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Happy 30th Birthday Taipi ♥ 2017.06.25


i’m gonna make this clear. nu'est has been giving us so much. from the cfs to vlives, the boys have been doing so much n i’ve never seen them so happy. they’re dropping 2017 versions of songs now (lil promo: they dropped ‘hello 2017 ver.); pls check it out!! it’s amazing n will make u cry. also they’re gonna drop a 2017 ver. of ‘look (a starlight night)’ at 11pm kst so make sure to check that out also. as always also check out their old music 👼). it truly makes me believe that going onto produce 101, despite all the tears n struggles, was a opportunity that turned into an amazing reality for them. when they make their comeback, i want the world to be in awe. i want them to be getting more opportunities. i don’t want them to be stressed out anymore n worrying, about what’s going to happen tomorrow n the next day n so on. i want them to finally be recognized for their hard work that they’ve been putting out for the past 5/6 years. i remember mingi said in his vlive that him n the members are always thinking about us n they truly are. also the fact that they changed their name just to wait for minhyun n finally be all together, makes me tear up. they’ve been through so much n they really do deserve the world..they really do.

no but think about, scripps who writes for fun and for a living and has done all his life, but he still can’t find the right words to tell posner he loves him

so when they’re younger he tells him with the keys of a piano, and with rides round sheaf square on their bikes, and kicking puddles in the rain, and singing gracie fields to cheer him up when dakin ignores him again

as they get older that becomes something else, and he tells him by remembering quotes from his favourite poems and movies, and writing every tuesday and calling on the weekends, and getting the train over just to surprise him

as adults, when they live together in an awful one-bedroom house in a little village near doncaster, he tells him with cups of tea on mornings when things are bad again, in notes tucked into his books just to make him smile, in kisses to his forehead and fingers in his hair to calm him down

when he thinks posner isn’t paying attention, he tells him in scrambled poetry, in ripped up and clumsy songs, in prose so floral and floating he barely recognises it as his own hand

(when he knows posner is paying attention, he says it in faltering syllables and mumbling, afraid, for the first time in fifteen years)

Hell or High Water: Friendship is Magic

I’ve been promising this to SE Jakes forever!  Creating this over the course of the weekend meant I had to go back and reread major portions of all the books. You feel my pain I know you do.  

Tristina came up with the cutie marks ages ago, and if you’re having trouble making them out, they are: Cillian = cellphone, Mal = bomb (if it were visible), Prophet = Twizzler, Tommy = Dreamcatcher, Blue = skeleton key, Mick = gun.  

Thanks to Evil!Editor Rachel Haimowitz because she was giving me help in the art editing department last night and came up with the hysterical idea to have Mick pulling Blue’s tail.  Blue, you precious cupcake, I still love you best.  <3

ladymelmothmadness  asked:

It's only me or liam's last tweet it's related probably with Zayn's come back. I mean... "Seeing all my boys soon"

Anonymous said:



Things that I find interesting about this tweet:

  • He didn’t @ any of the aforementioned boys. Sooooo, are we talking friends? Are we talking 1D? Are we talking 1D plus Zayn?
  • The “ahhhh” at the end is like a sigh of relief. Whatcha relieved about, Liam? The end of stuntin’ with Sophia for the moment? Or maybe the end of a long, painful, drawn out stunt?

Of course, this could be no big deal. But y’all know what I’m hoping for. Give me Zayn.