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Don’t run pt.1 | BTS Gangster AU FF

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WOOP WOOP! first chapter guys! I am so proudd of how it’s turning out so far and i hope ya’ll will enjoy it!!! Let me know what you think!

“What did you see?” Namjoon asks, lowering his voice, angry.

He moves over to the boy tied to the wooden chair. The boy stays silent while he shakes nervously.

“He asked what you saw!” Yoongi exclaims, startling the boy.

He was still young, snooping around the boys hide out. Seokjin caught him this morning, but he hadn’t said a word ever since they tied him down.

“If you don’t speak soon we’ll leave you alone with V,” Namjoon chuckles, forcefully grabbing the boy’s jaw.

The boy looks him in the eyes, bawling his hands into fists.

“I’m telling you nothing,” he whispers, receiving a slap from Namjoon in return.

“V, enjoy yourself,” Seokjin laughs, walking out of the room, followed by the rest.

Taehyung who was left behind with the boy, smiles, taking a red marker from his back pocket. He walks over to the boy, taking the cap from the marker off with his teeth.

“Let’s see,” Taehyung mumbles, dotting along the jaw of the boy’s face.

“W-what are you going to do to me?” The boy asks, scared.

“I’m going to make your face pretty with my little friend,” Taehyung chuckles, taking a knife out of his jacket.

The boy’s eyes widen, panic quickly taking over. He tries to loosen the tape that was keeping him from moving his arms and legs, but without any result.

“Don’t be afraid of me, I just wanna play,” Taehyung chuckles, sitting down on the boy’s lap.

He draws a few more lines before throwing the marker behind him on the floor. Slowly he brings the knife closer to the boy’s face, pressing the knife against his skin.

“You sure you’re not telling me your secrets,” Taehyung chuckles, making a small cut along the boy’s cheekbone.

“OKAY! I’LL TALK!” The boy exclaims, making Taehyung drop his knife on the ground.

“What’s your name, handsome,” Taehyung jokes, leaning in closer to his victim.


“And that’s how I found out it was you,” Jungkook says, ending his explanation to Namjoon.

He watches him get up, walking over to his chair, stopping right behind him. Jungkook feels Namjoon’s hands wrap around his neck, tricking him to think he was going to choke the younger.

“You know a lot, a bit too much actually, so I am giving you two options. One, you’ll die, right here, right now. Or two, you become one of us and obey me every step you take, understand?” Namjoon smiles, whispering in Jungkook’s ear.

Jungkook nods, pressing his lips nervously together.

“So what’s it going to be, option one or two?”

“Make me a part of whatever you are, I’ll do everything you say.”

“That’s it, pretty face, now you got to promise me a few things before we make the deal official,” Namjoon explains, placing a contract onto Jungkook’s lap.

Jungkook scans over the words quickly, reading parts of it out loud, “Never betray or disobey, stay true to the group, fight for each other no matter what. If rules are broken, death will be faced as the consequence.”

A pen drops on top op the paper, startling the younger boy.

“Once you get in, you can’t get out,” Namjoon grins, walking back to the chair he was sitting in earlier.

Still slightly hesitant Jungkook signs the paper, receiving a small applaud from his, now, leader.

“Consider me your best friend now. Your problems are my problems, and my problems are your problems.”

“Why are you doing all of this?”

“Heaven send us down to create our own playground, baby boy.”

A nervous sigh leaves Jungkook’s mouth, his hands still shaking from the shock.

“Let me introduce you to the rest,” Namjoon says, signaling the younger boy to follow him.

They exit the small back room and walk into the larger area where the rest of the group was patiently waiting for them.

“That’s Seokjin, call him Jin,” Namjoon starts pointing to the brown haired guy in front of him, “ He’s the oldest and has all the money, if you ever need something. He’s your man.”

Jungkook nods carefully, trying not to stare at the guys in front of him.

“That’s Taehyung, goes by the name of V. He’s a psychopath, but I think you figured that out by now,” Namjoon continues, pointing to the wound on Jungkook’s cheek.

“I can’t wait to show you all my toys,” Taehyung chuckles, twirling the knife from before in his hand.

“Last we have Yoongi, better known as Suga. Don’t waste his time, he can kill you with one finger if he’d like to,” Namjoon smiles, patting Jungkook on the back.

“Does this mean there’s five of us now?” Yoongi asks, sounding not all too excited about the new member.

“Consider him your brother,” Namjoon says, pushing Jungkook towards the rest before walking back into the back room.

“Do you have any idea what you have gotten yourself into?” Seokjin asks concerned, making the youngest sit down next to him.

Jungkook shakes his head in disbelief, still processing the whole incident.

“Prepare for the worst, my friend, we aren’t very loved by the outsiders,” Yoongi chuckles.


For foxholefantasy <3

Oh don’t worry darling... Looking is free.

Though a few people have already guessed this, I’m pleased to announce that I wrote Aurora James’ route in Gangsters in Love.

Get it, MC.

Anyway, on a more serious note, it was nerve-wracking to write another f/f route for Voltage. I worried near constantly and I’m sure I drove a few people crazy with it, but I really wanted to make sure Aurora’s route was as good as it could possibly be! 

I’m so excited and relieved to know you all enjoyed her so much, and it was such an honor and a pleasure to write Chance Valentine and Aurora James as the first and last routes to be released for season one! 

I know the overlap between “people who want to romance Chance” and “people who want to romance Aurora” might not be very large, but if you enjoyed Aurora at all I really recommend you also give Chance a chance! (No, I’ll never stop making that joke.) There are a lot of intentional parallels between the routes, and I really did view them as “bookends” for season one. 

Likewise if you loved Chance, you should definitely play Aurora’s route– she comes on strong, but she’s actually very sweet, sincere, and secretly, just a little nerdy. She’ll treat you right– you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

As always, Thanks Voltage for this incredible opportunity!



SPN | Random Gifs that Shows that SPN Fans Does with a Hiatus. Part Four. Click for Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

(Or Part 4 of SPN gifs in which I sometimes question our insanity).

Marvel Version

New Rapper Mulls Which Gang To Be Extorted By

Bompton OG C Me extols the benefits of a Blood gang platinum package, including a complimentary Draco

“Alright Cuz, like I said. We offer a combinissive package.”

“Do you mean comprehensive?”

“Yeah you know what I mean. Anyway, get up with me.”

Compton OG Lee-Locc daps up rapper Handspring Crank and leaves his rented condo.

It’s the Georgia native’s first trip to Los Angeles, which as a gangster rapper, means one thing: choosing which gang to be extorted by.

“I like what they had to say. They’re offering on demand security, a couple visits to the hood per month, and a photo op with Tookie’s nephew,” Crank says while peering through the thick pamphlet’s blue pages.

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Why Don’t You Do Right? Kenny Omega

“You had plenty money in 1922
You let other women make a fool of you.
Why don’t you do right,
Like some other men do?
Get out of here,
Get me some money too.”

Third P.O.V.:
The Elite are a group of gangsters mean but not over the top. The group is made up of two brothers and their leader. Nick and Matt are both married and Nick has a son. Kenny, the leader, sadly is not married; although he is desperately looking. Kenny believes in love, though being a gangster it’s hard to find someone who’d stay, he looks hard for his one in the ladies they seem to come across. He’s had so far no luck. Close to giving up and dying alone, Nick, Matt, and their wives take him to a speakeasy to listen to some live music. By the time the group enters, the band is on their last song. The woman singing smiles and announces the last song.

“You’re sittin’ down wondering what it’s all about.
If you ain’t got no money they will, put you put.
Why don’t you do right,
Like some other men do?
Get out of here,
Get me some money too.”

Kenny’s P.O.V.:
We are seated in the middle of the , so we have a good view of the band. I glance up from my conversation with Matt and am soon enraptured by the beautiful singing temptress in the tight red dress up on the stage. She is beautiful with (Y/H/C) and what looks like (Y/E/C). I feel almost like Cupid’s arrow finally hit home. She glides across the stage and one of the men by the stage help her to the floor. She glides around the tables singing and interacting with the lonely men and I feel a knot of jealousy forming in my gut. Her eyes lift and meet mine and I freeze. A slow serene smile graces her face and she walks towards me.

“Now if you had prepared 20 years ago,
You wouldn’t be a wandering now from door to door.
Why don’t you do right,
Like some other men do?
Get out of here,
Get me some money too.”

Your P.O.V.:
I’m currently singing with the band at Charlie’s. I soon finish a song and annouce the next one and get a few cheers from the regulars. The band begins the tune and I listen waiting for my cue. The door opens and I glance at the door. A group of five, two women and three men, enter. The men I easily recognize from the wanted posters as The Elite. The women with them must be the the wives of the brothers, and the third, alone, must be the leader; Kenny Omega. I shudder gently and unnoticed. He’s even more gorgeous in person. I start singing and closely watch Kenny as he converses with his friends. I carefully make my way over to the side of the stage, the floor length red dress and heels are hard to move in, where my friend Marty is. I hold my hand out to Marty and he helps me off stage and I begin to make my way across the floor singing to the lonely single regulars and then I look up and see Kenny’s blue/green/grey eyes. I smile and make my way towards his table while finishing the song and I sing the last note while searing myself on his lap. I stare into his eyes and Marty comes over and escorts me backstage. The brothers and their wives are gesturing for Kenny to follow me but when he gets up and close to backstage, Marty blocks him and I blow a kiss and wink before disappearing.

“Get out of here,
Get me some money too.” (Repeat three times)
Why Don’t you do right,
Like some other men,

*A/N* ~this is the end. How’d I do? If you would like any type of request what I write is in my bio so ask away.~


☆CHEN/ KIM JONGDAE Nicknames series

1. “시흥피바다 ” \si-heung pi-bada\

Origin: Wolf Drama version MV where Chen was kicking someone like a seasoned gangster

Meaning: Fans now affectionately call him “Siheung Pi-bada" whenever Aggressive Jongdae attacks. "Pi-bada” literally translates to - a bloodbath / sea of blood so I guess the closest meaning would be something like: Badass from Siheung, who leaves a bloodbath in his wake



Interview Magazine | Paul Anderson


Paul Anderson (Panda) talks about The Revenant, Peaky Blinders, Legend and Tom Hardy. Legend comes out November 20 and The Revenant will be out in limited release on December 25 and wide release January 8, 2016. Season 3 of Peaky Blinders is also due out in 2016.

*Top photo shared by Paul on instagram. Tom and Panda on the set of The Revenant (2014). @biggierayman “Another one!!!”

Paul Anderson and Team Arthur

As the protagonists of Steven Knight’s Birmingham-set television drama Peaky Blinders, the Shelby siblings haven’t had it easy. Tommy (Cillian Murphy), the second brother in age and the first in everything else, drowns his World War One shell shock with opium. His younger brother John (Joe Cole) is trying to raise his young children following the death of his wife. Ada (Sophie Rundle), the only sister, defies her brothers and marries local communist Freddie Thorne only to have him die unceremoniously between seasons. Finn, the last of the lot, is too young to be a part of the Shelby brotherhood yet remains at risk from their enemies. Then there is Arthur, played by Kennington, South London native Paul Anderson. As the eldest sibling, Arthur should be the patriarch, but he’s not, because Tommy got all the family smarts and Arthur got all the family rage. While he might not be smoking opium, he does plenty of self-medicating with whisky, cocaine, and visceral violence. By the end of the show’s first two seasons, Arthur has accidentally killed a young man in the boxing ring, tried to hang himself, and almost been murdered by Jewish gangster Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy). Occasionally, however, Arthur channels his energy more productively as Tommy’s right-hand man. When he does, it’s infectious; he’s Arthur fooking Shelby, the sort of character that inspires YouTube supercuts. And because you never know quite where he’s going to fall, there is a certain audience affection reserved only for Arthur. As one YouTube commentor writes,  "The actor playing Arthur does a great job at making him really likeable even when he’s doing dumb shit.“

Until about seven years ago, Paul Anderson wasn’t an actor at all; he was a ticket scalper. "I loved it. A wealth of experience,” he recalls in his thick South London accent. “I earned a lot of money out of it, but that was all I got out of it. Artistically, there was nothing in that for me, so I’d always wanted to do something else.” Anderson did not, however, want to be an actor; “I always wanted to be a frontman in a band,” he says. “Not a footballer. Not an actor. Certainly not a policeman or a fireman. I wanted to be a lead singer. Nothing else,” he continues.

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Yeah, so, hmm, throwing this out here, it’s the beginning of an Andreil AU where Neil made the call to his uncle after his mom’s death, which means he never went to PSU. It means gangsters and all that, a bit of a dark take on the boys and all.


“And there’s all these cafés and bars just a few blocks down the street, you can get on the subway as well or take a train, it’s a great location,” Nicky chattered to a jet-lagged Andrew. “Erik and I fell in love with the place!” He motioned to the tiny room after he threw open the door. “Well, here it is, your new home!”

Andrew looked at the twin bed, the only thing which would fit into a space that one really should be calling a closet and not a guest room, then set down his suitcase. “Great, now get out.”

Nicky’s grin slipped. “All right, so it’s not much, but we were lucky to find the place, really.” He sighed when Andrew just continued to stare at him. “You know where the bathroom is, towel’s on the bed, we’ll try not to disturb you in the morning and help yourself to anything in the fridge.” He made as if to approach Andrew then thought better of it. “I’m… I’m glad you’re here, really.” He offered Andrew a nervous smile. “Things will work out, you’ll see.” Then he finally got the damn hint and left.

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My favorite thing about Hannibal, besides the cannibal puns, of course, is that it frames wealth and culture and taste in a way that cedes the moral high ground to me as I watch it in a shack of an apartment, wearing ratty PJs and eating a tuna melt.