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💫Fajita bake💫

Stir fry 450g strips of beef, then put to one side. Stir fry one chopped onion and two chopped peppers till soft then add the beef back in. Add a tin of tomatoes and a shake of chilli powder and stir it all together.

Divide the mixture between 8 wraps, roll each one up and snuggle them next to each other in a baking dish.

I had 300mls double cream leftover in the fridge so I warmed it up and stirred a mountain of grated cheese into it till the cheese melted. Spread it over the top then baked the whole thing in the oven at 180C for 30 mins.

I make a lot of bakes similar to this because often the family all end up eating at different times and so it’s easy to have a big one-dish-meal for people to serve themselves as and when.

I moisturised did a face mask a hair mask exercised ate my meals and have an idea for my next writing project and deleted tinder and haven’t contacted my ex for 2 weeks and made an appointment to get my brows done tmr and IPL on Saturday I am on fire!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm gradually moving to veganism but I'm having issues with protein. My stomach isn't so good with beans or bean-products, or nuts (I love them, but they give me huge digestive issues, so I can't eat them regularly). But a lot of vegan sites list these as a big way to get lots of protein. Aside from tofu, what else can I use to get enough protein? Thanks!

Protein is actually really hard to be deficient in if you’re getting enough calories; it’s in just about everything. Some good sources for you might be lentils, chickpeas, oats, dark leafy greens, hummus, potatoes, sriram, whole grains, avocado, quinoa, rice, peas, spinach, lake, whole grain breads. You could also supplement with things like pea or hemp powder. It should be very doable for you, it will just take some minor adjustments. Just an example of a day might look something like:


Oatmeal, plain, 1 cup with 1 cup of oat/pea/hemp milk = 11 grams (depending on milk).


One cup of chickpeas with one cup of brown rice= 17 grams.


One standard size lentil burger: 25.8 grams.
One white burger bun: 4.0 grams.
One small serving of fries: 3.7 grams.

Total: 61 grams.

So as you can see that’s enough protein just from three simple, cheap and quick meals, not including any snacks, beverages or supplements, and from what you’ve told me that should fit in with your allergens. That’s just an example of course but it demonstrates how easy it is to get enough protein even on a restrictive diet or budget.


Serves 1 | 30 minutes

White rice ¼ cup
Coconut milk ½ cup
Cinnamon ½ teaspoon
Cardamom ½ teaspoon
Vanilla essence 2 teaspoons
Brown sugar 2 teaspoons
Tinned or fresh peach slices ½ cup
Coconut yogurt (optional) to serve

Boil rice with water following packet instructions until cooked.
Drain remaining water if necessary.
Add coconut milk, spices, vanilla and brown sugar and simmer until most of the excess liquid has evaporated.
Line base of baking dish with most of the peaches.
Pour rice mixture into baking dish and bake at 180C / 356F for about 7 minutes.
Top with remaining peaches and coconut yogurt.

I made this up this up on a day that I didn’t have class until the afternoon. The perfect lazy morning, especially for colder days. Rice, tinned coconut milk and tinned peaches are also pretty cheap so perfect if you’re a university student like me!