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Mean Girls, Seventeen edition: Who are the plastics? They’re teen royalty. If Pledis was Ceci Magazine, they would always be on the cover. Plan V + My Angel

  • Me: wants to see happy!sana
  • Me: wants to see isak
  • Me to Sana: go your homework...your biology homework... For school... Ya.. Your brother and his squad are p loud so go do that at evak's

*cradling noora and sana in my arms* *kissing their foreheads softly* i love and support you and i think you’re incredible and beautiful and i want to see you grow into mature women who are best friends who love, support and stand up for each other

Let me tell you something about this scene. Let me analyze this for you. Because there is no scene - not one, not the episode with the date, not the episode with the dance - none of them that compare with this scene and let me explain why; this scene is all but physical, spoken proof that these two characters were in love with each other. And if this is what it all led to, and this is how it ends, then this show wasn’t really a comedy after all.

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everyone: sana and sara are cool now–
me: but are they really? you think sara won’t do something against sana? just because she “apologized” for acting the role as bus leader lately doesn’t mean she’ll stop. she still has noora’s password and she does seem psycho, so add two and two together and you get sara doing some messed up stuff


“You go Glen Coco!” (by txcowgirl18