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a/n: in other news, my blog recently turned 1 year old and passed 1000 followers! Its not an impressive count, but its definitely a big achievement for me. I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone for following me, whether it was because your finger slipped on the follow icon or if you enjoyed my scenarios :)

“Y/N, it was amazing. Oh my god- remember that guy I went out with for three whole months?”

You laughed at the memory of Minji’s longest relationship, “You mean the guy with the perfect dick? Yeah I remember. You disappeared and resurfaced after two weeks. I mean, that much sex has got to be some kind of record.”

With Jae back in your everyday routine, you didn’t have enough time to hang out with Minji during the week. So the two of you reserved your Sunday for a girls’ day out with some shopping and food.

“This was better than that,” she said, enthusiasm buzzing through her voice as she talked to you about her latest conquest. “He was just- do you know that feeling when, when you see someone from afar and think that he’s one thing, but then you look up close to find just what you’re looking for?”

She expected some sort of understanding from you, but your puzzled look shut her up. “Never mind I’m being crazy.”

“Jung Minji- do you have actual feelings for a guy?” you asked, surprised but excited for your best friend. “Like romantic ones?” She laughed it off and walked away to find a distraction, filing through the closest rack of tops, but you pulled her back. “You have feelings for this guy!”

She looked into your eyes in complete denial, “Do not!”

“You totally do! Well, did you get his number?”

“Oh no, no, no. You never get the number of someone you just slept with,” she said, as if she were explaining a special set of rules for sleeping with strangers, “especially that late at night. He saw all my smudged makeup and my drunken slur and-”

“He left this morning, didn’t he?”


With all her crap out of the way, you saw her disappointment. Minji always pushed guys away and never looked to be involved with anyone. You never judged her for her preferences, but you wished she could experience love, too. To see her treated like that the first time she seemed to have feelings for a guy, you hurt alongside her.

“It’s going to be fine. You deserve more than that.” You put an arm around her shoulder, giving it a little squeeze. “Come on. Let’s go get some lunch!”

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WEIGHT LOSS TIP #5: Plan Ahead

PLAN YOUR MEALS (and snacks) FOR THE DAY AHEAD OF TIME, right down to the amounts and the number of calories you’ll be consuming. If you have an app like Fitbit or MyFitnessPal, it’s quite easy, but it will work even if you don’t. It helps because:

- If you use an app to see how many calories you’ve burned, you will see how much work you need to put in to exceed those calories.

- It’s using your guilt over what you’ve eaten in reverse. Ever have a binge and feel the massive guilt afterwards as you add up how many calories you’ve consumed? Seeing those calories ahead of time will help you stay on target, providing extra motivation not to tack on even more calories to the amount you’ve budgeted yourself for the day.

- It will help stabilize your metabolism, thus speeding it up. Have you ever heard that to boost your metabolism, you need to eat six smaller meals instead of three large meals? You are much more likely to do that when you already know what you’ll eat, how much you’ll eat, and where you’ll get it/have it on hand. You’ll also be less inclined to skip it out of fear you can’t afford the calories, since you’ll already know that it will fit into your total for the day.

- It will give your meals structure. You won’t be leaving your meals to chance, just to find out later you’ve consumed more calories than you wanted to. You’ll be more likely to pass up that doughnut, those cookies, or the caramel drizzle on top of your iced latte because it doesn’t fit in with the structure of your plan.

- You won’t feel deprived. So many diets are wrecked soon after they start because of how impossible it is to so strictly cut out your favorite foods. That can be avoided by including those foods from time to time in your daily meal plans. Working it in ahead of time will help you to see how much you can allow yourself to have and stick to it.

anonymous asked:

I saw a post claiming sticking to a breakfast-lunch-dinner meal structure was 'anti-science'. Reckon it's exaggerated to get clicks, but what _does_ science say on that either way?

Science really doesn’t care either way. 

There are people where ‘small, numerous meals whenever you feel hungry’ might be better. There are people where a strict timeline is better (if you already have problems with getting hunger/thirst signals from your body, having food at the same time every day ensures that you eat enough!).

Some people get terrible stomach aches from having a big breakfast, others need it. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and what is good for you might not be good for someone else.

For example I absolutely need sugar for breakfast so I tend to have a slice of cake or a small pastry. I know people who get terrible acid reflux from doing the same. Listening to your body, or a professional dietician who listens to and incorporates your personal needs is much better than blindly going after some post you saw on the internet. 

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I completely understand that veganism is not for everyone but also if you're vegetarian by choice and want to stay healthy, I recommend Indian recipes. They're generally more filling and more staple. Because a vast number of Indians like me are born vegetarian and hence our meals tend to be structured more balanced. It's honestly better than western vegetarian options.

Indian foods are the best.

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Can you please do an intake?

I think you sent this a couple days ago, but I think I’ll just write out what I generally ate yesterday in a read more :) I will say I’m not a role model for what to eat. I still have things I need to work on regarding eating adequately, and while I’ve been kicking BUTT lately with intuitive eating and challenging, I don’t want people to think that they should eat what I eat. We are individuals and this is just one example of one day! I generally eat more structured meals, too. Thanksgiving is a little different.

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id be vegan, but if it meant being as fat as you, I'll give it a miss

To be honest I am a FAT vegan, but I’m trying. Most vegans who eat a balanced meal structure actually benefit from losing weight.

But please don’t use me as an excuse to not go vegan, that’s just pointless.

Daily intake 1/15

- toasted whole wheat English muffin
- 1 tablespoon peanut butter
- ½ banana
- iced sugar free hazelnut soy latte

9:00 WORKOUT 45 min of Crossfit

*Protein Shake*
- 1 scoop VEGA tangerine protein powder
- 1 cup frozen berries
- 1 banana
- 1 cup light soy milk

*Protein Shake*
- 1 scoop VEGA vanilla protein
- 1 cup frozen berries
- 1 banana
- 1 cup light soy milk

*Cereal Bowl*
- 1 cup Kashi Go Lean cereal
- 1 cup soy milk

- ¼ cup almonds

*Veggie Salad*
- 3 cups romain lettuce
- 1 chopped apples
- 2 tablespoons slivered almonds
- sesame sees dressing (lite KRAFT)
- fajita style peppers and onions (my lovely friend Alex is an amazing cook and is always inviting me and others over for dinner. I provided the salad and she made a fajita bar)

- whole wheat toast with 1 tablespoon peanut butter

Calories 1,950
Fat 48
Sugar 121
Carbs 301
Protein 93

I’m feeling a strong sense that protein shakes are gonna start being my new thing. I just love them! I’m currently structuring my meals around the insanity meal guide and you only have the options for 3 meals….but I’m feeling like I want more! Haha