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permanent tag list (clean up)

so my permanent tag list needs some serious cleaning up. 

i’ve been getting too many tags on some of my stuff and it breaks all of the tags for that post. so i want to make sure people who are on this list are actually reading and that they want to be here.

if you’re tagged in this post and WISH TO REMAIN on my tag list, please just give it a simple like. keep in mind, this means that you’ll be tagged in everything i post: all fics, all one shots, etc. 

please don’t:

  • -like this or reply to this if you’re not tagged. if you want to be added, it’s a simple as sending me an ask. it’s just a way for me to help keep this whole thing organized.
  • -ask to remain if you are not active. if you’re not reading my stuff or responding to anything i post (honestly a like is sufficient enough), it’s honestly kind of a waste for me to keep you on the list. someone else that actually reads my stuff could take that spot. i know it sounds harsh and i’m sorry but i’m trying to make this as fair as possible.

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I know this is a couple of weeks late but hey, I finally did it! So guys, I reached 3k followers and I’m sososos grateful, you have no idea, if I could thank every single one of you, trust and believe mama, I would. Anyway, here’s my second follow forever, if I forgot anyone I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to!


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if you’re not here, remember that my askbox is always open and i love meeting new people  ƪ(˘▽˘ƪ)