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Prompt/Summary: You’ve given the rest of the team nicknames, but Bucky wonders why you’ve never given him one.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: fluff, fluff fluffity fluff fluff

Word Count: 1197

Author’s Note:  Sorry Bluebird isn’t done.  So you get this instead.  I had a dance performance on Sunday and all of my evenings have been taken up by dance practice.  All done now, so back to writing. 

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Yo! I'm having a terrible day. May I request fluff with the Blackwatch boys?

I’m sorry this is late by a day or two but I hope you’re feeling better today!



  • Will cancel all his plans for that day to be with you if you’re upset
  • If you surprise him at work he’s canceling all his meetings and calls because his baby is here and he’s gotta use his time wisely
  • Works a lot so it’s hard to do the romantic/fluffy thing sometimes, so he takes complete advantage of he gets to
  • Loves to get you random little gifts, like a bracelet or a key chain or a really fancy cupcake from that expensive bakery downtown
  • When he goes on trips for work, he always brings back a memento for you, something that has to do with the town or country he went to
  • Always cooks when he’s home
  • Constant breaks during cooking to spin you around or sway with you in a dorky little dance because there’s always music going when he’s cooking
  • Gives you his undivided attention while you talk about your day
  • Undivided attention when you talk about anything tbh
  • Loves to take you out to show the world how gorgeous and perfect his partner is


  • He’s kind of a prickly dude
  • You’re the only person to makes him soften up a bit
  • Not really affectionate in public because he thinks he’ll get teased and stuff
  • There’s the occasional hand holding and kiss on the forehead though
  • Always watching out for you to make sure you don’t get into trouble or get hurt or get bullied
  • You’re always his priority
  • Doesn’t see you much during the day because of work but one of you always visits the other during the evenings/nights
  • Movies and cuddling until you both fall asleep
  • When you two are alone, he’s always smooching you and telling you how great and sweet you are and that he doesn’t deserve you
  • Almost always spoons while cuddling
  • The big spoon usually but doesn’t mind if you end up the big spoon sometimes
  • Falls asleep hanging onto you like it’ll save his life (it probably did at some point tbh)
  • Leaves you little notes or phone messages if he gets up and has to leave before you get up
  • If he’s gone on trips for work, he texts or calls (if he’s alone) you whenever he has free time


  • Lots of public affection because A) He’s so happy to have you and B) he wants to make sure people know that your his
  • Hella overprotective
  • Everyone knows your his
  • In private, he’s actually super awkward and flustered most of the time
  • Loves at-home dates because it’s just the two of you
  • He tries to cook but he’s kinda bad at it, so usually it ends up being takeout instead
  • He’s learning though; one day he’ll be able to make all kinds of meals for you
  • Literally his mission to do so
  • Loves being wrapped up in fuzzy blankets with you while watching oldie TV shows and laughing at them
  • Please kiss him at any time he l o v e s i t
  • He makes a few mistakes but he tries really hard
  • He’s doing great tbh
At Arm’s Length (Bucky x Reader)

200 followers?! You guys are so amazing! I didn’t cry.. what. 

Anyways… Got an adorable request for a Bucky x Reader! Sorry it’s late! Hope you guys like it!(:


Bucky shifted uncomfortably in his seat, rubbing his slightly shaking hands down the front of his dark wash blue jeans and lightly clearing his throat as he tried to sink into the plush cushions of the sofa he was currently sitting on. After two months of living in Avengers Tower Bucky had finally mustered up the courage to attend one of the teams weekly movie nights, and he was already beginning to regret it. 

The rest of the team looked fully at ease as they were scattered around the large living area passing around large bowls of popcorn, sipping on beer, and laughing with ease as they relaxed around their friends. Bucky swallowed thickly as he watched the team with wanting eyes. He wished he could relax like that. Let his guard down and rely on his teammates as friends instead of people simply stopping him from being the monster he truly was. 

But instead Bucky felt like he was looking at them all through the glass window of a swanky store. Seeing something he wanted with all his heart, but was never going to be able to afford himself. No matter how many missions he went on without a hitch, no matter how many training sessions he made it through without losing control, no matter how many dinners he sat through with a clear mind knowing he was safe… Bucky could never truly trust himself around these precious few who had welcomed him in with open arms, inviting smiles, and trusting hearts.

Bucky clenched his jaw and was about to stand up and storm off to his room when he was suddenly stopped by the weight of a pair of legs being thrown over his and a head propping itself lightly onto his left shoulder. 

Bucky tensed as he quickly inhaled through his nose, immediately placing the sweet scent that was tickling his senses. It was her. (Y/N) (Y/L/N). An assassin trained by the Black Widow herself, but (Y/N) had an advantage. She could read and manipulate people’s emotions which made her an indispensable asset on undercover missions. It also meant she was an extremely touchy feely kind of person. 

After spending all day manipulating and feeling other peoples emotions (Y/N) loved nothing more than to relax by getting as close as possible to people who radiated pure emotions. And ever since he moved into the Tower Bucky had been her go-to. From putting their chairs as close as possible during meals and mission briefings to practically climbing onto his lap whenever he graced the rest of the team with his presence in the living room (Y/N) always seemed to be getting into Bucky’s personal space. 

Bucky usually just pushed her gently to the side. Tried to put distance between himself and the beautiful fragile women he had grown to care for more than anyone else on the team. She was so pure and so trusting and he just couldn’t let her get close to him when he knew what he was capable of doing to her.

But damn if those few seconds when she dared to get close weren’t Bucky’s favorite. He could pretend for a few seconds that he could be normal and that everything could be okay. He could cherish her smooth skin against his. Feel the heat radiating off of another human. He could melt into the trust that rolled off of the deadly assassin like waves. But then he would remember. He would snap back into reality where she was too good to be tainted by him and he would do what he’s been doing to everyone else for months now. He would push her away, slowly breaking both their hearts in the process. 

Today would have been no different as Bucky gently picked her up and placed her on to other side of the couch, but instead of giving him a gentle and understanding smile as she usually did (Y/N) stood up and walked to the other side of the living room throwing herself onto someone else’s lap. Steve’s lap.

Steve automatically wrapped one of his strong arms around his friend as he could (quite literally) feel her radiating sadness. Steve looked down to ask her what was wrong but she simply tucked her face further into his chest. This only confused the super soldier more before he caught the murderous stormy grey gaze of his best friend across the room. 

Everyone knew how Bucky and (Y/N) felt about each other. Her always snuggling up close and him always watching her with protective eyes. It was cute, if not infuriating. And it was something Steve definitely did not want to be in the middle of

Everyone else around the room had quieted down as they could feel the tension simmering between the two friends over the curled up assassin who looked close to tears in Steve’s lap. The only sounds to be heard were the voices of the buddy cops bickering on the TV screen. 

Steve swallowed as he slowly lifted his arm from (Y/N)’s frame and looked around the room for backup from his other teammates. Everyone else, however, simply shook their heads or looked away, knowing full well Bucky’s feelings for the women currently comforting herself in Steve’s embrace, and did not want to get involved.

Bucky stood up from his end of the couch and walked over to the recliner Steve was sitting in. The rest of the Avengers watched with baited breath, wow this was better than the movie, as Bucky stood towering over his best friend who looked too stunned to speak. Bucky’s fists were clenched so hard Steve was afraid his metal hand would dent, but before he could think about that any further Bucky hastily, but gently, picked up (Y/N) from Steve’s arms and held her close to his chest. 

(Y/N)’s head snapped up to look at Bucky, but he wasn’t looking at her. Instead his gaze was set ahead as he carried her back to his previous spot on the couch and clutched her closer to his body, not allowing her to move. 

“Buck?” (Y/N) looked at the soldier with confused eyes. He had been avoiding her for months and now he was holding her like she was his life line and if he let go he was going to waste away (something Bucky wasn’t entirely too sure wouldn’t happen). 

Her breath caught as Bucky finally looked her in the eyes. His eyes looked so vulnerable she couldn’t speak.

“I’m sorry,” Bucky whispered back, voice raspy, trying not to break. 

“Why?” (Y/N) couldn’t figure out why Bucky would need to apologize. She was the one who had been pushing his boundaries, forcing him into positions he might not be comfortable with. 

“For keeping you at arms length when all I’ve wanted is to hold you close.” It wasn’t clear who moved in first, but somehow their lips became connected and didn’t separate until a loud “Finally!” rang throughout the room.

(Y/N) and Bucky broke apart quickly, blushes gracing their faces before Bucky picks her up once again and starts walking out of the room away from their nosy teammates. “I think we’ve wasted enough time already, doll.”


Steve blew the silver whistle hanging from his mouth signaling the newest recruits to take a quick break. They all collapsed on the training room ground, chugging from their water bottles and looking around as the superheroes around the gym trained with ease.

“Dude is that the Winter Soldier?” 

“Better yet is that Inclination…cuddling into his side?!” 

All the recruits looked on with wide eyes as (Y/N) hugged Bucky around the waist as he paused between sets of pull ups and gave him a quick peck on the lips before he pulled her closer and rubbed his nose against hers as she giggled.

“How long does it take before I can do that?”

Steve laughed as he over heard the recruits and stopped them from getting too much further into their fantasies. “I wouldn’t try. Touch Buck and you’ll get ripped to shreds, not even I can save you.”

Clint gave a shiver as he walked by and added, “Touch (Y/N) and even God can’t save you.”


Oh golly geez! I am so sorry this took so long and the end is kinda awkward! My family decided to build/move into a new house so I’ve been kind of busy with that but… I hope you liked it!

As always Requests, Ships, and Preferences are OPEN!

Imagine that you receive a head injury during a mission and are put to bed rest. Avengers are still on that mission and the only other person in the tower besides you, is Loki. And a nurse, who visits you once a day.

You’re not allowed to rise from the bed, but you do so anyway because you’re kinda afraid to ask Loki for help (he only recently arrived at the tower). However he is low key worried about you, and even more so, when he sees you get dizzy and lose your balance because you’re up, and in turn gets mad at you and tells you to stay in bed. Although reluctantly at first, you do as he says and let him help you with everything and anything. He brings you meals, helps you walk to your bathroom, reads to you, when you’re bored and just stays around, when you’re asleep to make sure you’re okay. He’s the first and last thing you see each day, because every time you awake, he’s already in your room and sometimes you wonder if he even left. Due to the time you have spent together, you get very close and grow feelings for each other.

Vanish in the Dark Pt 2

Pairings: None at the moment(Still got nothing.)

Warnings: Language, talks of killing people, but nothing graphic

Word Count: 1400+

Summary: Assassin’s Creed AU and Marvel AU crossover.  The Brotherhood has spent years hiding in the shadows keeping the Templars in line as the years pass on. When the Templars company Abstergo Industries strikes up a deal with Hydra, things have to change. The Brotherhood decides to step out of the shadows, reaching out for the help of the Avengers. What could go wrong?

A/N: I ended up rewriting this part like a half a dozen times, the first few edits were pretty flat. While I had trouble with this part, I think I’ve figured out the rest of the story. Now it’s just a matter of putting it down into words. That being said I hope you guys like this part! Also liking and rebblogging also helps me know if i should keep going. Thank you guys!  ❤️

Once again, the gif is not mine, credit to the owner.

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*Part One* | *Part Three*

“Are they on the move?”

Aubree popped her gum, lowering her binoculars as she watched the two sets of black SUVs pull away from the compound. She waited until the two disappeared around the corner of the long drive way, making sure that there weren’t any other SUVs pulling away. She tapped the com in her ear, turning the mic on.

“Yep. Just left. Cap, Stark, Widow, The Solider, the Witch, and Birdman all went with.”

“No one else?”

“Nope, that’s it.” She stood in the tree, tucking the binoculars in a hidden pocket of her jacket.

“Good. Go ahead and head out. It’ll take you a few hours to get here.” Aubree rolled her eyes, knowing that from the drive up here.

“Mm, four and half hours on a motorcycle. Joy. So glad I was the lucky one that drew the short straw from the bunch.”

“Don’t sass, Bree. Make sure you let us know when you pass the message along too.” Y/N rolled her eyes, use to Aubree’s attitude. 

Aubree just huffed a laugh, and begin to move from tree to tree. The sensors worked only on the ground for some odd reason, programmed to set off only when someone stepped on the hard soil. After having found a way through all their security measures in the system, the Brotherhood found that flaw in the compounds surveillance. The skies were covered, as well as the surface of the ground, camera’s watching from nearly every angle. Yet, for some reason, Stark never thought of the trees surrounding the compound. Perhaps he never figured someone would jump from branch to branch to breach the building. Aubree didn’t care either way, it made getting in much easier than they’d thought. 

“Alight, alright. I got it.” She moved effortlessly through the forest, hardly glancing at the branches as she followed the same path she took to get to her perch. “I’ll let you know when I’m a half an hour from the location. Tuning off.”

Y/N nodded, clicked the com off, knowing that when Aubree would need them, the thing would beep incessantly until someone answered. Y/N turned back to the window in front of her, watching from the hotel across the street of the press conference. It wasn’t meant to start until tomorrow morning, but they were still going to watch the building from afar. Clark and Heath were already scouting the area, looking for the openings and blind spots. If they were right, the press conference would be held outside in front of the building, in the courtyard. Abstergo for some reason had to show off to the public, which only made this easier for them.

Mentally ticking the check boxes, Y/N went over what was happening tomorrow. The target wasn’t one of the speakers, instead it was one of the Templar sponsors of the program, a high paying sponsor at that. He would be seated towards the side, and if all went to plan, would be the easiest target. The perfect candidate to get their point across. Y/N was well aware the Avengers wouldn’t want a death on their hand either. As much as it might make things difficult, the Brotherhood was not going to allow the reputation of the Avengers be tarnished during this mission. So planting the weapon that was to be used on another of the sponsors, a Hydra sponsor, would need to happen in the short five minutes during the distraction. It would deflect the Avengers and the Brotherhood off the blame, and would cause a bit of unrest between the two groups. It might not stop them from going forth with their plan, but it might cause them to rethink working with one another.

A knock at the door pulled Y/N from her thoughts. Her body tensed, instincts kicking in at the soft rap against the thin hotel doors, She moved silently, her hand running along the bracers on her wrist that contained the hidden blade. Fashioned into a leather bracelet, the thin blade was hidden until needed, extending from several small segments to create one long blade. More gadgets were crammed into the bracelet, and Y/N was always figuring out the different hidden qualities it had. She hardly ever took it off, and would always be found running a hand along the cool leather. Looking through the peep hole, she let out an annoyed growl and yanked the door open.

Heath and Clark both stood there sheepishly, grinning widely at their annoyed leader on the other side of the door. Y/N raised a brow at the two.

“Don’t tell me you lost your key.” Heath had the audacity to blush, while Clark coughed into his hand.

“I didn’t lose it, exactly.”

A snort behind Y/N caused her to turn. Victoria stood at the end of the room, a small envelope in her hand. She narrowed her eyes at them, and clicked her tongue. “No, they just didn’t grab it before they left.”

Y/N groaned and stepped away from the door, letting the two men in the room. Victoria threw the plastic cards that them. Clark let out a yelp, fumbling to catch the envelope.

“You both are idiots. I’m surprised either of you haven’t died yet.”

Heath let out a noise in protest. “Hey now! It’s been a while since we’ve been out on a mission. We got excited!”

Victoria rolled her eyes. “You better not let that mess with your heads tomorrow.”

The two heaved out a sigh and settled on the couches in the living room of the the large room, while Y/N walked back to her spot by the window. She ignored the three as they bickered, knowing that when it came down to business, they’d put their differences aside. It was just from being cooped up in this room for too long. They were the best of the best, and the reason why Y/N picked them for such an important mission. She watched the people walk in and out the building, the groups of helper slowly setting up for the conference tomorrow. Y/N hoped the Avengers wouldn’t do anything rash. If they stepped up before it was time, then it would lead to a whole set of issues she wasn’t ready to handle. Y/N and her group could adapt, they’ve managed before. But that quickly because a ‘leg incident’ and she wasn’t ready to deal with the aftermath of a mission like that again.

“Alright, you.” Victoria’s voice pulled Y/N from her thoughts. She turned around, looking at the tall blonde who had stepped up to her side. Victoria smile gently at her friend, seeing that Y/N was stewing in her thoughts again. She would always get like this before a big mission. Too focused, worried to the point where she couldn’t sleep. Victoria had to bring her back, to pull her from her rut she was in. “Let’s get something to eat. You’re sinking in too deep.”

Y/N would argue, but she knew Victoria was right. Nodding she stepped away, knowing that nothing was going to change until tomorrow morning. She wouldn’t be much help working everything over and over in her head. She hated to admit it, but she knew she worried to much. Y/N couldn’t help it. These were her brothers and sister, if one thing went wrong, she could lose one of them.

Nodding stiffly, Y/N turned away from the window, grabbing her navy and red hooded jacket. She tapped a button hidden on the sleeve, turning the fabric a light grey and gold. Motioning for the group to follow she led them out to the hall.

“Let’s go eat. Heath’s buying this time.”  Y/N smirked at the shout of protest. Clark reminded Heath about the bet he lost last week. He would pay for all the meals on the next mission. And all three of them were ready to order more than necessary. The waited for the elevator, Victoria babbling on about a new movie she wanted to see while in town, while both men rolled their eyes. 

“I’m allowed to want to watch a romantic comedy every once and a while, you dicks.” She snapped when Heath muttered something under his breath. Y/N just shook her head as she stepped in the elevator, watching the door close in front of her. This was why she cared so much. They were normal people, who were willing to fight in a battle bigger than any of them. She would protect them at all cost.

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Missions with the Demigods

It’s long so the rest is under the cut!

-Admin Lana

Cabin Zeus:

  • The children of Zeus usually assume roles of leadership and take the head when it comes to leading the group. The other demigods trust their sense of judgement.
  • Daichi and Ushijima sometimes argue with each other on who is the leader which usually leads to a group being split into different task forces.
  • They are great at fighting from a distance because it gives them space and time to summon lightning or manipulate the weather to do their bidding.
  • Since Daichi has the ability to fly he normally does the scouting for the team.
  • While they do have weapons such as swords, Daichi and Ushijima find their powers to be much more effective.

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A Mother’s Touch

Author’s Note:

Written for @meldy-arts, even though I can’t follow instructions well enough to do purely angst XD

Anyways, based off of Meldy’s AU where Ezra loses an arm. This would take place very recently after that event.

Shall we begin?

Three weeks.

It had been three weeks since Ezra had lost his arm. Three weeks since he screamed hysterically in a half drugged straight, clawing at the arm that no longer was there. Three weeks since he lay helpless on a hospital bed, doctors and surgeons working tirelessly to attach the new arm he had.

And it had been three weeks since Hera had seen Ezra.

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I’m Yours

Summary:  Post Season 1, everyone is okay, but they come back one by one, or in Lance and Hunk’s case, in a pair. Shiro and Keith get split up and Keith is the last one to make it back and hugs the life out of Lance when he finally makes it back.

Word Count: 3536

Notes: Ok, if you don’t know, the song is I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. And the scene comes from a piece of art by @thesearchingastronaut and seriously, give them a follow, their art is amazing guys! Leave a comment and some kudos and I’ll love you forever, hope all of you enjoyed!

On AO3

Honestly, everything could fall apart right now and Lance wouldn’t care. They were all alive and just…everything was okay. Shiro was still with them, Pidge was no longer alone, and he had just spent another month alone with Hunk while they found their way back. And Keith?


Lance found himself grinning ear-to-ear thinking about the hug that Keith crushed him in as soon as he exited his lion. Like, it was a long time ago that Lance came to terms with his feelings for Keith (even with the mullet) and okay, this was a mature decision for him, but he decided to wait for Keith. That month with Hunk turned into some kind of confession, a month long confession.

Hunk wouldn’t leave him alone about how Lance, who challenged Keith to damn near everything, had an irrevocable crush on the guy. Hello? Did anyone see the way Shiro was upset about Allura? Lance couldn’t take it anymore.

But when Keith came running at him nearly squeezed the life out of him, Lance melted. He hugged Keith back with just as much force, Keith had only held on more.

“It’s good to have you back, Keith,” Lance muttered.

“I…I thought I lost you guys forever…” Keith’s hands were clawing at his shirt. Lance and Hunk were the second pair to make it back to the castle, right after Pidge. Both Pidge and Hunk came up with a pretty ingenious way on how to find the castle again, Lance was lucky to be with Hunk, or else he would still be flying around searching.

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Harold counted his breath. They were betrayed. He was sure of it. They were abandoned by people they worked for, devoted to, even, for unknown reasons that didn’t really matter. Slower. Count to eight. Good. No, it’s not. The CIA used them and then discarded them all at their convenience. It’s not right.

Reese was a good man. Harold could recognize a good person when he saw one, because he was nothing near that. He knew too well what he could do with his abilities and resources, only if he gave up, and let himself free. That’s why humanity was flawed in nature. Whether he liked it or not, he was one of them. That’s why he made those rules.

At its core, the Machine was only an assembly of functions of collecting, calculating, and tactical decision making. But given rules, it could bring positive influences into this world. Reese was the opposite of it. On the outside, everything about him was dark and lethal, but deep in the heart, he carried a consciousness that defying rules, in his bones, imprinted his human will to protect others.

Harold read deeper into Reese’s file; his time in the CIA, in the army, and before that. Everything. Harold read them all and considered about this world’s unfairness.

Nathan was a good man; he was brave and noble enough to do something about the list. And he was dead. Grace was precious, and despite what she had been through, she gave Harold her patience and trust, allowing him to take his time. And Harold gave her a lie that would never be lived into a version of truth she deserved, in which he was worthy, and she was happy. His father deserved those memories. They sat side by side on the night of Mom’s funeral. They spotted a yellow bird with elegant black and white stripes, and dad smiled when Harold said ‘Carduelis tristis.’ The moment Harold showed off his first machine. In the end, Dad would only remember him as a traitor because those government men said so. Dad would be sad until his mind blurred into a mess again.

There should have been better lives for them. There should be a better life for a man like Reese, and the man before he had become Reese. Oh, yes, not everything was meant to be fixed. But how could that be considered okay? Why couldn’t people get fairer things? How could he live knowing that someone out there needed help? Even when the Machine didn’t send him this number, it didn’t mean he should step aside.

He kept watching. Then, he was in the middle of setting up a new ID based on what he’d learned about Reese. He had done this several times, building a new dimension to expand life, to hide, to stay alive.

The idea of combining helping Reese and helping himself with numbers came later. That man deserved more than surviving; he needed a purpose, and Harold could give him that, too. But he had sworn not to bring anyone into his solitude cave. He had determined not to mess up with people’s lives.

Until one day the alarm software informed him that Reese was taken to the police station. He activated the plan and arranged a meeting. He offered him the job. Naturally, Reese refused. Understandable. Option B sat in his pocket. He could always give it to Reese. He just wanted to try once more.

He took the job.

All things considered, including those pulls and pushes at the beginning, their partnership went better than expected. He never realized he missed human interactions until he regained one, a constant in his life, not those short and temporary ones with numbers which often ended up in despair. It was only natural that they expand it to other spheres. They drank their hot beverages together, discussing a case or in silence. They shared their meals, during a mission or not. They spent most of their awake times beside the other, wondering about what did it mean, or not.

He should keep a distance. He was trying to help, not to steal time and attention, and caring, even, from this man. It was also too dangerous. He couldn’t bear another loss again.

Despite it all, it still hurt when Reese quitted the job.

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Ok Lillian, I hope you get through whatever negative vibes are in your life, and though it may not seem like it because we’re online, you DO have a bunch of people who love and care about you. Ok ok how about a Logan hc where you cook him a big meal after a strenuous mission?

Thanks trust me, I know you guys care, that’s what makes me want to do Sleepover Saturday in the first place.

Whenever I think about big meals my mind always goes to the Sunday dinners my mom use to make… (my mom’s not dead, she just stopped making sunday dinners)

Big dinners mean soul food

He keeps you company in the kitchen, even if he’s not particularly helpful.

He’s a good taste tester because soul food isn’t made with measurements, it’s made with the senses. He’s great at telling by smell and taste if something has the right flavor long after you’ve lost your ability to differentiate because you’ve tried so much.

Logan doesn’t go on about how tired he is, it’s not in his nature. Instead, he complains about Summers and talks about how great you were on the mission. He might also rebuke you for being too reckless.

When the food is done he eats so much that he feels like he’s going to pass out right at the table. You smile knowing he’s good and full. You might offer to clean up so he can lie down.

Logan never takes you up on that offer. He helps you clean up (there are no leftovers only dirty dishes).

~Mod Lillian

Somewhere Under The Rainbow (Bucky x Reader)

Got a super awesome request from an anon asking for one half of the couple to have the mindset of John Meyer’s Stop This Train lyric “I’m not colorblind I know the world is black and white” and the other half to be Taylor Swift’s Out of the Woods lyric “The rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color”. I hope you like it! If not please feel free to request again!


Bucky could see colors. He could see the green grass of Central Park when he went to clear his mind. He could see the dark brown wood of his bedrooms floor as he stared at the ground before finding the motivation to get up in the morning. He saw the red blood of his friends and enemies run together on the battle fields. He saw a lot of red.

But there wasn’t meaning to these colors. To Bucky everything was just black and white. There wasn’t a joy to be felt in the green grass, a comfort to consume him from the warm dark brown wood, not even a sadness to be mourned at the redness of the blood he saw on an almost daily basis.

It wasn’t that the world was colorless, just that the colors were meaningless.


You, however, were a different story.

When you were younger you had been injected with an experimental serum that had made you go colorblind, but in return you were able to see into the future. Fury had found you reading palms and predicting people’s futures in a rundown building in your small hometown. When he asked you to join the Avengers shortly after the Battle of Sokovia you didn’t hesitate to say yes and were soon a vital member of the team.

You got along great with most of the team. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming, but sometimes their requests could get overbearing. Tony and Bruce were always asking how much of certain chemicals to use in their experiments, Pietro was always asking if he was going to get caught if he tried to prank someone, Clint always asking which team he should bet on. Honestly sometimes it got a little overwhelming.

That’s when you would turn to Bucky.


For some strange reason you never had visions when you were around Bucky. Even when you had first met and you tried to look into the future to see if you two would become friends all you had gotten was static.

At first you had been kind of frightened, and had tried to stay as far away from the assassin as possible, but over time you found yourself gradually gravitating towards him during times of stress.

Bucky had at first been on edge around you. He couldn’t remember all of his past so he sure as hell didn’t want to know about his future. That’s why when you first started shadowing him around the tower a few months after you had joined the team he would panic and go lock himself in his room until he was sure you had left. Yeah it might seem childish but when someone who could see into the future was following you around it either meant you were probably about to die, or worse, she was trying to be friends.

So that’s how it went for a few months. Bucky trying to mind his business and you just popping up unannounced to ruin his perfectly good mood. At least that’s how it was until the Library Incident.


Bucky was flicking through an atlas in the towers library when he heard a thud! and some mumbled curses a few aisles away. His head snapped up and his eyes narrowed when he finally placed the voice. He quickly snapped his book shut and started storming over to the aisle you were hiding in.

“Why do you keep following-?!” His voice quickly trailed off when he saw your eyes were red and puffy, and you had a look on your face that showed you had truly believed you were alone.

“I’m sorry!” You sniffled and quickly brought your hands up to wipe the tears that were trailing down your cheeks. “I didn’t mean to be loud or disturb anyone. I-I can leave.” You hiccupped in the middle of  your sentence as you bent down to pick up the book you had accidently dropped on the tiled floor.

Bucky stood there awkwardly as you put the book back on the shelf and tried to move around him so you could leave without further embarrassing yourself. “Wait! Um… (Y/N)… Are… Are you ok?”

You whipped around to give Bucky a skeptical look. He looked sincere (uncomfortable but sincere) as his eyes flickered between making eye contact with you and looking anywhere else. “I.. Yeah, Bucky I’m fine.” You willed your lips to twitch upwards as a sign of being alright, but now that Bucky was truly looking at you there was no denying it. You were about to leave and pray Bucky wouldn’t go tell anyone he had found you crying in the library when his voice stopped you short once again.

“(Y/N)! I was just about to go to Central Park for a little bit. You could maybe join me if you want?”


A trip to Central Park had been just what you needed. Bucky listened to you rant and rave about how all anyone wanted to talk about with you was the future. He said he could sympathize because people only wanted to talk with him about the past. Most of your walk was shrouded in silence but every once in a while someone would start a conversation.

When Bucky finally got to ask why you had been following him all this time you almost laughed. “No it’s not because you’re going to die,” you assured him with a genuine smile lighting up your face, “It’s because I can’t see when I’m with you.”

“Can’t see?”

“Yeah like the future and stuff. With everyone else I’m always getting these random flashes about what’s going to happen to them later on, but with you? I can’t even tell you what you’re going to eat for dinner.” You went silent as Bucky had a thoughtful look on his face. His eyebrows were knit and his head was tilted slightly.

“And that’s a good thing?” He finally looked up and asked you after a few minutes.

“Yeah,” you breathed out, giving him a large smile. “It’s a really good thing.”

After that you and Bucky were practically inseparable. At first it was daily walks to Central Park, then sitting together during meals, then requesting missions together, and then once in a blue moon one of you would sneak into the others room after a bout of bad dreams. But it was never anything serious. Just friends. At least that’s what you had to keep telling yourself.


“BUCKY!” You were being held back by Natasha and Clint as they wheeled Bucky away on a gurney towards surgery. “Let me go I have to go make sure he’s ok!”

“(Y/N) they have to take care of him. He’ll be fine.” Natasha pulled you into a tight hug as you started subbing.

“Where is Steve?” Your eyes flashed as you pushed yourself out of Nat’s embrace so you could look her in the eyes.

“(Y/N) I-”

“Where. Is. Steve?” You were growling at this point. You had a bone to pick with the super soldier and no one was going to get in your way.

“He’s getting checked out in room 522,” Clint spoke up from behind you. You didn’t even turn around to say thanks as you stormed off to find the man who had put Bucky into danger.

“Whoa!” Steve jumped in surprise as you threw open the door to his hospital room. “What’s going on?”

“This is your fault!” You shouted as you stormed over to the Captain who was now standing up and holding his hands up in surrender.

“What are you talking about?”

“Bucky! He’s hurt because of you!” You accused Steve and jabbed a finger at his chest.

“Hey! Now that’s not fair!” Steve grabbed your wrist so you couldn’t poke him anymore. “You told me we would be fine!”

“No Steve! I told you that you would be fine! I never said anything about Bucky!” Tears were starting to pool in your eyes again. “I never said anything about Bucky.” Your voice cracked as you leaned into Steve’s chest and starting crying again.

“(Y/N) he’s going to be ok. I’m sorry,” Steve placed a strong hand on the back of your head and another around your shoulders to give you a reassuring hug. He really needed Bucky to be ok. You both did.


“(Y/N)?” Bucky’s voice was hoarse and scratchy. His eyes were struggling to stay open against the harsh lights of the hospital room.

“Bucky?” Your breath rushed out of your lungs as you hopped out of the chair you had been trying to get comfortable in for the past four days. “Bucky are you ok? Are you in pain? Do you want me to call the nurse or the doctor or get Steve-?”

Bucky gave a small laugh as he looked up at your worried face. “I could use a cup of water?”

“Yeah!” You almost knocked over the bedside table and the pitcher of water on it you were shaking so badly. “Here you go.”

“Thanks.” Bucky quickly drank the glass of water before giving it back to you for you to place it back on the table. Before you could ask if he needed anything else though he grabbed your shaking hands in his warm steady ones. “Why are you shaking so bad? I’m the one in the hospital.”

His attempt to lighten the mood only made tears start spilling out of your eyes as you finally realized he was going to be ok. “James Buchanan Barnes you scared the hell out of me!” You threw your arms around his neck and you could feel his arms wrap around your waist.

“(Y/N) I’m fine.”

“But we didn’t know if you would be!” You argued as you stood back up. “The doctors didn’t know and I couldn’t see!” You swallowed hard as you stared deep into Bucky’s eyes. “Bucky you’re the one person I’ll never be able to know is safe. I’ve never been so worried in my entire life.”

“It’s (Y/E/C)” He was staring at you with an intensity you had never known he possessed.

“What?” Your eyes flickered to the monitor beside his bed thinking it would tell you why he wasn’t making any sense.

“(Y/E/C)”  He repeated. “That’s my favorite color. You asked me the day before I left on my mission with Steve, but I was scared to answer.”

“Why?” You couldn’t talk above a whisper. You weren’t sure if you were asking why he was scared or why it was his favorite color. You just wanted to know why.

“I was scared you would know I only started paying attention to colors after I met you. Your eyes are the only thing that convinced me that the world wasn’t black and white.”

You couldn’t contain yourself anymore. You pressed your lips to his in a heat of passion and even though the angle wasn’t ideal the kiss was perfect. And that’s when you finally saw Bucky’s future. In every scene was him with you. You two holding hands, curled up together on the couch, carrying moving boxes into a small house, and the last thing you saw before your lips separated was Bucky standing tall and proud beside a priest as you walked towards him wearing a beautiful white dress.

“(Y/N)?” Bucky’s voice made you snap your eyes back open. He had a tender smile on his face and you just noticed his hand was cupping your cheek.

“I saw you,” you told him. An undertone of giddy excitement could be heard behind your breathlessness. “Your future! I finally saw it!”

“Oh yeah?” Bucky’s smile only grew as he saw your eyes light up with excitement. “What did you see?”

“I saw us. In a world of screaming color.”


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There Is No Honor Among Thieves

Lou inserted his hand
Glutted with cash
Through the cracked window
Into the dark body
Of the vehicle.
He could see the dashboard lights
Reflecting off his pasty fingernails.
He felt something grab his wrist,
Moist and cold. Several blows
Descended on his fingers
Which caused him to drop his cash
And retract his hand. The car drove off
Cash in tow.

Lou rubbed his fingers
And walked away
Angry and lonely.

He spent the new few days
Seeking out the culprits.

They reunited
A week later
At the mission
During meal time.

Lou approached,
Shaking with anger,
Waving his bandage hand
In their faces.

A shouting match ensued,
Until a shelter worker
Broke up the skirmish
Separating the combatants
To opposite ends of the room.

They met again outside the mission,
Lou was being escorted
By the shelter worker.

He stopped and asked,
“Why’d you do it man?
Why did you rip me off?”

The main robber took a drag
Off his cigarette,
He blew the smoke
Into Lou’s face.

“There is no honor among thieves,”
He said and they walked away
To a neighboring park.

@brandnewfashion wanted something domestic. So  here is a brief post-battle routine. No plot, no angst, no porn. 


The Quinjet touched down without even a bump and Steve silently thanked everyone involved that Carol had gotten to the controls before Clint or Peter. Neither was a bad pilot, necessarily, but neither was an especially gentle one either. And they were all banged up enough as it was.

“All right, good job team.” He waved them on as the doors opened, gestured the rest of the team out ahead of him. “Debrief in the morning, I think we could all use the down time.”

Clint groans as he levers himself up out of his seat. “I love you, man.”

Jess Drew elbows past him as he stretches. “Stop blocking the aisle, birdboy. There is a hot tub with my name on it and you’re slowing me down.”

Tony, who has been sitting with his head on Steve’s shoulder for the last three hours and made no move to sit up yet, makes a nearly obscene sound. “Hot tub.”

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Imagine yourself and Tony had just finished a really rough mission, instead of going back to the base like you should yourself and him stop off at Burger King and sit on some grass in your hero’s costumes eating the well-deserved meal. Which turns into Tony asking you on a proper date. (Y/S/H/N)= Your Super Hero Name

“Good job, (Y/N)” Tony landed next to you, both of you a little out of breath and you hold a thumbs up, bodies of HYDRA agents all around you and you stand up straight and let out a long groan. A robotic chuckle is sounded next to you, you flip him off as you stretch the aches, tender muscles and bones cracking inside you. 

“I need food, sleep and a shower, not in the order” you tell him through the comms as you walk to the quinjet, he muttered something in agreement as you got on and Tony stood still in the suit but without the mask, you chuckled lightly as you walked over to him, high-fiving one another. 

“That was quick, Tony” he chuckled and shacked his head, the door opened to reveal a parking lot, a small parking lot but still… a parking lot. You both stepped out, you still in your cat-suit that was much like Natasha’s only a deep purple colour, Tony still in his Iron Man suit. 

“Burger King is my favourite” he points to the fast-food place, walking towards the door, he held it open for you as you walked in; everyone turned to look at you as you both walked to the counter, bruised and limping slightly you stand and wait. You chuckled at how you both must look, it caused Tony to chuckle with you, eventually, you get to the front and order your favourites before walking out with the bag of food. 

“Steve is gonna pissed” you mutter, biting into your burger as you sat on some grassy hill overlooking the parking lot, the press were taking pictures of you both along with bystanders. Tony shrugged from beside you.

“We deserve this,” he tells you “We just took down a base by ourselves, just me and you, we deserve at least ten of these,” he tells you, you look at Tony and chuckle at him, he turns and looks at you.

“Where did you pull those glasses from?” you asked and he laughed alongside you, the wind messing up both of your hair, neither of you cared as you sipped the ice-cold drink “I can already guess the headlines” you mutter with a smile nodding to the press “Iron Man and (Y/S/H/N) share romantic meal after mission? is love in the air for Iron Man?” you suggest, Tony barks out a laugh, finishing his burger he begins his fries. 

“Pretty catchy headlines, (Y/N)” he comments, you roll your eyes nudging him only he doesn’t move because of the suit, the flashes keep happening as he looks at you. 

“I think we deserve a better dinner than this” Tony begins, suddenly becoming nervous, he was never nervous asking a girl out but yet here he is blushing like a fool “maybe tomorrow at eight, I know a place not far from us, really nice food” you grinned at the way he was asking you out.

“Is it a date?” you wanted confirmation, he shrugged not looking at you, well you couldn’t tell because of the glasses and you grinned “I would only go if it was a date, otherwise I’ll just grab another cheeseburger, or something” you shrugged and he chuckled. 

“Well, I guess it’s a date” he shrugged and you nodded just then you could hear Steve through the comms, shouting for why you were half-an-hour late and not moving “we better go otherwise we won’t live to see that date” he mutters, helping you up. 

(You can request imagines like this by myself and Angie, also one shots. - Rosalee)