meal course

the moment your eyes close for the final time that day, only to reopen in the morning,
is one that cannot be described simply.
for the small time your eyes
softly move about under the thin skin of your eyelids
i can feel your imagination
cooking a 5-course meal of thoughts.
the soft pastel colours of the morning
melt away the darkness of the night
that i know haunts you.
broken dreams and dashed hopes.
i always wait for you to open your eyes
in the morning as the best part of my day
is seeing the sun dance through your glass-like eyes
as they lazily peer into mine.
the doubt that sits in the back of my mind
every time i crave you
disintegrates as you stroke
my cheek and whisper
‘you make opening my eyes so much easier’.

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nai i think i cried for half an hour after the season finale. i really didnt expect ANYTHING from this episode but they actually killed me?? We had spoilers and actually knew what would happen but i was still HURT OVER IT AND I THINK IT WAS NEVER SO OBVIOUS THAT THEYRE IN LOVE AND THEY DEADASS MADE ME EXCITED FOR THE NEXT SEASON AND I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE ANOTHER WACK EPISODE BUT IT WAS SOO GOOD?

did you see that post about blarke being the death of me that i made last night? i wasn’t even exaggerating they will be the death of me i was crying and my chest was hurting is2g it felt like my extra ass self was having a heart attack like i even knew some of the spoilers for a long long time now and it still hurt me

and now i here i am today. running on 3 hours of sleep. still in complete shock that we got a five course meal when i expected an expired protein bar.

The Zodiac Signs as Parts of a Meal

Appetizer: Virgo, Libra

Main course: Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn

Drink: Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Dessert: Taurus, Leo, Pisces

why don’t we talk about muslim kids in hogwarts during ramadan? imagine waking up at 3 every morning and walking down for suhoor, to find the house elves have prepared a feast for them. imagine the kids having an extended curfew, so they can go and eat iftar at 10, where the house elves once again provide a ten course meal, topped with dates and traditional delicacies from around the world. imagine the kids being allowed to go into the kitchens in the middle of the night if they were still in the mood to eat. imagine the kids being allowed to leave class to do their prayers, and spending lunch times to read the quran. we need to talk more about muslim kids in hogwarts.

a friend of mine won a raffle at work

her and another boy at work

won tickets for the rugby tonight in the hospitality lounge

she’s just posted a post about how she’s just met met Princess Anne

it made me think of zimbits

  • Bitty won tickets to go to a falcs game in the nice box
  • totally random
  • and he’s DYING
  • because thats ALICIA ZIMMERMAN
  • and he’s with Lardo
  • who is being super chill and keeping him from puking
  • and for some reason, he gets into a heated argument over pie with some celebrity tv chef he dislikes over their insistence that it always has to be the bEST stuff
  • and he’s like
  • screw you, do you know how much it costs? to be good? and get good things? I live in a FRAT HOUSE you pompous ass and I bet I could bake circles around you with one hand tied behind my back AND a murder stop and shop run
  • and Bob is like.
  • this
  • this is the one
  • I want this one.
  • Alicia.
  • Please
  • and shes pepper potts
  • No
  • But Jack will love him, I know it!!
  • No
  • Please!!
  • No.
  • *Don’t even pull that elitist crap with me, I learned how to cook like generation before me at the KNEE OF MY MOTHER and I don’t need to go all the way to FRANCE to know that you don’t freeze the damn butter*
  • Alicia is like… well shit. Bobs got heart eyes, no one is watching the hockey and everyone misses Jack getting the winning goal because Lardo has started filming it
  • so jacks a lil pissed with bitty
  • bitty is soaring on righteous fury
  • Bob is trying to convince Lardo he needs a copy of this video
  • and Alicia is wondering if she can spin this into a cooking show for her new network
  • (she can. Bitty hosts a bargain bin / student budget cooking show that is a HUGE hit because he’s super passive agressive about EVERYTHING he uses)
  • *If, like MOST OF AMERICA you live in a place where hand picked olives from Tuscany are not on sale, then store bought is FINE*
  • 50 uses for hot sauce your housemates got while couponing without your guidance.
  • how to make a three course meal for your girlfriend when you can’t cook and you promised her before checking that the oven was even working CHRIS CHOW, using a toaster, a microwave and an inventive use of the spin setting on your washer.
  • when giant canadian hockey butts slander your FOUR TIME COUNTY FAIR WINNING MAPLE CRUSTED PIES and you have to PROVE THEM WRONG. for beginners!
  • *bright smile*
  • When Hockey Butt uses the last of the milk and you’re about to go live on air.
  • when HB admits that he’s not feeling so great and you need to make your mamma’s chicken soup but can’t afford chicken
  • when you are at your wits end because a cute HB is coming over for dinner and you had class all morning and didn’t have time to prep all the food - meet my sous chef Dex!
  • The meal that I served to HB’s parents! First meeting food for the soul - the budget will shock you!
  • and people are like
  • is this the same HB? who was a dick?
  • and now they are dating?! 


The View (m)

Summary: When a supposed bath for one leads to something a little more fun.
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Smut
Warnings: PWP, exhibition kink, dirty talk, teasing, oral sex
Rating: M
Word Count: 4218

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The tub is full, water sloshing over the sides any time either of you move an inch however, neither of you give a second glance at the liquid building up on the tiled floor. You both are too preoccupied with each other.

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cant believe fred andrews is gonna roll up, bail jughead out of jail, throw his dads ass down in the street, sign the custody of child papers, take everyone to pops for dinner, pay off jughead’s tab at pops, build jughead a bed, dresser and desk for their spare room with his own hands in the driveway, open a college fund for jughead, drive to bring his mom and jellybean home safety, make jughead a gourmet 5 course meal and buy him a dog 

  • Ruby: I can't believe we made it to Haven. Months of travelling on the road, facing dangers every twist and turn, nearly losing my Uncle along the way, starving for days on end until we could find a town to buy food and a soft bed to sleep in and we're finally here!
  • Oscar: You know there's a train you could have taken, right?
  • Ruby: ...What?
  • Oscar: Yeah, I took a train. It was a day's trip but they provided a three course meal and a cabin to sleep in. I got here in no time!
  • Ruby: Huh...excuse me for a moment while I go scream into a pillow about this major flaw.