the night.

We choose our dish–  No choice is wrong if it’s one that we made.

Waning from the round fullest pie into a thin croissant,

This ball of swiss is any shape we say.

All of the cheesecake we could ever want,

Right at the Satellite Café.

Star caramel clusters with a sauce on top:

Dark matter softened to a thick puree,

Poured from the Little Dipper drop by drop,

Just at the Satellite Café.

Zero G–  Space is the best place for a coffee.  A vacuum

Of energy…  instantly boiling and freezing, a magical state.

Drink it black–  Deep as a black hole that just may take us anywhere.

No, take that back–  We’ll need some sugar to lighten the weight.

  Now with such a dazzling atmosphere outside the window,

  It’s a bit of shame we have to be indoor.

  But, if we make a special reservation,

  Maybe we can take a table out on the wing, and take in a bit more.

  Even here with no fresh air around us, why,

  The views would leave us breathless anyway!  Ah…

  Don’t be late (who’d be late?) for this important date;

  I want a small eternity to sit and stay.

  Kudos to our long-eared chefs above:

  The main course is coming soon, soon, soon.

  One rare treat any connoisseur would love:

  Mochi pounded on the moon.

  Gazing up at such a clear horizon,

  I’m thinking, it’s so pretty I could eat, eat, eat eat eat it up!

Now, when the sun begins its run once more,

Warming and rising like a great soufflé…

Soak in the taste that we’ve been craving for,

Soon at the Satellite Café.

Crêpes even thinner than the ozone flow,

Baked to perfection by a UV ray.

Macarons, in the spectrum of a whole rainbow,

New from the Satellite Café.

Try a bit of iced tea that’s flavored with a hint of peach,

Plucked from celestial branches this same day.

I’ll take the special;  make it two of each,

Here at the Satellite Café.

Pop bubbles popping at the speed of light,

All earthy senses are eclipsed away.

Now open, day and neverending night:

This is the Satellite Café.

  Earth is nothing but a satellite–

  And yet the place we seek is just a satellite of Earth.

  Because…  we humans really like to know that

  Something in this universe revolves around us.

  Spin, spin, spin, the pull is growing stronger.

  We can never let this vision fade away!  Ah…

  We’ll take it, escape it, this orbit of routine,

  And find a better way to measure out our day.

  If that café serves that famous brew:

  The elixir that would quench our worry…

  Come one day, if I could share it with you,

  Surely, surely, I would order in a giant hurry.

  In this moment, though, there isn’t much rush.

  This dream that we’ve imagined here is sweet, sweet, sweet sweet sweet enough!

Page of my BoS including the four directions of the witches compass, taken from; Traditional Witchcraft, by Gemma Gary

@fern-goddess In response to your question to my other blog, these are the meanings behind the sigils/seals, hope this helps

I absolutely called this episode, I KNEW that Navy was up to no good omfg. Navy was my favorite out of all the new rubies but when she crashed down and IMMEDIATELY said she didnt want to go back, I got suspicious. The line of ‘all the other rubies are mean to me’ sealed the deal because like?? the rubies looked like they were all super close?? i never got any indication that they were mean to her.

I also just loved the whole concept of it tbh, the ‘nicest’ ruby turned out to be the most conniving little thing. tbh, I think that Navy is going to go get all the other rubies and then, in true ruby fashion, theyre gonna come back for ‘’’’revenge’’’’ and lose or whatever

also!!!! the whole other plot with Lapis was so good!! I like the fact that she still isnt 100% okay with earth yet, that stuff takes time and im glad theyre showing that



someone, who requested to not be named, asked me to try to convince them in a post as to why Jinbei should join the Straw Hat crew. first, i’d like to start off by saying that i, personally, have been rooting for Jinbei to join the Straw Hats ever since Luffy popped the question back on Fishman Island. and there was no doubt in my mind that Jinbei would eventually be a part of the Straw Hat crew, and it really only became a matter of when will he join since then. 

so… to those who oppose to or express their dislike of Jinbei as the next Straw Hat member for reasons such as, “he’s not ‘straw hat material’!!” or “he’s too serious to be a Straw Hat…” or “Character A, B, or C should join the Straw Hats instead of Jinbei!!” blah blah blah… and to that, my initial reaction is:

but on a more serious note, when some of you say Jinbei’s not ‘straw hat material’, what exactly do you mean by ‘straw hat material’?? last i checked, there was never a specific set of qualities a character had to have in order for them to become a Straw Hat member. literally, and i mean LITERALLY, the only thing that made one a Straw Hat is based on whether Luffy had invited you to join his crew or not (with Robin being a special case, but that’s not the point here). everyone in the crew has very distinct personalities, so i don’t get this whole ‘straw hat material’ reasoning. 

and let me just break this down for those who come up with the reason of not wanting Jinbei to join because he’s “too serious” to be a member of the Straw Hats. so, we were first officially introduced to Jinbei’s character back in Impel Down, and learned that he was imprisoned because he was opposed to the impending war between the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates. being surrounded in such a grim situation, where you’re trying to prevent a whole damn war from happening, there was no time for Jinbei to even be fooling around. then next, the story delved more deeply into his character during the Fishman Island arc. however, this time he’s found in a sort of similar situation where he’s trying to prevent history from repeating itself. so yes, to some, he may have come across as being a rather serious character up to this point. but if you think about it, there haven’t really been many instances where Jinbei could let loose and show other less serious sides of himself, but that doesn’t mean that his seriousness is all there is to him. in fact, Jinbei has shown that he can be kind of a dork at times too, and his devil-may-care attitude. (***SPOILER ALERT!!!*** for those who haven’t read the manga) we hear from Aladdin that Jinbei has been talking incessantly about Luffy for over the past 2 years since the timeskip, to which Jinbei actually BLUSHED when he realizes he’s been talking about Luffy that often (reminds me of two certain older brothers of Luffy who can’t stop talking about their lil bro either…). and Jinbei also literally laughed in the face of danger while blatantly telling Nami that he’s rebelling against Big Mom. it’s been mentioned time and time again throughout the current arc that no one who ever walked away from Big Mom’s crew has ever lived to tell the tale, and yet here Jinbei is, LAUGHING as he outright declares he’s rebelling against Big Mom. (***END SPOILERS***) so yeah, Jinbei has often showed his serious side when it’s time to be serious, but that’s definitely not all there is to him. and frankly speaking, i think when it comes down to it, if there has to be one absolute requirement to become a Straw Hat, it should be based on whether one is an inherently good person or not; it should go without saying that Jinbei is probably one of the most selfless characters in One Piece.

oh, and let’s not forget how many times Jinbei has saved Luffy’s life too. not once, when he tried to protect an already unconscious Luffy, who just lost Ace, from a direct attack by Akainu… not twice, when he stayed by Luffy’s side during his lowest point and reminded Luffy that he still had reason to live despite just losing Ace in the war… not thrice, when he donated his blood to Luffy, who at the time desperately needed a blood transfusion after losing a large amount of blood back on Fishman Island… and (*SPOILER ALERT*) last but not least, when he saved Luffy from ripping his arms off in a desperate attempt to get out of Mont D’or’s book… (*END SPOILERS*) all in all, Jinbei has saved Luffy 4 times in total… has anyone else saved Luffy from the brink of death more than 4 times, HMMM??? yeah, i didn’t think so.

if you ask me, i honestly think Jinbei is MORE than qualified to be a Straw Hat… like can you just imagine, despite being such a small crew, how much their strength as a whole would multiply with an ex-shichibukai joining them??? what’s more, he can call upon whale sharks too. that’ll surely come in handy with 4 DF users on board, though i’m sure Jinbei is more than capable of easily saving all of them if they were to ever be thrown overboard. and with Jinbei joining, he’ll take over Brook and become the tallest among the crew! Brook will finally have someone to literally look up to. it’ll also be very interesting to see someone like Jinbei being part of the Straw Hat shenanigans!! but most importantly… LARGE FISH UNCLE GIVING HIS TINY (by comparison) CREW MEMBERS A RIDE ON HIS BACK/SHOULDERS!!! 


You're Fucking Dead, Samurai
  • Jack: I have defeated all of your companions. You are the only one left. Surrender, or perish.
  • Ashi: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I am one of the Daughters of Aku, and I have over 300 confirmed kills.

Jumping on the sharcannibal bandwagon 

Hannibal’s spine goes side to side while swimming; Will’s goes up and down. They have an ever-growing collection of sea dogs (seals) that Hannibal can’t argue they have no space for, because the entire ocean is their home. 

Sharks often bear mating bites/marks (it’s a violent affair).


“Wow,” Y/N murmured. The professor had been badgering them the last few weeks into hanging out with Jax. Not that Y/N would complain of course, Jax was amazing, but finding out Martin was trying to set them up was something else. “So does this mean I get the seal of approval?”
Martin chuckled, “Of course it does. Though you can’t tell Jefferson.”
“Oh I think he already knows.” Y/N said, pointing at the other half of FIRESTORM, shaking his head with a thankful smile.
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Question... I've been reading a ton of khr/naruto reincarnation fics (they seem to be popular, lol) If you ever did one, who would you pick to be reincarnated, and as who? How do you think certain people would effect the plot?

(I’m assuming you’re talking about KHR people getting reborn into the Naruto verse and not vice versa?)

Tsuna wakes up feeling strange. He can’t quite put his finger on it–maybe it’s the face that all the nearby trees look weirdly small (it’d taken him a while to realize that they were actually, in fact, trees and not broccoli) or all the foreign-yet-familiar memories in his head (of energy, of life, of being named Kurama). It isn’t until he stands up and catches sight of the nine giant, flaming tails behind him that he starts to get an inkling of what’s going on. 

“So that’s how it is,” Tsuna says calmly, with the ‘no-matter-what-I-do-my-life-is-never-going-to-be-normal-so-I-might-as-well-give-up-now’ defeatist attitude decades of exposure therapy to Reborn and the Vongola have given him. “Well, fuck.” 

Bonus: “Wait, so if I’m the Kyuubi, and Hayato’s the Gyuuki, and Takeshi’s the Nanabi, and Mukuro’s the Rokubi, and Kyoya’s the Gobi, and Ryohei’s the Yonbi, and Lambo’s the Sanbi, and Chrome is the Nibi…then who the hell is the Ichibi?” 

~Cut to desert scene~

“Hmm,” Reborn mused to himself as he belched up a bjuudama and watched it throw up a mushroom-shaped cloud in the distance. “Well, it’s no Chaos Shot, but it’ll do.” 

Bonus #2: “You know how I’m the Rokubi and you’re the Kyuubi?”

“I’m aware of that, yes.”

“Well Tsunayoshi, did you know that if you put six and nine together, you get–”

“Don’t finish that sentence.”

Bonus #3: “So you’re telling me that you want to forcibly seal me away into a human prison for the foreseeable future, in the hopes of attaining a temporary, shaky peace between villages that are already well on their way to hating each other?”

“Uh…well, when you put it that way, it sounds pretty bad.” 

“Do it.” 

“…wait, what?”

“You heard me.”

“I did, I just, uh, didn’t expect you to be so agreeable about this.”

“Look, tree-guy. I don’t particularly care about you or who you are, but yesterday I had to dodge sand bullets the size of houses for the sake of a ‘training exercise.’ The day before that, I had to stop a dolphin-horse hybrid from leveling a town for ‘encroaching on his territory.’ The day before that, I witnessed my brother, a mountain-sized horned squid, and my other brother, a giant spiked beetle, having angry make-up sex. Have you ever seen a humongous squid having sex with an equally humongous chakra insect? No? Let me tell you, it’s not pretty. Honestly, at this point I’ll take whatever reprieve I can get, and if that means getting sealed into a human for a couple of decades, then so be it.” 

Bonus #4: “Ciaossu. I am Reborn, the number one bjuu in the world.”

“You do know that I have more tails than you, right?”

“Your point?”

“…never mind. Nice to know that some things never change.” 

“You got that right, dame-kyuubi.” 

(Reborn only gets one tail because otherwise it just wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the universe.)

mythology aesthetics: selkies

selkies are mythological creatures found in scottish, irish, and faroese folklore. similar creatures are described in the icelandic traditions.the word derives from earlier scots selich, (from old english seolh meaning seal). selkies are said to live as seals in the sea but shed their skin to become human on land. The legend is apparently most common in orkney and shetlandand is very similar to those of swan maidens.



[ FAVORITE SHIP: Nina x Matthias ]

“We all carry our sins, Nina. I need you to live so I can atone for mine.”

“You can do that without me, you know.”

He buried his head in his hands. “I don’t want to.”

“Matthias,” she said, running her fingers through the close crop of his hair. It hurt. The world hurt. Touching him hurt, but she still did it. She might not ever get to again. “I am not sorry.”

He took her hand and kissed her knuckles gently. She winced, but when he tried to pull away, she clutched him tighter.

“Stay,” she panted. Tears leaked from her eyes. “Stay till the end.”

“And after,” he said. “And always.”

She reached into the pocket of her riding leathers and extended the Amulet of Orynth and a sliver of black stone to Dorian. He balked.

“Elena said Mala’s bloodline can stop this. It runs in both your houses.

The golden eyes were weary–heavy.
He realized what Manon was asking.

just gonna… leave this here…