mean girls of westeros

ok but Sansa/Daenerys makes so much sense hear me out

Sansa is a good ruler. She’s good at running a household, she’s good at commanding respect without fear. She doesn’t act rashly, and she is getting better about knowing who to trust and who to be wary of. She’s steady. She’s seen enough of the darkness of life that she’s realistic, but she still seems to have hope.

Dany is, well, fire. She is impulsive and doesn’t always think about tactics. She commands respect, she engenders love, but she is willing to use fear as well. She has been through the darkness of life and it has made her a beacon of hope to others. She radiates it.

Sansa would temper Dany’s impetuousness, would give her an immediate in with Westeros because people love Sansa, and Dany would buoy Sansa, reminding her that sometimes the songs to come true (dragons!) and that they are the heroes of their story, that they can make the world better and kinder than the one they experienced

and, plus, this helps settle succession. Dany and Sansa want to rule. Jon does not. Dany and Sansa rule and Jon’s heir is named successor unless Westeros starts holding elections

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