A Big Brother's Duty (Closed RP)

“–And stay out, or I’ll tear you limb from limb!” Almkyrne shouted, shoving his brother behind him as he stared up at the indigo Entity sneering above them. “I mean it! I don’t care if you think you’re better than me!”

When the older girl finally turned around and stomped off (mumbling obscenities that he only pretended he didn’t hear), and only when, did Almkyrne turn to look at his brother. He sighed, biting his lower lip and bending down.

“Bist du in Ordnung?” he mumbled, reaching to ruffle Meallán’s hair. He despised when anyone even came close to his brother–damn it, damn it, he was the older brother and he had to protect him, even if he got hurt himself.

I really want to replay Inquisition with a ‘do everything’ goal but I think I also want to stream it so… may be looking at how to do that ffft.

I miss Meallan ;;