This is the last you have to see one of my favorite people in the world doing the #crossfitopen workouts.
7 months pregnant and killin it. #rolemodel #belikesarah #mealfitmom #mealfit #fitmom #crossfit (at CrossFit Mayhem)

Mealfit A Lifestyle Revolution

Mealfit A Lifestyle Revolution

This year is the start to the new us, my family is going to get in shape if it kills us, and doing what ever it takes to do so. Researching all of the diet and meal programs out there today, I happen to come across the Mealfit, a new state of the art diet plan and more.

MealFit is monthly meal-planning that includes menus that are built upon paleo, primal and southern-style cooking. A basic…

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"The worst thing we’ve ever done in society is we’ve explained an obese person as a macronutrient. We’ve called an obese person FAT…we need to be eating more fat in our diet….Its like trying to sell makeup to a girl and labeling the makeup ‘UGLY’." - Thomas Cox of mealfit 


20 minutes
20 seconds for each station.
10 seconds transitions

Here are stations.
✔️KB Swing

5 people workout.
Bust it when you are up. @tiffsdavidson @sarahpatteson @jspatteson @jt4jc7 #mealfit #crossfit (at MealFit HQ)



There is no doubt in my mind that these would make you a better person.
. #mealfit #paleo
Recipe is on the BLOG (at The MealFit Kitchen)

Picked up the new #MealFit delivery vehicle tonight when I stopped in @crossfittrussville with @andrew_rape and @candace_rape #truck #4wd (at CrossFit Trussville)

@jt4jc7 and I got to feed these college ladies a home cooked meal tonight. #mealfit pork chops. @lyshazel @codyjewell & @llcoolj16 (at MealFit HQ)

Raw Goats Milk for this chick and she is excited!

About 4 years ago we found out Johnna does not react well to store bought cows milk. As soon as we switched her to Raw Goats Milk all of those issues disappeared. Love this stuff. #mealfit #organic #offthegrid #rawmilk #farmtotable (at From Cookeville, Tennessee)