mean girls of the opera

Women’s Day Special: Each Type as a Female Character!

I got an ask asking me to list out the female character I mostly associate with each mbti type. I really liked the idea and put in a lot of effort to replying but for whatever reason Tumblr wouldn’t have any of it and refused to post the gifs I had attached. So sorry anon, I’ll have to make a separate post!

Happy International Women’s Day!

ISTP - Lisbeth Salander (from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

ESTP -  Samantha (from Sex and the City)

INTP - Daria (from Daria)

ENTP - Juno (from Juno)

INFP - Rose DeWitt Bukater (from Titanic)

ENFP - Kimmy Schmidt (from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)

ISFP - Mori Mako (from Pacific Rim)

ESFP - Harley Quinn (from Suicide Squad)

ISFJ - Christine (from The Phantom of the Opera)

ESFJ - Cady Heron (from Mean Girls)

ISTJ - Erin Brockovich (from Erin Brockovich)

ESTJ - Astrid (from How to Train Your Dragon)

INTJ - Ellen Ripley (from Alien)

ENTJ - Leia Organa (from Star Wars)

INFJ - Daenerys Targaryen (from Game of Thrones)

ENFJ - Nausicaä (from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)