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Cloud and Tifa’s WOFF Bios.

First, Cloud Strife:

CV: Steve Burton / Takahiro Sakurai

Age in Grymoire: 21

Notes: Buster sword / Chocobo haircut / Former member of SOLDIER / The quiet, serious type / Keeps his cool / Fights against the Federation with the League of S

Cloud and the League

The Grymoirian Cloud used to work for Shinra as a member of SOLDIER. However, a certain incident caused their paths to diverge.

Quistis asked Cloud to stay on with the League of S as a freelance mercenary, and Cloud agreed…Under one condition.

The Condition

Cloud’s condition for staying with the League was this: SeeD must agree to help him track a man down, and if Cloud should decide to pursue the manhunt alone, they must not interfere. 

Cloud seeks vengeance. His reasons are unclear, but when it comes to this one man, he goes blind with rage.


Enna Kros created the Champions as a kind of antibody to make her worlds and the people within them stronger; when a menace like the Cogna appears, the Champions awaken and fight it off.But there are also “Antichampions” who work not to save the word, but to destroy it. The man with silver hair whom Cloud is pursuing is just one of these Antichampions.

The Man with the Silver Hair

Cloud never explains why he holds such a fierce grudge against the silver-haired man. Still, Grymoire’s Mediums often suffer the same fate as their originals. We never meet Zack and Aerith in Grymoire, so the dots shouldn’t be very hard to connect.  

Although Cloud’s past haunts him, that doesn’t mean he’s doomed to dilly-dally, shilly shally forever. After all, he’s got both Tifa and his allies in the League of S to help him turn things around.

First World of Origin


So Cloud is angry at the death of both Zack and Aerith in WoFF! Seems like in WoFF Seph killed Zack. And Tifa’s Dilly dally, shilly shally line appears! Don’t worry Cloud, you got Tifa and your friends!

CV: Rachael Leigh Cook / Ayumi Ito

Age in Grymoire: 20

Notes: Aspiring martial artist / Seems cheerful and outgoing, but is actually quite shy / “Whoa! It finally worked!” / A cowgirl? Really?

She’s There When You Need Her

Even though Tifa had never met Reynn and Lann, she still put herself in danger to rescue them. Call it heroic or call it reckless,  Tifa just isn’t the kind of woman to leave anyone stuck in a jam.

Tifa’s Dream

Tifa makes ends meet as a guide in Babil, but hopes to one day save up enough to open her own restaurant. She’d be in seventh heaven if she ever made it happen.

Ready to Wrangle

Tifa’s wearing her CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- outfit. However, she’s the same age as she was in FINAL FANTASY VII.

First World of Origin


Tifa’s bio is really cute. She wants to own her very own restaurant! So she took up a job as a guide to save up the money! In WoFF it seems that the Nibelheim Incident never happened as she is still working as a guide and does not yet have 7th Heaven. I think it’s awesome Tifa is so career oriented. 

Hit and Miss - Gabriel x British!Reader

Summary: Gabriel and the reader both have feelings for each other, and even through they speak the same language, accents can be tough.
Word count: 1639
Warnings: Alcohol, swearing and too much Cockney rhyming slang (but to be fair, Cockney is the most amazing accent in the world)

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I used loads of Cockney rhyming slang here, and I have a “translation” list under the fic. Enjoy!

“For the last time, Dean, we don’t go around calling people ‘guvnah’!” you shouted at the arrogant Winchester who sat across from you.
“A’ight mate, top of the mornin’ to ya,” Dean continued, straying further and further from the British accent he was trying to do. “Alright, so why does Dick Van Dyke do that?”
“Because Dick Van Dyke is an American imposter, Dean,” you growled and downed the rest of your beer. You were so done with this conversation, and all you wanted was to haul your arse over to the archangel in the other room, where he was sitting with Cas.
“See ya lay’ah, guv, now shu’ up or you’ll be brown bread,” you said to Dean in your best Mockney accent, blowing a raspberry at him before you left. Dean nearly fell off his chair laughing. “Bloody paper hat…” you muttered and moved into the library instead.

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