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BTS REACTION: Their S/O Is Insecure About Their Weight

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tbh i was really conflicted in turning this into a scenario but i was able to control myself phew


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K I M S E O K J I N : 

I hope you’re not doing what I think you’re doing…” He would surprise you as you were staring at your body in the mirror.

You were wearing nothing but your bra & underwear and you couldn’t help but judge yourself as you pinched the fat on your stomach. You don’t usually do this when you know he’s somewhere lurking in the house but you just finished taking a shower and you couldn’t help it.

Suddenly he’s right behind you, his lips are on your neck & his arms are snaking around your waist. You immediately cast your eyes downward, because you know as he’s putting his hands over yours to guide your hands away from your stomach that he’s looking at your face through the mirror. 

With gentle hands, he makes you turn around so you’re facing his body instead of the mirror. He then embraces you in a hug and slowly, you hug him back. Tears are staining the shoulder of his shirt but he doesn’t care and you don’t either because you’re too focused on the love he’s radiating onto you & he’s too busy mentally cursing out whoever made you so insecure about yourself.

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M I N Y O O N G I :

Their words still affect you today?” He would question, after explaining to him what’s been bugging you lately. 

You would bite your lip & avoid his eyes, so he would come up to you and take you by the hands, just to make sure you were paying attention to him. You weren’t looking eye to eye at him so he would bring a finger under your chin and tilt your head up to force you to look at him. He kisses your forehead gingerly.

The way you look right now is so different from how you looked back then, you know that, right?” He would reason with you, “And even then, those assholes don’t know beauty even if it slaps them in the face.

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J U N G H O S E O K :

Did I do something wrong?” He would ask.

He just got off stage from winning an award for BTS. You were waiting for him backstage but you didn’t expect him to unleash his excitement by carrying you off the ground and spinning you around. The second that he put his hands on your sides and lifted you up, you were yelling at him to put you back down. Once he saw how serious you were, his expression changes from his wide smile to a look of concern and puts you back on the ground. 

Sorry, I’m just a bit…” You then lick your lips, uncomfortable of the subject at hand, “Heavy…” You mutter, the word seeming like a curse. 

You’re fine though!” He would reassure you, “And besides, your weight has nothing to do with how I feel about you, okay?” He puts his around your waist and pulls you close to give you a kiss on the lips.

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K I M N A M J O O N :

 “Come on in! The water is just right!” He would call out to you, sitting in a beach chair with your hair up in a messy bun, big sunglasses, and a huge shirt covering the bathing suit you’re wearing underneath.

“I’m fine where I am!” You would respond, waving him off.

Aw, c’mon,” He would whine, walking up by your side. “I’ll be with you the whole time and we don’t have to go that deep.” 

He’s standing too close for comfort that your first instinct is to wrap your arms around your waist. Your thoughts start racing because the shirt you were wearing was white and the sun that was gleaming down at you did not help your shirt do its job of covering up your body.

I prefer not to, Joonie,” You reply again, your voice firm.

He notices your tension through your body language and he knows something is wrong, “What’s on your mind, babe?” He would ask. It would take you a moment to answer properly but then you muster up the courage to admit, “I’m just not that confident, that’s all…

If that’s the case, then I’ll spend every moment of my life reminding you just how beautiful you are until you see yourself the way that I see you.” 

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P A R K J I M I N :

You know it isn’t true, right?” He’d whisper, making you jump and turn off your phone instantly.

You quickly wiped off the tears on your face as he made his way to you on the couch. Though your eyes were glossy and slightly puffy, you maintained eye contact with him as he sat down next to you and put your phone behind him before grabbing your hands.

I don’t know what you’re talking about?” You’d lie, resisting the urge to break out into tears by biting your lip.

He’d simply shake his head at you before saying, “Please, don’t try to hide it anymore,” He’d plead, his tone full of care that you haven’t heard before. “I see how you look at yourself in the mirror, how you eat so little when we have our meals, how you pick clothes that hides your body, how you refuse to look at yourself in pictures…” He trails off.

It makes me so sad because you are worth so much more than a number on a scale or how much fat you can pinch on your skin,” He sighs, and tears escape from your eyes because those were the words that you never knew you needed to hear.

You’ll see it one day,” He then smiles softly, “Until then, I’ll just have to love you twice as much.

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K I M T A E H Y U N G :

Oh my gosh!” He’d exclaim, seeing you curl up and your eyes start to get teary. “Did I hurt you? I’m sorry!” 

No, no,” You’d force a smile on your face, “It’s okay. I just hate being tickled.” 

He’d relax a bit and a smile would appear on his face, “Aw, but that’s what makes being the tickle monster so fun!” 

Really? You enjoy tickling me?” You’d ask, and he’d respond, “Of course! My girl gets to laugh! It’s the highlight of my day.” 

So…” You’d continue, a bit curious, “You don’t mind my jelly belly?

He’d blink at you before answering, “I don’t care about your jelly belly.” His answer was rather straightforward but he’d add on, “If that’s what makes you who you are, then I love it, because I love you.

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J E O N J U N G K O O K :

You know… No one else thinks like that about you…” He’d say, his voice soft.

You two had just gotten home from eating dinner with your parents, and all your parents could talk about was your weight. The ride home was unbearably uncomfortable and silent, giving you anxiety because you were starting to think that Jungkook was beginning to believe your parents and seeing you in a whole different light now. When he breaks the quietness, you let out a breath that you didn’t even know you were holding in but he mistakes it as a sigh.

It’s true!” His confidence was rising and he didn’t want those harsh words that your parents had said to be etched into your mind. “Don’t listen to them! You’re fine just the way you are!” He’d then clear his throat because now he’s raising his voice and he just said the cheesiest line in existence. “Listen, don’t let their words affect you. You don’t have to lose weight or anything like that. Your weight doesn’t define who you are, and it sure as hell won’t change how I feel about you.


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Harry Dresden is autistic!

1. Comments many times on the comforting weight of his duster, and the weight of weapons in his hand or pocket and pets lying on him (pressure stim)

2. Very attached to routine and familiarity and is upset if his routine is changed or interrupted (same car, apartment, clothes, meals, etc.)

3. Uses (sometimes pre-scripted) snarky comments as a coping mechanism when he’s having trouble communicating verbally

4. Hyperfocuses on tasks he loves, like building little Chicago or other magical workings, can forget to eat/sleep/shower and ignores social interactions when focused

5. Infodumps about magic

6. Stims with mister and mouse, staff and blasting rod (comments a lot on texture and weight and feeling)

7. Avoids eye contact (partially because of soulgaze possibility but still does it with people he’s already soulgazed)

8. His voice is described as being different than most (non-neurotypical) and he vocal stims with spells

9. Meltdowns and shutdowns due to anger and other strong emotions or sensitivities, sometimes has trouble controlling anger and not melting down violently

10. Mind jumps subjects in ways outside viewers don’t follow, comments don’t always seem to be related to the conversation (going from vampires to why hotdogs and hotdog buns are sold in different amounts) and makes “leaps of logic” that he sometimes struggles to explain to others

11. When he’s having a shutdown or panic attack from sensory problems, he counts by prime numbers to cope until he can go somewhere dark and quiet to calm down

12. Hyperempathy (always wants to help even when he knows people might be lying, gave lash and ivy names and empathized with them)


At the beginning of May 2016 our comrade Patryk Cichoń from Poland was arrested by British police under an European Arrest Warrant. Patryk is a well known anti-fascist militant notorious among nazi-boneheads in his city for his uncompromising stance against them in the past. Boneheads managed to convince a few of their friends to testify against Patryk and his friend for alleged assault and robbery. As it appeared later, his friend had very good alibi and had the charges dropped (despite being allegedly recognised by the “victim” and his friends), so Patryk ended up being sentenced on his own. The whole trial was an absolute travesty and Patryk as a poor, young working class person was not able to afford a proper defence. He spent two months on remand in 2004 and was sentenced to three years in prison.
It is clear that this whole case was politically motivated and had only one purpose, which was to get rid of the core of the anti-fascist resistance in Patryk’s home town.
Rather than doing prison time, he decided to escape abroad and came to UK in 2005. He started his new life there, continuing to be involved in anti-fascist activity: organising gigs in London, including United and Strong Fest which has seen lots of great Antifa bands from all over Europe performing, and raising money for antifascist initiatives. He was also the editor of the ‘Skinhead Revolt‘ fanzine, which was the first left wing skinhead publication in Polish.
Patryk lost his extradition case and is being deported to Poland to serve his sentence. He is leaving behind his 10 year old son in care of his younger brother D, who became his legal carer. As D has two small children of his own and is only money earner in the household, we are planning to support him financially. We want Patryk to know that his son has enough money for school meals, clothes etc. and that his younger brother is not pushed into poverty as a result of looking after him.
Our aim it to raise 4000 pounds, which means we can send monthly payments to his son during Patryk’s incarceration.
Patryk was always there if others needed help and assistance, please make sure he is not left on his own now.
Fundraising is organised by Brighton Anarchist Black Cross. You can pay money to our paypal address:
thebottledwasp @ riseup . net (please choose “payment to a friend” option and add a note saying “for Patryk”)
or to our bank account:
Nationwide Acc.
no./Reference: 0321 / 704131186
[NB: The sender will need to quote this account number in the additional reference section on their payment instruction]
IBAN: GB97NAIA07009333333334

via: London Antifascists

Romantic Starter Pack

❤️ - Our Muses are on vacation in a Log Cabin. As it gets dark, they decide to turn on a movie, get some snacks, get a nice big blanket and cuddle. Fit with a lit fireplace for extra warmth.

💛 - Muse A is a servant who works under the wing of a very wealthy woman, as Muse B is a poor folk who happened to win a trip to said womans grand home! Upon arrival, Muse A is assigned to be Muse B’s personal service servant. Treating them to professional meals, clothes, special treatment and baths. At the end of the night, once Muse B thanks Muse A for their services, it is discovered that Muse A was never assigned to do everything they had, and they did it because Muse B was unreasonably charming to them.

💚 - Our Muses met on a dating app and barely know one another, scheduling a simple date at a karaoke bar. Once Muse A had arrived, they were disappointed to know that they had gotten stood up. Before they leave, however, Muse A discovers that it’s Muse B who is currently up on stage, preforming almost as a professional.

💙 - Our Muses don’t know one another, however, both of them earn a spot together in the same cart on the It’s A Small World ride at Disneyworld. Chatting each other up, they discover they get along pretty well, and accidentally fall in love by the end of the ride.

💜 - Muse A is found in a cemetery sitting by a grave on the verge of tears, speaking to it alone. Their voice is heard by Muse B who happened to be there at the same time, coming over and taking a seat with them once introduced, each of them vent and talk to each other about who they’re there to see. It turns out Muse A was unable to afford flowers for the grave stone, and, sadly, this is their first time seeing this loved one as a grave. Muse B can’t stand that idea and treats Muse A to a small trip to the store for some flowers. This night ends with each of their numbers in one anothers phone.

🖤 - Our Muses had a rough argument and Muse A is ready to leave. Muse B claims that they would prefer if Muse A left anyway. So, Muse A decides to break it off and pack their things. It takes over a day, but, everything is packed up and they’re ready to leave. Before they go, however, they check in on Muse B and ask if there’s anything else to say. All Muse B does is stand up, walk over and hug Muse A in a small fit of quiet tears. They sit there a while before Muse A drops their luggage and hugs Muse B back, calling them an idiot for making them pack all their stuff for nothing.

💔 - Our Muses are in an unhappy relationship. All they do is fight, they sleep facing away from each other. They bicker all day when they get up, and they argue all night before bed, there’s no winning. They both love one another dearly, but, are afraid to start any casual conversations, as they’re afraid of more fights breaking out. This is why they’re still together.

To the Women

To the women
  Cooking meals
  Sewing clothes
  Giving homes
  To our children

To the women
  Scribbling notes
  Dusting boards
  Teaching minds
  Of our children 

To the women
  Spreading love 
  Drafting laws
  Making change
  For our children

To those women
  And many more,
  Thank you
  For being
  Phenomenal women. 


pentagon as dads

Jinho: pushover dad. lets his kids do whatever they want because he just can’t say no. it’s very likely that if he knows you’ll get mad, he’ll tell them to “ask mom”.

Hui: embarrassing/funny dad. totally the type to cheer embarrassingly loud for his child at a sports game or will shout their names when they’re getting picked up from school.

Hongseok: helpful dad. he’s the type of dad who’s almost like a second mom. he can cook meals, do laundry, sew clothes that got ruined, but also cleans the house, picks the kids up from school, and still caters to his wife.

E’Dawn: cool dad. he’s the dad who is really friendly with his kids and lets his kids do everything mom won’t let them do. probably the dad that all the kids wish they had.

Shinwon: clueless dad. the type of dad who is completely oblivious to what is going on in his kids’ lives. “i don’t understand why our daughter is so moody” “she’s going thru puberty” “what? already?” “shinwon, she’s 14″

Yeo One: ‘best friend’ dad. he and his kids are on a very equal level, he’s the type of dad that can be trusted with anything, so you tell him everything that’s going on in your life as well as ask for his advice.

Yan An: soft dad. kind of like the pushover dad, but instead of letting his kids walk all over him, he just doesn’t raise his voice. he’s more of a “i’m not mad… i’m just disappointed” kind of dad.

Yuto: quiet dad. he’s the kind of dad that goes through his entire day without saying much. he’ll take naps, eat, watch tv, do some chores, and maybe he’ll ask if you had a good day at school– he’s always down to play catch.

Kino: fun dad. the type of dad that always plans fun trips and vacations for his family. is very active so insists on doing invigorating activities like rock climbing, snorkeling, and ziplining.

Wooseok: cute dad. the kind of dad to do aegyo to his kids to cheer them up when they’re having a bad day. just kind of cute by nature. sometimes embarrasses his kids because he’ll do it to them in public.

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Tomarry- "You leave, you can never come back!" Congrats cxxx

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Tomarry

Tags: Light Angst, Feels, Friendship, Possessive!Tom, Pre-Tomarry

All he’d wanted was a place to fit in. Instead, he’d learned very quickly that Hogwarts was just another tier to the hellstorm that was his life. It wasn’t just being unliked because the matron of the orphanage told everyone he was a bastard child born of a circus performer. There were more reasons to be hated there than when he was at the orphanage.

He was sorted into Slytherin. Everyone seemed to hate Slytherin. No one stood up for a Slytherin, no one told the truth about Slytherins. If one was sorted into Slytherin House, they could expect half of the school to hate them on principle.

He had a common name that was in no way magical, making him a ‘Mudblood’. Slytherins were notorious for not liking Muggleborn children and being incredibly hostile toward them. So even though he was in their House, his fellow Housemates treated him terribly for his supposed blood status.

He was brilliant. Tom had always been naturally talented and had a thirst for knowledge because knowledge was power. Many students could not fathom the fact that a Mudblood like him could be capable of such magical control or knowledge. And if it wasn’t the bigots who hated him for being a Mudblood who was smarter and better, it was the Ravenclaws who couldn’t stand having competition for ‘best in class’.

He was friends with a Gryffindor. And he used the term ‘friends’ lightly, but it was the best term he had to describe what Harry was to him. Harry had been sorted to the House directly opposing Tom’s. He’d always been inherently kind and merciful. Both being so similar, but while Tom was the punisher, Harry was the savior.

Harry’s name was magical. He looked like another member of his House, almost perfectly should he make his hair brown and eyes hazel. Everyone was convinced he was a misplaced Potter child and there were murmurs of adoption. However the other Potter who was a fourth year, had told Harry that he couldn’t be friends with Tom if he wanted to be adopted.

Harry had refused immediately, stating that Tom had been his friend for longer than he’d known of magic and that Tom was more important than some stuck up family who were just as biased as the people they claimed were the epitome of evil.

If those weren’t reason enough to hate him already, Albus Dumbledore hated him for more reasons than even Tom knew.

He knew the man didn’t like that Tom could speak to serpents. He knew that Dumbledore hated it that Harry and he conversed on a daily basis. He knew that Dumbledore thought Tom a bad example. It was in his body language, the tone of his voice, andhow his eyes followed Tom’s every move. Tom was not trusted in the eyes of a man who knew nothing about him.

The condescending, holier than thou attitude the old fool walked around with was frustrating.

Basically, Tom was hated by a majority of his peers for many reasons either beyond his control, or simply because they were pathetic and jealous.

And a chance to possibly lessen the hatred had arrived that morning, offering to take him away from that hellhole he called a place of residence and have him tutored in the proper magics befitting one such as he. However, it also meant leaving Harry behind.

Mr. Riddle, 

I have been informed of your astonishing ability
in your studies as well as your particular talent
involving serpents. These are not skills that should
be ignored, but praised. They should be allowed
to grow in a healthy environment, where you can
attain self-control of your power without stress.

I feel that my family and I could very well aid you
on your journey to greatness. It would take but a 
few pieces of parchment and some signing to see
your adoption through to the fullest. The Ministry
is very easy to handle in these matters and no one
would seek to have you placed back into your
former home.

You would have access to the best private tutors
available. You would be coached in the proper 
manner befitting a member of Slytherin House.
Perhaps we could purchase you a serpent familiar
of your own so that you may harness your ability.

All of this, plus the benefits of our family name, 
would place you much higher in status among
your peers. Meanwhile, you may be able to learn
about your magical history. Your special language
is in no way common, even among the magical

Your agreement to this proposition would in a
way benefit both parties. We would be honored if
you accepted our offer.

Lord Arcturus Black
The Most Ancient and Noble House of Black

It was a tempting offer. So very tempting. They had something he wanted. Had wanted for years.

“If you leave, you can never come back!“

Tom’s head jerked to the side, seeing Harry standing in the doorway to their shared room at the orphanage. The other boy looked crazed and slightly wary.

“I would be adopted,” said Tom, “of course I wouldn’t come back.”

But Harry’s head was shaking. “If you leave me,” he clarified, “you can never come back.”

It was a startling realisation. Because Harry had denied the chance of a family. A room of his own and full meals. Non-second hand clothing and probably a chance to peruse any shop he wanted without having to worry about funds. Harry had done it for Tom’s sake and their… friendship.

Tom not doing the same would mean abandonment. It would mean leaving Harry to face the horrors of the orphanage without his protection. And Tom knew about the Blacks. They were as extreme as the Potters but on the very opposite end of the spectrum. They did not like Gryffindors and while it was not mentioned, he had no doubt he would be trained into hating Harry for simply his robe colours eventually.

It was more difficult for Tom to make the decision, than it was for Harry. Tom was cruel and self-centered. Until Harry came into his life, he’d only thought about himself. Harry was so free and careless about his own happiness most of the time, that he would willingly give things up for others. Such as a chance at a family all for a child who was a bit too possessive and Dark.

He couldn’t lose Harry though. Harry was the only person who was truly Tom’s. Even if he had trouble defining their relationship, Harry was still Tom’s no matter what.

Looking at the letter, Tom pursed his lips. He didn’t need the fame of another to become great. Besides, Lord Black had revealed a few things in his letter, whether he noticed or not.

  1. Tom’s ability was rare and considered a magical language. It also had ‘history’.
  2. For some reason, having Tom in their family would benefit them, meaning something about him made them consider adoption.
  3. People out there wanted people with Tom’s skills. 

Tom would become great without them, because they’d already given him some answers, and helped him formulate new questions that he could properly research now.

He folded the parchment in half and tucked it back into his trunk. He would reply later.

“I am none too fond of the Blacks,” he confessed. “Walburga caterwauls louder than any Banshee ever could.”

Thankfully, Harry understood what he was saying and knew very well that he was often a deflector when in emotional situations.

The other boy skipped into the room and plopped onto Tom’s bed in order to throw his arms around Tom’s skinny shoulders.

“We’ll take the magical world by storm, Tom. I just know it.”

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There we go!!

sex worker and houseless/low income pop-up shop and meal!
all clothes are clean and smell good!

please share for people who may need it but please do NOT plan on attending if you are NOT:

a sex worker
a low income person in need of professional office wear and/or warmer clothes

no one hungry will be turned away, regardless of age



Even after she had finished her meal and chosen her clothing, she was disappointed to see that Nate’s lights were still off. It wasn’t that she was looking forward to seeing him… She just wanted the company, even if the company was highly distracting and very easy to imagine naked. 

She shook her head to clear her thoughts. If her parents were around, they would be extremely disappointed with her behaviour. They had raised her to focus only on tending to the land, warning her off unnecessary relationships, especially with males. While the other kids played with each other, Laelia was learning to grow her own garden. While the teens went to parties and dances, she perfected crop rotation. They called her weird at school and many classmates ignored her. 

Laelia wasn’t used to getting out of the house, socialising with others or visiting different places. Maybe it was time to change, time to try. 

Meeting the ragnarssons for the first time 🥀🖤

ps this is basically pt.2 from the headcannon I did earlier and I went into more seats Ik in this one but I changed it to you being related to harald and halfdan and I wanted to change up my style of writing so I have this ago from doing preferences and headcannons 🥀🖤

Imagine being Harald and Halfdan’s niece and going to visit them I Kattegat, where you meet the Ragnarssons for the first time

It was a cold winters day, you had been on a boat for a few hours now, just sitting and waiting in the crisp air to get to a place called Kattegat to visit your Uncle’s Halfdan and Harald. You were cold damp and tired, thinking about having a hot meal and dry clothes.

You started to drift off to sleep

“WAKE UP [Y/N]! WE HAVE REACHED KATTEGAT!” one of the men shouted at you, you opened your eyes immediately and got up as fast as your body would let you, the boat was coming into the dock so you gathered your things to get ready and get off the boat.

You were greeted by your uncle Halfdan “welcome to Kattegat, [y/n] we have missed you very much! How is my niece doing? How are your mother and father?” Halfdan said excitedly followed by a massive hug, “I am very well uncle, mother and father are doing well, I have missed you too! Who is uncle Harald speaking with?” You asked tiredly and curiously “Harald? Oh he is speaking with the Ragnarssons, King Ragnar and Queen Aslaug’s children! You must meet them!” He said very firmly

Harald came over with the princes and greeted you to Kattegat, Ubbe introduced himself first “Hello, I am Ubbe and you are?”

“[Y/N]” you said nervously because you were talking to a Ragnarsson, “[Y/N]!, what a lovely name you have!, and a beautiful face to match it!” Ubbe said very smoothly with a proud smile on his face “these are my younger brothers, Hvitserk, Sigurd and Ivar, this is [y/n] Harald and Halfdan’s niece who is here visiting”

“Hello it’s a honour to meet you, all of you” you were still being a bit shy, Hvitserk and Ivar said hello. Hvitserk had a beautiful cheeky grin on his face while ivar just looked like he didn’t want to be there.

“Don’t mind ivar, he’s always miserable” sigurd said with a little chuckle “long journey?” ivar interrupted before Sigurd could say anything else.

“very long, but I made it!” You answered Ivar.

“you look cold, here have my fur to keep you warm while we walk to the great hall” Ubbe insisted and wouldn’t take no for an answer

“look brothers! Björn is back, Björn is our half brother, same father different mother” Hvitserk said excitedly to see his oldest brother.

“This is the Great Hall” Sigurd said.

You looked at the massive wooden building in awe, you were so happy you could finally eat some good hot food and have a drink and a change of clothes. You went and sat with your uncles to have a catch up and tell them what is happening in Norway at the moment. “What do you think of the Ragnarssons, [y/n]?” Asked Harald

“very nice and polite people, good company” you said in a very stern voice, and before you knew it, the princes had requested for you to go sit and eat with them

“you must go and sit with them, it is an honour to sit and dine with the princes of Kattegat” both of your uncles had told you, so without hesitation you left to sit and the royal table.

Hvitserk got out of his chair you pull out a seat for you, like a gentleman.

you found yourself sitting in between Ivar and Hvitserk.

“You are?” A deep rough voice said

“this is [y/n], Björn, she is Halfdan and Harald’s niece, the one we were telling you about” Hvitserk said before you could answer

“ah I see, excuse me for sounding rude, a pleasure to meet you” Björn said with a change of tone

“and you” you said back to Björn.

“Would you like anymore food? Or drink? You had a long journey, you must be starving and thirsty” Hvitserk said filling up your plate and cup.

You started to eat and drink, thanking Hvitserk for filling your plate and cup up.

Hours had passed and you hadn’t even realised you were having such a fun time with the princes, the food and drink were good, the music was even better, better than Norway, you danced with Sigurd, talked with Ivar and Ubbe, joked with Björn, ate your body weight with Hvitserk (you were extremely surprised with how much the skinny boy could eat) and everything was just great, one of the best times you’ve had in a long time, it was refreshing to meet new people and not feel under pressure to act like someone you weren’t, you really felt yourself in this place

“Another dance?” Asked sigurd as he put his hand out to escort you

“one more dance and I shall head out with my uncles, it’s been a good long day” you said kindly

“of course, one last one, until the next time” sigurd said. You had danced to three more songs before sigurd let you go “well [y/n] it has been a pleasure to meet you but now we will meet again tomorrow as we are all very tired” Ubbe said followed by a yawn

“I never say anything like this, but I enjoyed your company very much! And I hope we can continue our talks tomorrow” ivar said

“of course we will Prince Ivar, I will look most forward to that! And I have have enjoyed your company very much too!” You said with a tired look on your face but you smiled

“goodnight to all of you, tomorrow is a new day, a new day for jokes, talks and dancing thank you for being so nice to me” you said before you hugged all of them and left with your uncles.

“We take it as you had fun tonight?” Halfdan said happily

“I had a wonderful time! The best in a long time, it’s great here!” You were saying with the biggest smile on your face

“the princes took a rather big liking to you even Ivar and that’s very rare” Harald said rather proudly

“you really think so?”

“I know so [y/n] it’s hard not to like a person like you” Harald said.

Halfdan picked you up and carried you for the rest of the walk back to their hut as you were slowing down with how tired you were.

“Goodnight [y/n] it’s great to have you back with us” Halfdan said tiredly “goodnight Harald, goodnight Halfdan, i’m happy to be with you!” You said as you blew out your candle to sleep

//Well I hope you enjoyed that! Sorry if it was a little long! SEND REQUEST ON WHAT YOU WANT ME TO WRITE ABOUT CAN BE A HEADCANNON, PREFERENCE OR AN IMAGINE 🥀🖤\



Hogwarts House Aesthetics


speaking your mind but only when you know you’re right / dark, quiet corridors / family traditions / only starting arguments you know you’ll win / watching the surface of the water / late night walks / breathing in the cold night air / going out at weird times to avoid other people as much as possible / secrets and mysteries / trashy romance novels / a small group of friends / showing affection only at rare occasions / long dresses / fancy dinners / suspicious glances / the scent of leather / potions / misty mornings 


lying in a field of flowers / herbology / feeling the ground beneath you / sunshine on your skin / laughing together with friends / being surrounded by people you love / messy rooms / creative works / paint stains on your clothes / singing loudly to the music / home cooked meals / cute, comfortable clothes / hot tea / flowers placed everywhere / the smell of fruit / all kinds of pets / loyalty / a good sense of humour / vintage things / standing up for what you believe is right 


books lying around everywhere / intelligence / watching the night sky / asking questions all the time / driving others crazy with your weird knowledge / ink all over your hands / high waisted skirts / watching the clouds fly by / astrology / strange experiments / working in a lab / wind blowing all around you / forgetting to eat because you’re too concentrated on something / daydreaming


cracking fire / adventures / taking risks / being outside a lot / warm, fluffy sweaters / dirty boots / ripped clothes / the smell of wood / always getting into trouble / long evenings / visiting friends / watching a bunch of tv shows / being a little out of the loop because you didn’t pay attention / bravery / hot coffee / marshmallows / dancing in the rain 


Hiiiii guyysssss <3

Los Angeles is home to one of the first gay rights groups to be formed in the US, The Mattachine Society, which was started in 1950. Since then, LA has been on the edge of LGBTQ issues - Griffith Park, for example, was the home to the first “Gay In”, where LGBTQ individuals gathered together in the name of solidarity.

For tonight’s show we are partnering with Safe Place for Youth. Since 2010, SPY has grown from a volunteer-only organization to a staff of 13 professionals. SPY serves nearly 1,000 homeless youth ages 12-25 in Los Angeles, with a disproportionate number of those youth identifying as LGBTQ.

SPY offers programs such as drop-in services, case management, education and employment support, and health care to assist their clients in transitioning to a stable life away from the streets. They are super connected with the homeless youth population in West LA, and work hard to provide a positive, trauma-informed environment for them. As well as offering meals and clothing, SPY officially added showers to their facility in July. Amenities like this give the center a home-like feel, allowing young people to feel safe and relaxed while receiving life-saving support.

We’d love for u guys to bring new socks to donate to Safe Place For Youth. Bring at least one to be entered in a raffle for a ticket upgrade <3

Love Troye x

At Your Service ~Three~

Part One ~ Part Two

*so I have a full day ahead and can’t make a promise for the next part until maybe Sunday, depending on how the weekend unfolds. Thank you for your patience.*

Thranduil had always been a sound sleeper but that night he was inconsolably  restless. He could barely close his eyes to dream for the thoughts swirling around in his head of the next day. It was a mystery which eluded him why his mind fixated on the stone-faced maid. She was not an immaculate beauty, no more or less attractive than the elvish ladies he encountered every day, but she intrigued him to his core. Perhaps it was the forbidden nature of his curiosity which aroused him so.

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       “the curious incident of the dog in the night-time”                                                         starters

slightly edited in some cases to work for rp purposes.
feel free to change phrasing or pronouns to fit your muse(s)!

  • ❝ Sometimes we get sad about things and we don’t like to tell other people that we are sad about them. ❞
  • ❝ Sometimes, we are sad but we really don’t know why we are sad, so we say we aren’t sad but we really are. ❞
  • ❝ I think people believe in heaven because they don’t like the idea of dying. ❞
  • ❝ All the other children at my school are stupid. ❞
  • ❝ And there was nothing to do except to wait and to hurt. ❞
  • ❝ Metaphors are lies. ❞
  • ❝ I find people confusing. ❞
  • ❝ Lots of things are mysteries. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer to them. It’s just that scientists haven’t found the answer yet. ❞
  • ❝ Everyone has learning difficulties, because learning to speak French or understanding relativity is difficult. ❞
  • ❝ You are most likely to be murdered by a member of your own family on Christmas day. ❞
  • ❝ Because there is something they can’t see, people think it has to be special, because people always think there is something special about what they can’t see. ❞
  • ❝ He always tells me the truth, which means that he loves me. ❞
  • ❝ What they failed to teach you at school was that the whole business of being human just got messier and more complicated as you got older. ❞
  • ❝ I’m scared people are going to hit me or touch me. ❞
  • ❝ People say that you always have to tell the truth. But they do not mean this. ❞
  • ❝ I know that they’re working out what I’m thinking, but I can’t tell what they’re thinking. It is like being in a room with a one-way mirror in a spy film. ❞
  • ❝ I care about dogs because they were faithful and honest, and some dogs were cleverer and more interesting than some people. ❞
  • ❝ Sometimes people want to be stupid and they do not want to know the truth. ❞
  • ❝ I am going to prove that I’m not stupid. ❞
  • ❝ You could still want something that is very unlikely to happen. ❞
  • ❝ I do not like strangers because I do not like people I have never met before. They are hard to understand. ❞
  • ❝ He was asking too many questions and he was asking them too quickly. ❞
  • ❝ I want to go to sleep so that I don’t have to think. ❞
  • ❝ I cooked his meals. I cleaned his clothes. ❞
  • ❝ Eventually scientists will discover something that explains ghosts. ❞
  • ❝ Often I can see what someone is saying written out like it is being printed on a computer screen. ❞
  • ❝ And when I am in a new place and there are lots of people there it is even harder because people can talk to you and do things that you don’t expect, so you have to notice everything that is in the place, and also you have to notice things that might happen as well. ❞
  • ❝ Intuition is what people use in life to make decisions. But logic can help you work out the right answer. ❞ 
  • ❝ It’s hard telling the truth all the time. Sometimes it’s impossible. ❞
  • ❝ It hurt so that I couldn’t feel any other sort of hurt, like the hurt in my chest. ❞ 
celestial [1]

greek god au feat. park jimin as eros

↳ “wonderin’ if i dodged a bullet
or just lost the love of my life…”

― zayn & taylor swift, i don’t wanna live forever

     YOU HAD NEVER LAID EYES ON YOUR HUSBAND. You had been married to him for about a month, but his face was still a mystery to you. He provided a grand palace for you to stay in with only the most luxurious meals and clothes spun from gold. While you had enjoyed it at first, loneliness quickly found its way to your heart and you caught yourself speaking to thin air, hoping your husband was listening. Although you had never physically seen him, you could feel his presence.

Your husband exclusively visited you at night. He would always wait until you drifted to sleep (no matter how hard you tried to keep awake) and leave right before you woke again. You knew this because the spot next to you in your bed was always warm. Sometimes, when you were feeling particularly sad that morning, you would scoot over and bask in his warmth before it became your own. 

This morning, however, was different. Your sister was coming to visit you today. Your kind husband had heard one of your aimless rambles and informed you by letter that he would allow her to see you. You prepared your sister’s favorite meal and wandered around the palace nervously, waiting for her arrival. It had been so long since you’ve had a visitor. 

When you heard the golden gates of the palace creak open, you nearly fell over. You sprinted to the entrance, almost tripping over your long skirt. Your sister stood in awe as she took in the grandeur of your home. You enveloped her in a giant hug and buried your face in her shoulder, feeling tears spring to your eyes. “Oh, how I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, dearest younger sister. This―This palace is amazing!” 

“And terribly lonely,” you mumbled, pulling away. She stared at you, confused. 

“Where is your husband?” 

You shrugged sadly. “I’ve never seen him.”

“Why, that’s preposterous! You’re married!” She exclaimed. “You’ve never even looked your husband in the eye?” 

“I don’t even know what his eye looks like,” you said wryly. “He only comes home when I’m asleep. And only when I’m asleep.”

Your sister sighed, shaking her head. “Oh, Y/N, how naive you are. Just simply pretend. If he thinks you are asleep, then he’ll reveal his face.”

You frowned. “I don’t want to betray his trust like that. He’ll reveal himself to me whenever he sees fit. He is my husband after all.”

“Don’t you see? He won’t, because he’s hideous. What man would hide his face unless his face was horrendous?” She widened her eyes, making you laugh. “No matter, tell me everything.”

So you did, completely forgetting about your “hideous” husband.

As you prepared for bed that night, you couldn’t shake your sister’s words. She invoked a nagging curiosity in you.

Well, he won’t know if he doesn’t wake up, you told yourself.

So, you climbed into your bed with a plan. You closed your eyes and evened out your breathing, trying your hardest to mimic your natural sleeping form. Then, you waited. Time dragged on through slow ticks of the old clock in your room and just when you thought he hadn’t fallen for your ruse, you felt the spot beside you dip slightly and a shifting of blankets. Soft lips placed themselves on your cheekbone as an angelic voice whispered, “good night, my love.” 

You tried to remain calm, not daring to move a finger. Your breathing stayed steady, but your heartbeat was hammering against your chest. You waited until his breathing steadied and you were sure he was asleep. Slowly but surely, you eased yourself out of bed and reached for the oil lamp beside you. You gently struck a match and winced when the flame appeared, wondering if your husband was going to wake. Luckily, he did not. 

Creeping on your tip-toes against the pristine marble floor, you walked over to his side. You held up the lamp and squinted, trying to see his features. When you did, you almost dropped the lamp. You covered your mouth with your free hand, trying not to gasp. 

He was the most beautiful man you had ever seen. Skin smooth like a pearl tinged with a golden hue and flaxen hair that looked like the gold your clothes were spun form. Pale pink, plush lips and long eyelashes adorned his face. He wasn’t human; there was no possible way he could be. He was a god. Your husband was Eros. 

In your state of awe, you began to act careless and oil from your lamp sloshed over, burning not only your hand but also falling onto his back and burning him as well. Eros woke with a start and his deep brown eyes looked into yours, filled with betrayal and hurt. 

“What have you done, my love?” 

Then, he was gone.

“Dull”  Daughter! Reader X Father! Rick Sanchez

so this is my very first long imagine ig, i really like how interesting rick is as a character. I decided to make another imagine blog with Rick and Morty along with writing scenarios,imagines and stories about the characters. I’ve been inspired by many blogs and of course rick and morty blogs. I’ll see about doing other fandoms but right now i’m focusing on this. Thank You

Trigger Warnings:swearing, Alcoholism,Child Neglect mentioned, drug use mentioned

You never knew who your father was, and quite frankly, you didn’t really give a rat’s ass about who he was along with the fact if the bastard was even alive. twenty-five damn years and the name, face, as well as identity of your biological father was still a puzzle shrouded in bitter mystery. Growing up with a junkie mother who would much rather spend her days and nights underneath the glimmering, bright night club lights chugging down whatever intoxicating drink she can get her hands on was no easy life. From a young age you had quite a grasp and understanding what the world was really like and well, it was shit.

The only hope you had that the world wasn’t all that bad was from your uncle; Who gave you a roof above your head, clean clothes, warm meals, and to your relief a parental figure that did nothing but show you the love as well as support a six year old needed in their life. You loved your uncle, and he loved you.

You were a spitting-image of your mother, who once upon a time was quite a stunning woman. Now all that was left was the very shell of the stunning woman that once was before she decided that the night-life scene was much more fun than the bright future she once had. Your uncle has once noted that, despite never really seeing your father in person you share the same dull, and tired eyes with a uninterested, yet self-confident smile to match with. It certainly wasn’t your mother’s lively eyes or coy smile so it must’ve been his, not that you really cared.

With all that in mind along with coming to terms with the fact that the possiblity of you ever having a father, besides the loving uncle you had the pleasure to have in your life was non-existent. You couldn’t believe the older man in front of you making such a shocking and absurd accusation.

This man in front of you, with his unmanageable, wild white hair pointing everywhere along his head, his faded, wrinkled skin and his dull and tired eyes met with your’s in such an intense gaze that your eyes bore into his with a more fierce intent that you swore you saw his hands twitch in an anxious manner.

A-are you gonna say something? Or are you–are you just gonna stand there?” the man’s raspy and hoarse sounding voice reached into your ears as you processed every single thing this man’s appearance and voice had to offer. His forehead creased making more wrinkles show as his bushy eyebrows furrowed as soon as the question was asked. The question! you suddenly remember what he said before also noticing the tone and meaning of what he meant. The only thing you could think of flashed in your head as your jaw clenched and you gripped your hands so hard your knuckles became white.

“Excuse me? I think you have the wrong person” Your voice wavered and flowed out your baring teeth. Your heart began to pound into your chest and you heard the frantic beating in your ears as you tried your hardest to stop your shaking hands. Millions of thoughts invaded your head making it difficult to hear the outside noises the city provided besides your panicked heart. Then you heard it, your name, your name in the same voice the old man has. Everything seemed to stop in slow motion as your vision focused to the old man staring at you with a bored and irritated look.

“Th-That is you right? I couldn’t have m-mistaken my own daughter right?” He looked at you with the same annoyed look as he reached his hand inside the moth-eaten and worn-out white labcoat he had on to pull out a metal flask and taking a long drink of whatever liquid was contained in there. Your mouth opened and yo–

“Look,I g-guess it’s understandable that your confused, Or some s-shit. I’m Rick Sanchez, maybe I s-should explain or something yeah?”

all you could do was nod your head as you looked into the man’s eyes. His dark tired, dull eyes and frown that seemed to become even worse as you continued to say nothing and look at him. You didn’t even remember or notice at what point you began to cry.


Based on “Imagine being pregnant when found by the Company and after they all survive the Battle of the Five Armies, one of them is prepared to marry you and adopt your child” from Imaginexhobbit

Sequel: Home for Yuletide


Voices pierced the blackness that surrounded you. 

“She’s breathing.” 

“Oh, Mahal, she is with child. Oin!” 

“Here, lad. Stand back.” 

A hand gently pushed your hair back from your forehead and you felt something cold and wet on your skin, trickling down your temple and into your ear. 

“Only a scratch,” the voice sounded relieved. “The blood made it look worse than it is.” 

You slowly opened your eyelids, blinking against the glare of the morning sun, and saw a face swim into focus. The face was craggy and sharp-eyed, but kind, with a mane of gray hair and an elaborately braided beard. Its owner was dabbing carefully at your head with a wet cloth. Your first instinct was to try to push yourself up on your elbows, but the dwarf, as you now recognized him, patted your shoulder. 

“Just lie still, lassie. You’ve had a blow to the head, and there’s no telling how long you lay in the boat.” 

The boat. Memories began to flood back to you. Flames, smoke, screams, taking shelter anywhere you could find, then a jolt, shimmering flecks of white light before your eyes, and blackness. 

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A new life - Part I/III

Pairing: fem. reader x Tormund Giantsbane

Warnings: slow build

Words: 1637


As the third daughter of a farmer your life was not always that pleasant. Your mother died a decade ago but you still missed her. You two older sisters were married with two other farmers, so it was just you, your father and you two brothers. Most of the time your father was drunk and all he did was to order you around while you brothers fucked whores and insult you. So many nights you lay in your bed, thinking about running away, but where could you go? You haven’t seen your sisters in years and you had not that much friends – in fact you had none.  No one to talk to, no one who could help you.

But you weren’t that type of girl who just gave up and you always tried to make the best out of your life. One night you were laying in your bed, thinking about how you could escape from your awful family, when you suddenly heard men yelling. Was it your father? Was he drunk and angry at one of your brothers? No, it did not sound like him. You sat up on your bed, not moving, listen to the noises. Something was flickering in front of your window and your heart began to race. You walked to the window and saw a horde of men, all heavy armed, running to your house. You father stood outside with a torch in his hands, trying to defend himself. Your brothers stood behind him, armed with pitchforks since you had no real weapons in your house. Are these wildlings?, you asked yourself, watching the unknown men with fear. Maybe they won’t notice me. You crawled into the old wardrobe. My family will die. Somehow it almost made you happy – years of abuse and humiliation would be over, finally. But if the wildlings would find you…! They will rape me, flay me alive, eat me. Your father told you a lot of stories about the gruesome wildlings. ‘More animals than humans’, he always said. ‘They love to torture us!’

Tears were rushing down you face as you heard the wildlings entering your small house, destroying and stealing everything. Not because of your house or because of the things – but because you were afraid of them. And then a wildling went upstairs. You heard his heavy steps coming closer and closer. Please, gods, help me, you begged. But it was all for nothing. Your wardrobe was opened and you looked up to the stranger with your wet, red eyes. His beard and hair were red like fire, he was tall with a probably muscular body – was hard to say due to all the layers of fur he wore.

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