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The Male Teams spotted in the Behind the scenes video


Hey guys. There are Nine Olde Witches who sealed the Grand Triskelion within the Arcturus Forest, right?

How many girls are there in the 3 main teams? Nine? Really? Huh.

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You want Jeremy vid recs?  *pushes glasses up on nose* let me see what I can do for you (note: this is in no way a comprehensive list but got kinda long because I freaking LOVE Jeremy and his dynamic with basically everybody, also this list is immensely long sorry):

  • LP Dead by Daylight series:  Watch as Jeremy progresses to become the best player in the game.  Also just an immensely entertaining game to watch tbh.
  • LP-8 man Gang Beasts and LP Gang Beasts with Kinda Funny:  Ray is to CoD as Jeremy is to Gang Beasts
  • LP Gmod Trouble in Terrorist Town pt 3: the AH guys have little to no patience in identifying the terrorist, resulting in hilarity
  • LP Gmod Murder series:  AH + a game of trust = a game of betrayal
  • LP Gmod obj hunt series:  a combination of Jeremy being both incredibly good at this game and incredibly entertaining
  • LP trivial pursuit pt 8: typical amount of hilarity/cringe at AH’s general (lack of) knowledge, specifically recommended for the victory chant at the end 
  • LP Mario Party 8 series with Jeremy in it, starting at I think King Boo’s Haunted Hideaway: Ryan + lads + nintendo is always a winning combination
  • LP Speedrunners Part 3: the lunch money saga 
  • LP Mean Greens: s/o to Team Markiplier
  • LP Fibbage series w/ Jeremy, starting w/ Fibbage 2: Jeremy’s improvisational humor becomes one of his greatest assets
  • LP Drawful 2, 2 pt 2, & with Funhaus: great showcase of Jeremy’s Artistic Abilities 
  • LP Bidiots: features possibly Geoff’s most stupid moment ever, also Prickasso
  • VR Job Simulator: the first of the
  • VR series and a great Jeremy/Ryan/Gavin combo video
  • VR Gorn: Jeremy essentially evolves into Mad King Ryan Sports Friends: Poleriders Tournament:  less for the videos and more for the incredibly underrated Jeremy/Michael team aka team “Short Temper"
  • GTA V offense defense series: an immensely entertaining game type, and features many of team Little Britain’s greatest hits
  • GTA V Snipers vs Stunters series: essentially turns into a game of Jeremy vs Jack
  • GTA V Slasher & Slasher 2:  another immensely entertaining game type to watch
  • GTA V Yacht Party: a fantastic Geoff-less “fuck around” lp where the others basically screw around with Geoff’s money/things
  • Los Santos in Minecraft: Jeremy’s antics cause him to nearly get kicked from the server
  • GTA V Cloud Down: mainly for the last 10 minutes with Trevor’s magnificent editing Minecraft 198:  Geoff and Gavin put Jeremy On the Spot and give him control of the letsplay with zero direction
  • Minecraft 199: less the whole video and more 5:30 minutes in, Jeremy and Gav converse about Jer’s url puns, and Jeremy creates his best url pun of all time. 
  • Minecraft 216: Gavin costs Jeremy the victory by mistaking him for “Big Johny 64”
  • Minecraft 236: “Did you know there’s mansions in minecraft?”  and the Compass Argument 
  • PS: I have no idea what vids you have or haven’t seen so sorry if this list contains a bunch you have
  • PPS: also every live AH antics video featuring Jeremy
  • PPPS: also every video of On the Spot with Jeremy especially 22, 46, 71, and 80 

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why of all the colors for your mc's name, why did you choose "green"? is that your fave color? symbolism behind it?

Cause I’m a basic bish although my favorite color is blue I like green and Lana Green sounded cute to me so I went with that I wish there was a symbolism behind it like when she was 18 she decided to change it not to be found cause she has faked her death and disappeared but nope that’s just me being uncreative 😂

I promise I’m not lame, at least not all the time hahaha I thought I need a last name for her and that’s what I went with 

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the ‘ultimate defense’ of the fog sanctum protected iwa-san from not only the physical effects of the damocles down, but also the disturbance of being so close to the death of a king on his weismann levels, the very thing that caused habari jin’s sword to break, necessitating his death…


not good enough to fight munakata after his clansmen show up.  just.  i dunno, i can see scepter 4 pushing him back or even injuring him, but this big dramatic pool of blood…

it doesn’t make much sense.

To the happy couple who has finally figured out what we’ve all known for a very long time now. You two were destined to be together.
—  Foresight in the words of best man John Diggle the day Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak get married. 
(well actually it’s a quote that Oliver Queen said in Smallville for Lois and Clark, but still)

Close up of THIS piece, posting out of spite as proof that it indeed is a painting and not a manip. 
Beth and Daryl - digital painting. By me. Only me. No one else. Special thanks go to my graphic tablet. 
For anyone who’s interested in a print, it’s still available HERE.

Even if Beth doesn't come back will forever have this quote from AMC

“Beth and Daryl eventually find their way to a well-kept funeral home. Daryl implies that he has feelings for her”


It’s canon, Daryl feel in love with Beth. Plain to see.

Damn Scott Gimple

I bet you he is sitting around, on tumblr, looking at the petition, reading our theories….and fucking laughing.

“I got them all tricked.. Like I would kill half of my OTP, silly fandom.”

Bet you he got some tips from fucking Moffat.