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Plant of the Day
Friday 31 March 2017

The cherry blossom is starting to flower in Japan and a range of species and cultivars of Prunus are being celebrated. People are stopping to take photographs, have picnics, buying small branches to decorate meals and large bonsai specimens are adorning the upmarket department stores.

Jill Raggett

Blessed Ostara!

This is the time of the Spring Equinox when the day and night are in perfect balance. It’s also a Monday, so I know a lot of us are busy. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to celebrate, here are some simple little ways to bring in the Spring and still get shit done.

🌱 If you’re grocery shopping today, consider picking up a pack of seeds or a small plant to bring home. Ostara is a time of fertility and what better symbol of birth than new plants? Some good options are bee friendly flowers, edible flowers, and fresh herbs. I ended up getting some garden sage and lavender.

🔮 Another symbol of Ostara is the egg. Enjoying one or two for a meal, decorating them Easter egg style and displaying them on your alter, or even burying one in your garden are all eggsellent ideas. Or, if you don’t eat eggs, seeds and nuts are wonderful snacks. I prefer pine nuts and sun flower seeds, but any will do!

🕯Because light green candles and jasmine incense are frequently associated with the holiday, these can be easy additions to your alter and plus you get the added bonus of being able to light them and enjoy them while still being productive (but please don’t leave any flame unattended!)

💐 And if you simply can’t do any of those, wearing something green or merely taking a mindful walk through nature are both sufficient, just be sure to give thanks and take advantage of this new start! Remember, it’s about intention.

things that probably make the signs happy

** also check your moon sign !! :) **

aries // bright sunny days, the pinkest of tulips, lavender scented candles, learning new things, having perfect lazy days.

taurus // cooking cute meals, decorating your room, the feeling of putting on brand new clothes, having candles lit in every room, having a hot cup of coffee in the morning while watching the sun come up.

gemini // laughing until you can’t breathe, talking to your significant other all night long, the smell of a lush cosmetics shop, the way rain feels on your skin, having lots of cats 

cancer // bubble baths, the feeling of true happiness, hearing your significant other say “i love you”, huge sweaters, watching netflix all the time.

leo // watching your favorite childhood shows on saturday morning, finally being able to sleep after being exhausted, daydreaming, the smell of fruits, riding your bike.

libra // writing stories, homemade cookies, collecting pokemon cards, being yourself, the feeling of nostalgia.

scorpio // the feeling you get when you kiss your significant other, aesthetically pleasing blogs on tumblr, staying up until 3am on summer break, swimming on a hot day, planting flowers.

virgo // playing video games non-stop, watching a new video your favorite youtuber just uploaded, getting a good grade on a test, the feeling of satisfaction, bear hugs. 

sagittarius // eating lots of take-out, loving yourself, hot showers, making a bucket list, grunge blogs.

capricorn // singing in the shower, seeing your favorite band in concert, late night drives with the windows down, city lights, the color black.

aquarius // watching a new season of your favorite show, drawing, reading fan fiction, colored hair, tattoos.

pisces // being cuddled with, staying in bed all day with lots of blankets, hot chocolate, books, late night phone calls. 

I want to make an entry into the list of those
sending you their letters from the world.
Tournaments of roses glide through the mind
but would-be vaulters and other dream-like champions
must make their applications from some ways off,
else the sidewalk gets stained with their blood.

The line is at the edge of a lawn fete for endless weddings; 
the meal is catered, the decor a flimsy crepe
paper structure approximating the molecular pattern
of sperm freshly spilled on so-called grass.
There is a noticeable longing for seedless /raison d'etre/. 
There is the hope for rain in a windowless barn.

But it is mid-morning on the day of the ceremony
and the fat, demented sun beams over the trees
at gaudy prospects. Old men as scrawny birds,
milkless and rejected by their fathers,
put on their boots for such a hot lunch as yours,
while the earth’s chickens devour green poisons lustily,
jerking down wasps and centipedes for tidbits.

Forgive me, George darling, if I seem to indulge 
in a devious palaver, but who was that hero with
I saw you moving on the other night?
Something must be said to escape dreadful punishment
and win a sanguine audience with the queen
whose throne is warm muscle. Do not believe
we are the pawns of untoward war when the goal 
is spellbound head and a hollow in the neck.

This previous smoke itself may be the only sign
there was a previous time the colors of the world
had not yet faded into yellows and greys.
And there is a slight light that might suffice 
in the bombed out edifice to which we ride.
Let us be sharp enough to be moved by whatever signs
we find, and if the world is to be
rotten without fail, still in it we must
muster ourselves to the side of light, opposing
death in a semi-final flourish which will be remembered 
as more than a flash in the dark and less than that.

We must follow instructions the way dreams
follow sleep, sometimes or not at all.
And it will be necessary I think, dear George,
to love each other clearly and hard, so that
if this offensive is to be mounted against inevitable odds
the  outcome will never ride on any but a boundless strategem.

—  Stephen Rodefer, “Blue Angel”

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Uchihas during Halloween

Itachi is preparing everything, including meals, cookies and decoration way too early

Sasuke is helping him

Izuna and Shisui are trying on different costumes, can’t choose the right ones because they slaying in every

Obito is still sleeping nextdoors, loudly snoring

Madara is already ready with his costume

Time to take some gorgeous selfies of his, he’s staying locked in the bathroom for hours posing in front of camera

Treats are ready, Sasuke and Itachi are going to change themselves too

Izuna finds the right costume, he’s joining Madara for photoshooting as Shisui is left behind alone

Obito still sleeps

Izuna and Madara are admiring themselves on how pretty they actually are

Itachi is torturing Sasuke with each new costume he’s trying

Shisui gets hungry and goes downstairs

He’s eating like 2/3 of the preparation

Obito finally weaks up and joins Shisui

Shisui drops a random bowl of cookies

Itachi hears the noise and walks down to see whats hapening

He’s angry

Izuna and Madara walk downstairs, in order not to miss something important

Izuna fastly walks up to avoid any kind of bullshit

Itachi wants to kill Shisui, Sasuke is trying his best to stop his brother

Obito starts crying because he doesen’t understand what’s happening

Madara’s final reaction