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Hell or High Water: Friendship is Magic

I’ve been promising this to SE Jakes forever!  Creating this over the course of the weekend meant I had to go back and reread major portions of all the books. You feel my pain I know you do.  

Tristina came up with the cutie marks ages ago, and if you’re having trouble making them out, they are: Cillian = cellphone, Mal = bomb (if it were visible), Prophet = Twizzler, Tommy = Dreamcatcher, Blue = skeleton key, Mick = gun.  

Thanks to Evil!Editor Rachel Haimowitz because she was giving me help in the art editing department last night and came up with the hysterical idea to have Mick pulling Blue’s tail.  Blue, you precious cupcake, I still love you best.  <3

One Direction Preference- You're Dating & The Other Boys Don't Like You (Liam) (Request by Anon)


Your fingers flitted across the glass of your phone screen as you waited impatiently at Starbucks.

Yes please :-) 

You smiled at Liam’s little emoji, the idea of seeing his sweet face was already brightening your day. He was just around the corner at the studio, recording a few bonus tracks for the new album. You hadn’t seen him in nearly two weeks–life had been crazy with the album release so close on the horizon–and you were dreading today.

Not only were you seeing him in his element for the very first time, you were meeting the other boys and you couldn’t be more nervous.

Anyone else want something??

You tried to be friendly. Might as well be the first to bridge the gap, right?

I think they’re all good!

You frowned, but quickly brushed it off. You didn’t need coffee to make friends.


15 minutes later, you found yourself walking down a long, carpeted hallway, eyeing the doorways for room no. 19, where you’d been told the boys were busy singing their hearts out. Stumbling upon the door much sooner than expected, you quietly nudged it open.

Your eyes quickly focused on the five of them side by side behind a big glass panel, focused intently on the microphones in front of them. You smiled at Liam as his eyes met yours and you laughed as he stumbled through the lyrics just barely.

As the music cut, Liam took a deep breath, “Take 5!” he exclaimed, rushing from the booth to wrap you up in his arms, “I missed you,” he mumbled, burying his face into your hair.

You chuckled, “I can’t breathe Liam,” his grip loosened a bit, “I missed you, too.”

“How about we head out in the hall?” he carefully took one coffee from your hand and tried to lead you from the booth.

“I thought I was meeting the other guys,” you pulled against him.

“But I haven’t seen you in weeks…” there was something off about his voice but before he could continue Louis burst through the door from the recording booth, his face falling as he saw you.

“You must be Y/N,” his eyebrows raised.

You nodded, confused by the cold tone of his voice, “That’s me.”

Zayn quickly tumbled out from behind Louis, yawning and rubbing sleep from his eyes. As his gaze fell on you, a look of approval flashed on to his face, “I get how she gets around,” he looked you from head to toe.

“Excuse me?” your voice squeaked.

“C'mon,” Liam cut a sharp glare to the two boys before ushering you outside.

“What was that about!” you shrieked as soon as the door clicked shut.

“Hey, hey. Deep breath,” he tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, “They might’ve heard about what happened between you and your ex, alright? It’s nothing.”

You felt your stomach twist, “How did they hear about that?” your throat was tight.

“I have no idea honestly,” he shook his head, “But it doesn’t matter.”

You stared to your right, avoiding eye contact with him. You felt yourself falling into a rush of memories–too many beers and too many hurt feelings, one bed, one boy, one night…

“Liam, you know I’d never do that to you–” your voice shook, “It was a mistake. I was hurt. I screwed everything up. I hurt him and I loved him and I would never. I wouldn’t.”

He brushed a tear from your cheek, “I know that. Of course I know that. They don’t that’s all,” he smiled, “Just gotta prove ‘em wrong, yeah?”

You shook your head, “They think I’m a whore.”

“Don’t say that,” he wrapped his arms around you again, resting his chin on the top of your head.

“Hey, Liam, we gotta get back in the booth,” Niall’s head poked out, his face blank as he left you unacknowledged.

Turning back to you, Liam smiled, “We should get back in there, yeah? Now quit the crying,” he swiped his thumb across your cheek, brushing away another tear.

You took a shaky breath, “I think I’m going to head out–I’ll call you tonight?”

“C'mon, Y/N. Don’t do this.”

“I’ll talk to you later,” you placed a quick kiss on his cheek before turning on your heel and heading down the hallway. You still had your untouched coffee clamped between your fingers as you cursed yourself once again for your past mistakes.


Round 4! Hope you’re liking 'em! Part 2 is here.

 The other boys are here: 

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ladymelmothmadness  asked:

It's only me or liam's last tweet it's related probably with Zayn's come back. I mean... "Seeing all my boys soon"

Anonymous said:



Things that I find interesting about this tweet:

  • He didn’t @ any of the aforementioned boys. Sooooo, are we talking friends? Are we talking 1D? Are we talking 1D plus Zayn?
  • The “ahhhh” at the end is like a sigh of relief. Whatcha relieved about, Liam? The end of stuntin’ with Sophia for the moment? Or maybe the end of a long, painful, drawn out stunt?

Of course, this could be no big deal. But y’all know what I’m hoping for. Give me Zayn.