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My Reward System

Okay. So. Whether you’re a little without a CG or a CG who has no idea how to care for a little, odds are you’ve at some point had trouble figuring out a point system that works! This is the one I used when I was a little and may use again when I find a little!

There are a few categories. Each category allows you to earn a certain number of points.

8+ hours = 10 points
7-6 hours = 8 points
5 hours = 5 points
4 hours = 2 points
-4 = 0 points

Eating: (Note: To be considered a meal there has to be some sort of veggie, grain, and protein!)
Ate 3 meals = 10 points
Ate 2 meals = 5 points
Ate 1 meal = 2 points

Drinking Water
8 glasses = 10 points
7-6 glasses = 8 points
5 glasses = 5 points
4 glasses = 2 points
-4 glasses = 1 point
0 glasses = 0 points

Other: (This category should be tailored to fit you individually! I’ll include mine as an example though.)
Did homework = 8 points
Room was clean at the end of the day = 5 points
Showered = 1 point
Washed face twice = 3 points
Brushed teeth twice = 3 points
Exercised or danced = 3 points
Read a chapter of a book = 1 point per chapter

You’re supposed to aim for a certain number of points a day. Like, 30 points is good, but 40 points is great! If you reach that, you can cash it in for small treats, or you can go the extra mile and get 250-300 points total for the week!

Extra desert = 40 points
Pack of stickers = 40 points
New stuffie = 100 points
New coloring book = 100 points
New onsie/diaper/binkie= 300 points

The points for the rewards are set really high so that rewards still feel special, and you don’t have to break the bank, haha.

I hope this helps someone out there! Best wishes!

10 things I learned in my first seven months of college

1. just because you walk to all your classes doesn’t mean you’re immune to the freshman fifteen, turns out, you actually have to exercise 

2. the freshman fifteen can be the freshman zero, to the freshman fifty, not gonna lie, it all depends on you 

3. just don’t even think about leaving your dorm or your apartment without all relevant chargers and headphones, you’ll regret it, and even though you think you’re gonna come back to your dorm soon your probably won’t 

4. you’ll probably oversleep if you take a nap between your classes, or you’ll have to sprint to make it in time 

5. if attendance is required, just go, even if attendance isn’t requirED JUST GO 

6. even if you have readings assigned per class, don’t wait until the test to read them all, if you wanna wait, read a week’s readings at a time, do not wait until the test if you don’t have to!

7. if you have a FULL meal plan, and haven’t eaten 2-3 meals a day there, don’t waste your money on fast food unless absolutely necessary, i know dining hall food gets annoying but just eat it, your wallet will thank you eventually 

8. you probably won’t dress up more than 4-5 times a month to go to class, make sure your sweatpants/leggings/gym shorts are clean 

9. just set a time to wash your laundry, also don’t be afraid to take people’s clothes out, also don’t wait until your hamper is full to wash, try to wash every 1-2 weeks (including your linens!!!!!!)

10. going out the weekend before a test is noT beneficial at all 


11: success is self-defined! <3

11 skinny rules🦋

1) never eat more than your set calories a day. keep your portion sizes small so your tummy shrinks and gets used to tiny meals
2) fast at least one day a week to cleanse your body and get rid of everything icky you ingested
3) exercise every day. even if it’s just half an hour of yoga. get some activity in, skinny girls aren’t lazy
4) don’t binge, a princess would never be interested in such things
5) drink at least 2L of water every day. your skin will thank you and so will your body
6) take all your vitamins and moisturize your skin and hair!!!! you will look good and feel good and to everyone else it will appear effortless
7) don’t smoke. i know it curbs your appetite but dainty little faeries don’t taint their bodies with harmful toxins and smokers don’t smell like perfume and clouds
8) no meat or dairy!!! little ones eat fruits and veggies and are happiest when eating clean and natural. almond milk can be your friend
9) keep your room and bathroom tidy!! organizing your life organizes your mind. you are capable of keeping yourself and your space in check
10) wake up early. find a tea you love, brew yourself a cup and think about why you want this, about why you deserve this. do some squats while your water is boiling.
11) take some time each week to appreciate your progress. don’t be too hard on yourself, celebrate your determination
you will be skinny, i promise

ok so, like, all might doesn’t have a stomach. right?

people who don’t have a stomach have to eat A LOT. Not like huge meals, that’s impossible, but a small meal every 2 or so hours.  Plus every meal has to “count” because that’s your energy for those 2 hours and your chance to actually gain nutrients. Doctors actually really want people who have no stomach to add things like butter or oil to their foods because they fucking need every calorie they can get but don’t want them to waste a 2-hour time slot with just nutrient-low foods.

Basically I think that All Might has super weird eating habits. If you see him there is a 50% chance that he is currently eating something. He keeps food literally everywhere. Like, those cargo pants? All those pockets are exclusively filled with protein bars. The staff fridge has an entire shelf dedicated to him, as per the Principal’s suggestion. His desk? His classroom? Snacks. just. Everywhere. Most of it is healthy, like protein bars, meal replacement shakes, or dried fruit. But, sometimes he just wants a fucking hot pocket, leave him alone it’s the perfect size. If you see an actual meal he makes for himself you’d be shocked at how… simultaneously healthy and awful it is. Like, why the hell would anyone use bacon fat to grease an omelette pan? Or put THAT MANY green toppings on a slice of pizza? Everyone tries not to judge him… most don’t really succeed. 

He has a habit of giving his students snacks if they just had a hard training or seem down (a granola bar a day keeps Dad Might from worrying about you) and no one really turns it down because, hell, it’s All might for god’s sake. Except midoriya, who knows way too much about his mentor’s health needs and will always make sure that all might has more on him before taking one. 

“Good job, my boy. Have a protein bar. :)” - “You have more, right?” - “Yeah, at my desk.” - “Thanks, I’m good.” - “Oh. Okay. :(…” 

He pouts about it but he knows that it’s just because midoriya cares. In fact, midoriya ends up being more help than even all might could have imagined. It was his idea to set reminders in all might’s phone so that he never misses a meal. He has been hurriedly texted to rush his mentor emergency snacks more than once, and always drops whatever he is doing to do so. He almost has more snacks in his backpack than all might, just in case. Plus, midoriya is a growing kid so he can put away a lot of food, snacks are always good to have and anytime all might gets a serving that is too big for him to finish he knows that his student will be happy to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. On the weekends they order pizza, something that works out for the both of them because midoriya could honestly finish the whole thing by himself and all might feels better about only having one slice if the rest gets finished. Though, ordering is a pain because no pizza shop is happy about putting literally every topping on a ¼th of a pizza and then just pepperoni on the other ¾  so they only order online. 

Basically… i just wanna see all might have to work with his physical state more and let it become normalized, not just for him but for everyone around him. 

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oh this isn't the pizza palace

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Rickety Tables

the series read as follows:

SupermanMondayCheezy PouffsBaconStumblingTrail Mix …  PunchFridayPreparationUncle MudlerNormalBackseatMudler-senseThe FBIUnthinkablePatienceElephant Jokes … Cooking


Skinner woke him up.

Mulder started, which caused Scully to jerk but not wake up, remaining in dreamland a few more minutes as Skinner crouched in front of him, “how’s she doing?”

“Exhausted. Hungry. Not hungry. Wishing she were your average, every day, sane librarian or candle salewoman.”

Skinner blinked but didn’t smile, “I’ll find that funny in a few weeks. What are you doing down here? How are the kids?”

Squeezing his partner’s upper arm lightly, “she needed real food and a reminder that the world still exists outside the walls,” and seeing him anxiously waiting, “and the kids are doing okay. Few bad dreams here and there but I’ve got them talking to me and Maggie and each other so I think they’ll be okay in the long run.” Taking in his boss with a critical eye, “how are you?”

“We don’t talk about me, Mulder.”

“We will when you come over for dinner tonight … or tomorrow … what time is it anyways?”

Watch arm twisting, “a little before 10. How long had you been sitting here?”

“Stop changing the subject. You’re coming over for dinner tomorrow night regardless of what you think you have to do instead.” Squinting, “no arguing, Walter. You probably haven’t eaten in a few days either and I don’t care if the world explodes around us, you need meatloaf.”

Skinner shadowed a smile at this point, “those Scully women are rubbing off on you and don’t call me Walter.”

“Okay, Walter.”

He stayed a few more minutes, long enough for Scully to wake up and groan as she moved, her muscles stiff from the cold floor. Sitting up, she blinked at her boss, “you need a vacation, sir.”

“See, she still calls me sir.”

“Whatever, Walter.”

Scully stood next, leaning on the wall for a moment while she got her bearings, “how are things going?”

Skinner shook his head, “do you really want to know?”

When she nodded, he told them.


Mulder crawled under the blankets at 2am, having finally, reluctantly, left Scully’s side, first making her eat the pot roast and potatoes, warmed in the break room microwave and consumed at a rickety table in uncomfortable plastic chairs entirely too reminiscent of every damn hotel they’d ever stayed in on cases.

She mentioned this, honestly comforted by the familiarity of it and Skinner, who had taken them up on the offer to share the food, shrugged, “I keep telling Mulder you two can spend a little more on hotels, maybe get them with a mattress less than 30 years old but he keeps insisting on the Davy Crockett lodges of the world.”

“Excuse me?”

Skinner finally smiled, realizing he started a fire, and quietly filled his mouth with potatoes, shooting glances between his favorite pair. He watched them lightly spar, slinging pathetically diluted barbs at one another until he had to interrupt, “I’ve seen you argue much better than this. Am I to expect that now you’re a thing that you’ll be treating each other with kid gloves or is it just a ‘now’ thing and I’ll be seeing fiery, raining hell from you both in the very near future?”

Scully laughed, her ears not used to the sound, and nudging Mulder under the table with her foot, “I’ll kick his ass both verbally and physically next week, sir, whether he deserves it or not.”

“That was my foot, Agent Scully.”

“Oh. Sorry, Walter.”

Skinner groaned, eyes closing as he blindly fed another forkful into his mouth, “you, too, really?”

“Stuff happens, Walter.”

“Be quiet, Mulder.”


Scully trudged into the house late that afternoon, instantly swarmed by littles and seeing their faces for the first time in almost three days, her throat constricted, superimposing charred flesh onto cherubic countenances. Mulder watched her transform in a heartbeat, eyes widening, face paling, hands rigid and he reached over short heads to take her shoulder, “come here, Scully. Kids, why don’t you go out back for a few minutes and let Aunt Dana relax, okay? We’ll be there in a little bit.”

Betsy, beautiful, blunt, Betsy, from the land of 5-year old honesty, turned Toby around, “Aunt Dana wants to cry. We gotta go.”

Mulder ruffled her hair with his free hand as she skirted by him, “never grow up, Bets.”

Already following the crowd to the kitchen, she called a cheerful, “Okay,” before disappearing through the door.

Once alone, Mulder took Scully’s face in her hands, “do you want to go upstairs for an epic breakdown or can you hold it together enough to go outside with the crowd? It’s up to you and I’ll follow you wherever you need to go. No judging, just hugs and possible kissing depending on the level of snot running out of your nose.”

A gurgled, strainingly pathetic chuckle emerged before she bit her lip, “upstairs if you don’t mind.”

Removing hands to hips, he turned her, waiting until she’d kicked her shoes off to move her to the stairs, “lead on.”

The tears started on the fifth step and by the time they’d invaded her old room, the floodgates broke, sobs into his shoulder soaking his shirt in seconds. Not sure if exhaustion played a role in her breaking, he held her close, waiting until her shuddering body came back under control before, “did something else happen or is this just three-day accumulation of ‘the world is shit and I haven’t slept at all’?” Leaving her forehead on his chest, she spoke so quietly he had to force his neck down, get his ear closer to her mouth, “what?”

“The last two days have been people I recognized names of but have never met but today, I ID’d Skinner’s secretary as well as that girl Holly from the Pusher case and Bill Tarkin from accounting.”

Mulder deflated, the air rushing from his lungs as his shoulders sagged, “damn it. Did you tell Skinner yet?”

Scully shook her head into him, “no. I should have told him when I found out but I just … I couldn’t do it … not then.” Pulling back, she looked up at him, his jaw square, his stubble evident, “but I should tonight, after dinner.”

“Would you like me to?”

Kissing the dent in his chin, “yes, but I’ll do it anyway.”

Eyes roaming over her face, taking in every possible and impossibly detail, he landed on her lips, washed out, cracked, chapped, “I would like to marry you right now, please.”

Her palms slid up his sides, arms, shoulders, to cross in a hug behind his head, “can I at least shower first?”

Whispering in her ear, “I’d take one with you if I could but I imagine the gang needs some supervision.”

Not letting him go just yet, “where’s mom?”

“Out in the back as well, probably encouraging mischief and mayhem.”

One kiss below his ear, “go break up the tomfoolery while I clean up. I’ll be down in a few.”

A critical look aimed in her direction, “are you sure? You can take as long as you need to. I got this parenting thing handled like you can’t even imagine.”

Instead of the smile he hoped to elicit, a far-off look fluttered through her gaze, “I know,” before she turned in his arms and headed to the hall.

He would dwell on that look later.

Hey guys! My name is Jessica, I’m 21 and i started my journey at the end of February 2016. Ive always been a picky eater so for me, “over eating” isn’t what made me gain weight. It’s what I ate, because everything I put in my mouth were fried greasy foods or straight carbs! I’ve dealt with being over weight my whole life until I finally told myself that I didn’t want to be like that anymore. After a month of exercise, I stepped on the scale for the first time in a year and a half and I was 322. Seeing that number is what made me keep going. Being in the 200s is a scary thing let alone the 300s so that did it for me! So far I have lost over 135 pounds and I’m still kicking butt to reach my goal which is 160 then eventually 145. For the first 3-4 months of losing weight, I was using Herbalife meal replacement shakes.2 shakes a day and 1 meal with healthy snacks in between meals. Then I started to only do 1 shake a day with 2 meals and healthy snacks in between meals for another 4 months. Then finally gave up the shakes and started eating normal meals and exercising still everyday. My life has changed so much and I couldn’t be happier with how things are going for me on this journey:)

IG : getfitwjessica