mean girls of capitol hill


Oh god I was reading the New York Times article about the Mean Girls 10th Anniversary & then this happened: 

“The film, directed by Mark Waters, made $121 million at the worldwide box office. But that was just the beginning; the film has found a second life on the Internet. It’s one of the most popular topics on Twitter, though the movie predates the platform. Tumblr, home of memes that slap “Mean Girls” lines over photos of everything from “Hunger Games” to Capitol Hill encounters, says that in the last month alone, users have created more than 10,000 posts and 477,000 notes related to the film." 


Does this seriously mean that someone who writes for the frakking New York Times knows about this??? I don’t know how to deal with large platforms when they mention directly or allude to my blog. My stomach hurts. It stresses me out! It’s so cool but it’s so scary. It’s incredibly bizarre trying to reconcile in my head that so many people know Mean Girls of Panem as a thing but, like, I’m just sitting alone on my couch right now watching Conan. The world is so weird.