Suuuuper Protein Green Smoothies in the prepping! 💚 #Paleo/#Whole30- approved, of course!! 😱😱😱 I’m so excited to try this!! 😆
Been cooking sides of protein to eat with my #simplegreensmoothies since Whole 30 doesn’t allow protein powder 😭 Torture, I know 😩 So I thought of something to add to these bad boys to save time in the morning! I hope it turns out yummy! If not, then pretend I never mentioned anything 😇
💢Result & exact recipe in next post!💢 (If it turns out yum 😂)
Goodnight, lovelies 🌙💤😴 #eatclean #mealprepmelly 🙆

My weekend was tooooo crazyyyy🎉🎶 Totally worth it though 😅 Best times with my best friends💜! Time to get back on track🙈!
Pictured: Fruit&veggie snack packs🍓, prepped green smoothies🍏. Main tupps contain: veggies🍃, curry💛, spag-squash🍝&mashed cauli🍚, zucchini lasagna🍆, eggies🍳, shrimpies🍤, reg&purp sweet pots💜🍠.

Smoothies of the week for the #greensmoothiechallenge (from my #mealprep)–
Pictured 1&3: Pineapple 🍍, spinach🍃, honeydew 🍈, watermelon🍉, kiwi💚, 1/8 of a banana🍌, & arugula.
2&4: pineapple🍍, spinach 🍃, grapes🍇, pear🍐, 3/8 banana🍌, arugula 🌿
💥I use a variety of green teas as my base 🍵& top smoothie w/ raw chia seeds ✨ #eatclean #simplegreensmoothies 🍹 @simplegreensmoothies 💚#mealprepmelly 🙆

🙋I’m here to keep it reallll, so this is pre-vacay and 5days post-vacay (respectively). Results of #howtogain10lbsin10days~🐷😇 Didn’t count macros or calories during my trip, because I wanted to enjoy every bit of my vacation😁. I did get up an hour early about 7-8 out of the 11 days to do plyo/full body HIITs before our days started since we didn’t have any gyms nearby. The first place I gain weight and last place I lose weight is my stomach, so it definitely shows😟, but it’s just the first week back to meal preps + gym, and I’m already feeling much better😌! That’s all that really matters to me💁. Just started a new training program by @shane__k, and it’s already kicking my a$$ because he gives zero fuxks about my jetlag + strugz 😭, but I suck it up and do it for the #gainz~ the end📖! #mevsme💃 #mealprepmelly 🙆 #iifym 🍴 #legday ♿️ #backday 👤 #armday 💪 #cardioday 🏃 #everythingday 😩 #TGIF 🎉

Whole30/Paleo Pumpkin Yellow Curry w/ Chicken & Shrimp!! 💛🎃🐔🍤😍
I was suuuuuper craving #curry lately so I decided to make some! Yes! #Paleo and #Whole30-friendly!!! 😱 I made wayyyy too much since it was my first time making it… aaand I eyeballed all the ingredients… #OOPSIES 😅 So here are some well-educated guesstimates 😇:
1/3C yellow curry paste 💛
1.5C light coconut milk 🍼
1 can organic pumpkin 🎃
1/4C unsweetened apple sauce 🍎
Diced chicken breast 🐓
Chopped baby carrots & zucchini 🌵
Boiled shrimp 🍤
💥Sauté paste over medium heat, add 1C coconut milk, mix well, add chicken, let cook, add rest of coconut milk, mix in pumpkin & apple sauce (adjust to taste). Add veggies (simmer until desired tenderness), add shrimp 😊👍
Served over cauliflower rice 🍚& spaghetti squash🍝 ☺ Yum! 😏 #eatclean #mealprepmelly #toomuchfood 🍴

Late prep last night, buuuut I gotta say, it’s worth all the work to see the progress @shane__k is making😳! I haven’t really noticed since I see him every single day, but I’m so soooooo proud of him for following my meal plan and eating every gram of my meal preps these past 4 months🍴. Still trusting me while his abs disappeared as I bulked him up🐷🐷🐷😹, and seeing them reappear looking better than he’s ever seen while cutting him down✂️✂️✂️🙀! Makes me love what I do~😸 #absaremadeinthekitchen 🍴 #absbymealprepmelly 😏 #mealprepmelly 🙆 #IIFYM 🔢 #TGIF 🎉 #compprep 👙 #flexfriday 💪 #turtle🐢 (at Turtle Kitchen)