mean exo

When you reading comments somewhere and see that somebody profile picture or name is an idol.

We be everywhere y’all. I was watching a weird ass video on youtube and I scroll down to comments and seen somebody with a picture of Got7 Jackson.


Happy Minnie Day!! | Brighter than the Sun~

  • Fans: *start fanwars*
  • Me: you know,,,it's like possible to be multifandom
  • Fans: *gasp*

internalised misogyny: *slut shaming girl groups for sexy concepts but celebrating boy groups for sexy concepts*

internalised misogyny: *believing male groups are superior purely because they are male*

internalised misogyny: *attacking girl group members simply just for being in your male bias’s presence*

NOT internalised misogyny: *stanning a boy group*

can we abandon this narrative that all boy group stans hate women?