Dear parents who wonder why their kids never talk to them...

Think about what you were saying when they used to talk to you. Think about your choice of words and tone. Think about why they tried to come to you and why they don’t anymore. When you shut them out, belittle them, and blame them for all of their problems, you will lose them. And that will be permanent.

I did a thing

I was on the early morning bus today, and this idiot guy, probably around 18 or 19, was with his friend, and started taking photos of an obese woman and laughing. The woman, and everyone else on the bus, clearly knew he was making fun of her, but no one did anything. This is totally out of character for me because I’m usually pretty shy, but I got up, walked over to his seat, grabbed the phone from his hand, and deleted the photo. I just deleted it. And then I said, “you should be really disappointed in yourself,” and then I walked back to my seat. Two people applauded me, and the victim thanked me.

I’m proud of myself.