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Blessed Ostara!

This is the time of the Spring Equinox when the day and night are in perfect balance. It’s also a Monday, so I know a lot of us are busy. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to celebrate, here are some simple little ways to bring in the Spring and still get shit done.

🌱 If you’re grocery shopping today, consider picking up a pack of seeds or a small plant to bring home. Ostara is a time of fertility and what better symbol of birth than new plants? Some good options are bee friendly flowers, edible flowers, and fresh herbs. I ended up getting some garden sage and lavender.

🔮 Another symbol of Ostara is the egg. Enjoying one or two for a meal, decorating them Easter egg style and displaying them on your alter, or even burying one in your garden are all eggsellent ideas. Or, if you don’t eat eggs, seeds and nuts are wonderful snacks. I prefer pine nuts and sun flower seeds, but any will do!

🕯Because light green candles and jasmine incense are frequently associated with the holiday, these can be easy additions to your alter and plus you get the added bonus of being able to light them and enjoy them while still being productive (but please don’t leave any flame unattended!)

💐 And if you simply can’t do any of those, wearing something green or merely taking a mindful walk through nature are both sufficient, just be sure to give thanks and take advantage of this new start! Remember, it’s about intention.

Fall Back Down, Pt. 3 [Finn Balor]

Part One. Part Two.

Author note: To continue for another part or no? I kind of like the way this ended….

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“Do you want the opened bottle or the other?”

“Grab both,” you called back towards the kitchen. You listened as Finn took out the wine to accompany the Chinese food that was spread out on your coffee table.

It was December 3rd, and you found yourself on the floor of your living room, surrounded by boxes of Christmas decorations. Anything themed for the fall had already been packed and put away; it was time to winterize your apartment. A bare tree stood in the back corner, a box of ornaments beside it. You’d already strung up Christmas lights as a trim around your living room, and put up a couple wall decorations. Many things were left to do, however.

Finn came in to the room, carrying two glasses and two bottles. He set them down on the table before sitting down beside you on the floor between the couch and table.

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Plant of the Day

Friday 31 March 2017

The cherry blossom is starting to flower in Japan and a range of species and cultivars of Prunus are being celebrated. People are stopping to take photographs, have picnics, buying small branches to decorate meals and large bonsai specimens are adorning the upmarket department stores.

Jill Raggett

Low cost Romantic Dates for the Signs

Aries - Laser Tag: Take them out for a round of laser tag and have fun teasing them and watching how competitive they get, you’ll both share so much laughter and fun, and kisses will always make the loser feel like a winner. 

Taurus - Candle Lit Picnic: It doesn’t matter if you go to your backyard, a park, or anywhere you can think of, a Taurus will love you for spoiling their senses with majestic candles and a delicious meal. And if you Decorate it all really well your Taurus date will swoon for days.

Gemini - Books and Coffee: Gemini people are easily fascinated and aren’t hard to please, no matter where you take them their imagination will run wild with you. Your Gemini date would probably love sitting there sipping coffee with you while you both learn about each other. And a great way to learn about each other is to introduce one another to your favorite books and authors, or even discover new books together!

Cancer - Blanket Fort and a Movie: A Cancer would love nothing more than to hold you and be held by you all night long. And there is nothing better than feeling like you are lost in your own romantic world together surrounded by soft pillows and blankets while watching all their favorites and eating icecream.

Leo - Watch a show: It doesn’t matter if it is a local band at a local bar or your local college’s theatrical performance, a Leo will be impressed and think you seem so cultured and exciting. And getting into local performances are never all that expensive. 

Virgo - Movie Under the stars: Your Virgo date will love the versatility of this movie date. You get to watch a film while also serenaded by the beauty of mother nature. After the movie is over you will both have so much to talk about and so much to explore just walking around and enjoying the fresh air.

Libra - Arting: Libra people love color and beauty, so why not go out somewhere or just stay in and paint, draw each other, take turns sharing your favorite music. And if you play your cards right you could just end up having fun painting on each other’s bodies.

Scorpio - Stargazing: Find the Darkest place you can and share the joys of exploring space and discussing the vast universe with these deep souls. Bring some drinks to loosen up and eventually you might get your Scorpio date avidly sharing their passions with you. I mean yeah sure, Scorpio people love excitement and adventure, and they would be just as happy white water rafting, but sometimes the simplest and most intimate dates with a Scorpio are the ones where you can just talk forever and open up to these magnetic and intense lovers. 

Sagittarius - Exploring: Seriously, just call up your Sagittarius date, give them a list of things to pack and tell them you’ll be picking them up in 30 minutes. This spontaneous adventure will awaken the wanderlusting spirit inside of a Sagittarius. Take them to go explore a really cool abandoned house or building, or a cave, or even a spot you used to visit or explore as a child. No matter where you go it will be an adventure. And if you don’t have a car riding public transportation can sometimes be an adventure all on its own, because you never know who you’ll meet or what you will see.

Capricorn - Any kind of Museum: Capricorn people love to explore and learn, and they love to impress. So a Museum of Art, Science, History, or anything could get the juices in Capricorn’s brain flowing. If you choose something that matches their interest, they will love sharing what they know with you while you both tour through the galleries. 

Aquarius - Nature Trails: Go one a nature hike, or walk in any random woods and bring a plant and bird identification guide and have fun with your date trying to identify all the life around you. Don’t be afraid to get close to a spider web and become fascinated by the beauty of such a feared and respected creature. Try to see if you can identify edible plants and try them out. Whatever you choose to do with your time in the woods, I assure you they won’t get bored.

Pisces - Shelter Volunteer: Pisces love a person who can be sweet and compassionate. And what better way than to show a Pisces just how much you’ll take care of them than to both go and take care of dogs and cats at an animal shelter all day? If either of you are allergic to animals you can just go to a river/beach/lake/springs and swim the day away.

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UF, UT, US bros forgetting their anniversary with their SO and the SO is heartbroken because they had a really special night planned



He’s confused as to why you’ve been acting weird all day. You keep telling him that you want to go to this fancy new restaurant, but he barks at you to stop being spoiled and wait for a special occasion. Does he look like he’s made of money?  You start tearing up and run into your room, slamming your door. Oh fuck what did he do now? Maybe he shouldn’t have yelled at you. He knocks on your door to apologize for the yelling and when you don’t answer, he enters anyway, getting a shoe thrown at his head. You yell at him for being so goddam stupid and to leave you alone for the rest of the day. Red is getting angry at this point. Yeah, he might’ve been a bit harsh on you, but you’re completely overreacting about that. Then he realizes. Oh no. Oh fuck no. It’s the anniversary. He fucked up. He leaves you alone for the rest of the day like you requested, only sending you a text telling you how sorry he is. The next day, he treats you to the anniversary you should’ve had, but this time, he goes the extra mile by decorating the house with roses, bringing you to an even more expensive and nicer restaurant than the one you originally wanted to go to, and top it off with make up sex, doing anything you’d like. 


He’s probably too busy training to remember the anniversary. He spends all day with Undyne training while you set up the kitchen to be super nice and romantic, cooking a 5 course meal and decorating the house all by yourself. You even bought a really nice and expensive outfit just for this occasion and you’ve been planning this for WEEKS. Not only does he ignore your calls and texts all day in favor of training, he comes home at fucking 11 pm where you’ve already cried yourself to sleep. When he’s inside, he sees all the nice decorations and the meal still left outside, untouched. Fell’s heart just fucking breaks because oh god what has he done.  He knocks on your door, but when you don’t answer, he takes a peek inside, noticing you falling asleep with a box of tissues under your arms. He wakes you up frantically, telling you how sorry he is and how he’ll make it up to you somehow. You can either push him away if you’re still angry or accept his apology. Either way, he treats you to whatever you want, even if it’s a simple hug. 



Honestly, he’s mostly down for anything, so you’ll get to do your special plan, but he won’t realize what’s it for. Throughout the date, you seem to be waiting for him to do something, but he can’t figure out what it is. When you both get home, you just simply head straight to your room and slam the door, ignoring the skeleton’s confused expressions and constant knocking asking you what’s wrong. He could hear sniffling from inside, but isn’t sure if he should enter. You locked him out so you must want your privacy, so he gives that to you. He goes away and walks past a calendar and that’s when he has his “oh shit moment”. He urgently knocks on your door now, apologizing over and over again until you let him open. The moment he sees you, he latches onto you and doesn’t let go. He’s telling you how stupid he is and how much he loves you and how he’ll make this right. The following morning, he treats you to breakfast in bed, a nice massage, and a couples spa day. 


It’s actually really hard for him to forget important dates, but on occasion, he does. He forgets because he’s too busy building puzzles to notice you the entire day. It was only when he’s finished (at like 9 pm) he’ll remember. He’s screaming as soon as he realizes that he forgot and comes crying to you, apologizing and asking you how he can make it up. Even though you’re hurt that he forgot, it’s really hard to stay mad at the cutie. 



He forgets because planned an anime marathon with alphys and undyne that day. You had plans for your own anime night and he basically stabbed you with a knife when he said he was going to do that at his friends’ house. When he leaves, you’re sobbing on the ground, your self esteem hitting rock bottom basically. You don’t stay at the house, you spend the night somewhere else like with a family member or a friend. It’s only until the next morning when Sans returns home, ready to tell you about the latest anime he saw, realizing that you were gone. He suddenly remembers the anniversary and immediately calls your phone, but when yo don’t answer, he leaves a voicemail. He’s frantic because he thinks that maybe you just broke up with him, but you’re stuff is still there so he isn’t sure. He calls Papyrus, asking what he should do. You return home in the evening, and the moment you step through the front door, a crying Blueberry flies into your arms apologizing repeatedly and telling you how scared he was that you broke up with him. (I bet his tears is making you feel a bit guilty for being childish and ignoring his calls huh?) To make it up to you, he offers to be you personal slave for the whole week. 


It’s not like he “forgot” but the entire day, he’s basically out of it. He sleeps in until 2, goes outside for a smoke, napping, another smoke, then watches tv, but he’s really high from the weed. You try to get him to take you out somewhere like the movies or something, but he just says some dumb shit like “mooovie boobieess”. Thats when you realized that he’s incapable of doing anything tonight and you lock yourself in your room out of anger. When Stretch sobers up the next morning, he realizes that he missed the anniversary and knocks on your door, telling you how sorry he is and how he seriously messed up. When he receives no answer, he records himself throwing away all his packs and his stash in the trash can and burns them, sending it to you. When you see the video, you let him in and he wraps his long arms around you. He’ll make it to you by wearing a super cute and short maid outfit and allowing you to take pictures. 

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Alex seeing a prom on tv when she is little and wanting to dress like a princess and have a big party too so Lexa and Clarke set up 'mini prom' in their garden/house and invite all their friends' kids and Alex as Jake dance all night with their best friends and all the parents sit around crying over how cute their lil kiddos are. But it's a full on prom- meal,photographer,decorations the whole Sha-bang

“Momma will you dance with me?”
Lexa’s about to say she’s too old but Clarke nudges her and whispers “you’ll wish she’d ask you at her actual prom” and Lexa smiles and picks her up.
Flash forward years later and Alex gets ready a bit before her date arrives to pick her up and she taps Lexa’s shoulder and asks “Mom, wanna dance with me?” And Lexa grins and tears up a bit.

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Fluffy- Harry concepts: Can you imagine, how y/n tries to set up just the whole rush of 'Easter holiday' invitations and meeting the family and so on with creating the perfect meal. Like, cooking, decoration... and being done with everything on time. But she's all stressed and of course some things get messed up. And then, there's Harry, who has to calm her down, because it's the first big sort of holiday you two spend as a couple and he has to comfort her.

You’d be trying so hard to make everything perfect. Anne, Robin, Gem and your family are all going to be here in Harry’s house; all in one spot for the first time. And you’re terrified.

Harry catches you running around frantically for days, buying ingredients and checking recipes and cleaning the bathroom even after Harry’s only brushed his teeth.

“Love, will you relax? Everything’s goin’ to be fine. The house is spotless.”

“I can’t relax, Harry! Your entire family and mine are going to be here!”

“Well…your family loves you, yeah?”

“Of course.”

“Alright.” He comes a bit closer and places his hands on your shoulders. “An’ my family already loves you?”

“I guess…”

“And…” He wraps his arms around your waist and nuzzles his face into your shoulder. “I love yeh. Right? Y’know that?”

“Yes,” you sigh, relaxing into his hold.”

“Then I don’t know what you’re worried about, sweetheart.” He kisses your cheek. “Only thing that can happen is that we’ll all start to love you even more.”


4 Fun McDonald’s DIYs- School Supplies (Phone Case, Mini Pen & Eraser, Notebook)


Kylo x Lady of Ren!reader

• Being a completely badass political figure alongside of Kylo.

• Not force sensitive, but powerful as hell.

• Sometimes too afraid to go to Snoke, he’ll go to you for advice, especially if it deals with his morality.

• You don’t have time for anyone’s shit.

• You wearing dark ass gowns and stars in your hair.

• Kylo feeling even more powerful alongside of you.

• The both of you looking out from the main bridge aboard the Finalizer, inspecting every detail.


• Both of you creating a healthy dialogue between one another, usually being able to detect when the other is angry.

• Despite you not being force sensitive, you have a force bond, but it doesn’t lay a foundation for the love you share.

• When you get into arguments, you usually win.

• You don’t speak to him in private if he has his helmet on. You demand he take it off in your private quarters because that’s when you’re most intimate.

• Despite your political power, you’re also in charge of housekeeping. You make decisions about cutlery, meals, decorative items, and the well-being of the Knights and their families.

• You are also an ambassador and travel to different planets to exchange with First Order sympathizers.

• You’re the only person who can bring Kylo Ren to tears (and his knees) on demand.

Imagine Teruteru surprising you with an extravagant dinner on your birthday, filled of all your favorite foods and dishes he usually saves for extremely special occasions. It’s obvious he spent a lifetime of time and effort on such an amazing dinner, but he still hasn’t revealed the final part of the grand meal, a large, beautifully decorated cake made with only the utmost care and passion.

Inferior Se: the monk's inner libertine

Inferior Se is probably the craziest of the inferior functions. It can take people who are by nature recluses, monks, hermits, who could spend hours, days, weeks at home alone with their Ni, analyzing this world or constructing new ones, writing poetry or philosophy until their fingers bleed, contemplating the nature of existence, and turn them into raging party animals.

I am an INFJ 3w4. The enneagram matters. It means that I am more competitive and success-oriented, less emotional and more analytical, and more extraverted than most other INFJs. I feel most comfortable and most alive when in conversation with extraverts (albeit one-on-one or tucked away in a corner at a large party). So I don’t know that what I describe here applies to all INxJs or just the ones with a certain inner wild child.

When I was younger, in the grip of my inferior Se, I would indulge to excess. I would take sensual pleasure to an extreme. I would want to drive fast cars, hitchhike across continents, drink (or drug) myself under the table, eat the entire box of candy, smoke the entire box of cigarettes, sleep with all the wrong people, and dance on top of the bar with my ESxP best friends. All bets are off, throw all plans out the window, all caution to the wind.

The INxJ can access Se but it is very much a toddler. It doesn’t know its limits. It can burn very bright, very hot but only for a short while. it wants to be like those who use Se as a dominant or an auxilliary function and it tries to live there because living there feel more “normal” than being stuck in Ni at an age where your peers really aren’t that interested in your deep and weird abstract ideas. Extreme Se is a way to shut off all those things your Ni is seeing, but that either you shouldn’t say or you don’t yet know how to express or fashion into a form.

Inevitably I would collapse back into introversion, into Ni, because that’s where I actually feel most comfortable. That’s where I recharge. But the Se is so tantalizing, it took me a very long time, really until encountering MBTI, before I could see that cycle, understand why I could never be an extraverted sensor for more than a little while. That is inferior Se in an unhealthy, unbalanced or very young INFJ (and perhaps INxJ). 

Transmuting my inferior Se into something better required embracing first who I really was, living my Ni/Fe, and coming into better balance by integrating all of my functions.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to appreciate my Se. It’s no longer a sand pit or something I need to watch out for. I am basically a teetotaler. Rather than indulge, I enjoy. I take long walks in nature. I garden. I cook elaborate meals. I decorate and make things beautiful. Se helps keep me stay balanced and connected to the external world and to my own body, which is so important for dominant intuitives. We can, like no other, live in our heads to exclusion of food, water, sex. (Thank God breathing is an involuntary function.) I still need to make sure that I keep even this healthier form of Se in balance, that it is a hobby or a break, not a form of procrastination or avoidance.

I most enjoy Se when I combine it with Fe. I’ve learned that I have never really wanted to be the life of the party, but I enjoy planning the party. I like making my home, my garden, my kitchen for others, creating the environment, and then hanging back and watching everyone eat and enjoy.

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Christmas? I got you fam! Imagine the sumo friend group (sun/moon, lillie, hau, gladion) getting together for a small christmas party at the protags house. Lillie arrives early Christmas Eve from Kanto and helps you and Mom prepare the food while Hau comes over to taste test. Gladion shows up fashionably late and after the meal they decorate the tree and all sit around drinking hot cocoa (despite it still being hot af outside) and exchanging gifts. Got any present and reaction hcs for them?


I actually made this so long lmao sorry guys



- Burns himself right away because he can’t wait to drink the hot chocolate. Your gonna have to wait till it cools down to give it to him  bc he WILL, I repeat, WILL just chug this scalding liquid. Doesn’t matter if this is his 7th time doing this, he will do it every time. 

- Came with one of those goofy reindeer antler headbands - STRONG LEAD FOR CUTEST KID AT THE PARTY

- Wrapped all his presents in messy over-taped newspapers he had laying around b/c he completely forgot about wrapping them until last minute and didn’t have the time to go out and buy any before the party started



- More marshmallow than hot chocolate, like she dunked those marshmallows in Hau’s hot chocolate and then put them back in her own mug, puts whip cream on top of that too.

- Definitely thought you were supposed to show up an hour earlier than the invite said, so she helps Sun/Moon and their Mom bake up some of the last of the Christmas treats

- Her presents are wrapped up so neatly, with shiny, glittery color palettes and then wrapped around with a sheer ribbon and beautiful bow. Clearly spent time on every part of these presents and wrapping even.

- Is overwhelmed by the affection and amount of nice gifts, blushes and tries to hide her face b/c wow she might start crying from just pure embarrassment. Not sure why she’s embarrassed but makes sure to let everyone know after that she loves all her stuff and is very touched!


- Since it’s at their place, they have the privilege of having their own personalized cutesy christmas mug, but also has a set of reindeer mugs that they offer to share with everyone (this is b/c I also have a set of reindeer mugs…luv em…)

- Is 100% showing off their christmas treats they made (their mom made it lbr, but Sun/Moon Helped!!)

- Specially and thoughtfully picked out presents for everyone and had their mom help them wrap them up neatly with novelty christmas packaging ( like silly pikachu where the lightning decals are holographic - they picked those out specifically)

- Loves their presents!! Starts playing with them, or putting them up right away and giving their friends big hugs!!!


- Sipping on the same mug of cocoa all night, it’s basically just gross chocolate milk by the end of it but he also ate all the marshmallows out of it first thing and then serenely sipped on that cocoa 

- Bought thrifty gag gifts and wrapped them in coupons for the squad b/c he is broke for sure, and everyone loves them tho. Like, everyone genuinely loves them b/c they’re from him. (Mom is lovin the coupons too, stay thrifty ho)

- Tears up a little when he recieves so many gifts from people who chose to love him…Blushes and smiles A Lot, while trying to hide from Mom’s camera - unsuccessfully

Your Mom

- Drinking that cocoa straight from the green thermo that every parent insists on using to drink hot chocolate, but uses the lid as a quaint little cup to pace herself. Is also the cocoa provider

- Makes everyone wear Santa hats for at least one christmas picture, but then ends up loving the Look so much that she makes them keep them on the rest of the night.

- Loves the little home made christmas cards the kids made her, like so much, she wishes she could get these cards all the time!!!

- Like Google Earth, Always Takin Pics (makes a scrapbook out of all of them and sends those out instead of christmas cards)

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Poly! McHanzo headcannons/a Drabble please?

  • Hanzo would usually be the levelheaded one of the relationship, reminding the two when they’re taking things too far
  • McCree’s the one to remind them when they’re not living enough, to stop being so reserved and get out there!
  • Although the two are really different, they still share the same morals of justice and peace, and would share the same devotion to protecting their s/o
  • I don’t think there’d be any arguing over the s/o in the relationship either. Ok, maybe some, since these two will bicker from time to time, but not much
    • They trust each other enough that they know the other will keep their s/o safe no matter what
  • Their partner would have to be the tie breaker over any petty fights them have (like apartment decor, meal plans, money management) since both of them can be pretty stubborn over small things like that
  • Combinations of Asian and Southern food! McCree, stop putting tabasco on your udon! And Hanzo, wasabi does not go with pork!