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My parents are very nosy and this is the only place I can go they won't follow. I want to learn more about Paganism and see if it's right for me. Can you help me understand it more?

I have loads of information on this blog. 

1.) Paganism is an umbrella term. It is a name for nature based/polytheistic religions. Wicca, witchcraft, neo-paganism, Celtic, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Native American, these religions sometimes fall under this umbrella because they are not adherent to Abrahamic religious ideals.  Abrahamic: meaning not Christian, Catholic, Jewish, or Islamic. Religions that are popular, so to speak. This doesn’t mean you can’t follow one God/Goddess/deity. 

2.) There are many paths. Each person has a varying way of worshiping/following Paganism. 

3.) Finding your own path is a personal journey, people can help guide you but you walk down the roads. 

4.) Read.

I know that this is pretty generic, but there is a lot of different ways to receive information. Try books at your local library, things of that nature. Hope this helps and good luck!


Heathers (1988)

“It’s one thing to want someone out of your life, but it’s another thing to serve them a wake-up cup full of liquid drainer.”

if you think about it, the quote from the finale/epilogue “to love another person is to see the face of god” could be taken literally or figuratively.

enjolras died for the citizens of france. grantaire died for enjolras. fantine died for cosette. valjean died for cosette. the barricade boys died for each other and for the citizens of france. éponine died for marius. javert died for himself (i assume self love counts).

everyone who died ended up dying for someone, and therefore went to heaven (because they’re all super christian).

this means, by loving someone, they all ended up seeing god.