mean and ugly

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You're digital art suc

Hey Anon Friend, thank you so much for the laugh!  I really needed it today, yes believe it or not I say that without sarcasm.

Really.  Why?  I could have taken this two ways. 

1. Get offended and decry sending hate to anyone.

2. Laugh my ass off and show it to my friends, which I did.  You came to be mean and ugly and only made me laugh.  I would point out to you WHY but the joke would probably go right by ya.

So I will leave it here for others to see and laugh about.

Don’t get angry at this people.  Look at the funny side of it.

Have a peaceful day/night 

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Tyde what would you do if I told you I own 20+ pops and love them dearly

i mean i think theyre ugly as sin but obviously theyre mainstream popular bc you cant go into any kind of store that sells even a little bit of fan merch that doesn’t have a wall with hundreds of the things on them

so like, no judgement

21 days

It’s supposed to take 21 days before doing something becomes a habit. 

So just think. 

21 days without binging could be a lifetime of self-control.

21 days of not eating after 6 could mean always waking up skinny.

21 days of actually working out could mean a lifetime of thin.

21 days.

your mobility aids aren’t ugly and they don’t make your appearance any less attractive.


For her 90th birthday on 21st April 2016, Her Majesty The Queen was presented with a cake baked by the 2016 winner of The Great British Bake Off, Nadiya Hussain. Though she has cut many cakes in her lifetime, a year prior on 2nd June 2015, the Queen struggled to cut through a cake at a celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Institute.

if y'all would realize in the promo for next week they're kissing from a different angle..

they’re most likely gonna pick up where they left off, and they’re most likely not going to have sex. magnus is going to stop it, alec is going to feel hurt and embarrassed (not that he means to offend or pressure magnus) and he’s going to bolt. he’s going to confide in his parabatai. jace is going to say something to magnus because when you’re bonded by angelic magic, that’s what you do. you look out for the person you’re bonded to. he isn’t going to mean it in an ugly or cruel way. he’s just going to say you need to be careful with him. jace isn’t going to be saying hey you’re feelings don’t matter, because that’s not really who jace is (if you’ve read the books he’s a big fricken softy) and he’s just going to look out for his brother. i really think it’s gonna be okay. they haven’t disappointed us with malec yet. i was like “wtf” at first too, but now that i’ve had time to think about it, this is my opinion.

plus, alec is so inexperienced, he doesn’t know. if magnus says no, i’m more than positive that he’ll stop. when magnus says to stop, yes alec will be embarrassed because he tried so hard. he’ll feel terrible. but i think they’ll work it out, and when they do actually have sex, i’m positive the writers will make it great. ALSO MAGNUS MOST DEFINITELY KISSED BACK WHEN ALEC WAS WALKING HIM INTO THE ROOM. he’s probably going to stop it after that, but he didn’t push alec off yet. i have been in the fandom business for quite some time now, 8 years to be exact. i’ve developed a knack for these kinds of things and interpretation. magnus was into the kissing, i just think he’s really nervous about losing alec after they have sex. i don’t think it’s that he doesn’t want it, i just think he’s scared. also if he doesn’t want it, he could stop alec so easily he’s a warlock guys. magnus bane don’t take no shit. he won’t be taken advantage of, especially not by alec. y'all have barely seen any of what happens, i think we’ll get the full story next week. I’m also hoping the person who gets alec off of the roof is magnus. so apparently it’s been confirmed that they had sex, but this was posted before that piece of info came out. however, a lot of it still rings true. especially the points i made

actually bothers me how hateful some girls can be with girl groups, like, yes you dont like them is ok, you dont have to stan them but why you have to say they are “too cute, too sexy, too slut, they are not talented,they dont write their own music, etc” man…this girls also work as hard as boy groups no matter if they are part of the big 3 or not.