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Los Angeles is home to one of the first gay rights groups to be formed in the US, The Mattachine Society, which was started in 1950. Since then, LA has been on the edge of LGBTQ issues - Griffith Park, for example, was the home to the first “Gay In”, where LGBTQ individuals gathered together in the name of solidarity.

For tonight’s show we are partnering with Safe Place for Youth. Since 2010, SPY has grown from a volunteer-only organization to a staff of 13 professionals. SPY serves nearly 1,000 homeless youth ages 12-25 in Los Angeles, with a disproportionate number of those youth identifying as LGBTQ.

SPY offers programs such as drop-in services, case management, education and employment support, and health care to assist their clients in transitioning to a stable life away from the streets. They are super connected with the homeless youth population in West LA, and work hard to provide a positive, trauma-informed environment for them. As well as offering meals and clothing, SPY officially added showers to their facility in July. Amenities like this give the center a home-like feel, allowing young people to feel safe and relaxed while receiving life-saving support.

We’d love for u guys to bring new socks to donate to Safe Place For Youth. Bring at least one to be entered in a raffle for a ticket upgrade <3

Love Troye x

Hogwarts House Aesthetics


speaking your mind but only when you know you’re right / dark, quiet corridors / family traditions / only starting arguments you know you’ll win / watching the surface of the water / late night walks / breathing in the cold night air / going out at weird times to avoid other people as much as possible / secrets and mysteries / trashy romance novels / a small group of friends / showing affection only at rare occasions / long dresses / fancy dinners / suspicious glances / the scent of leather / potions / misty mornings 


lying in a field of flowers / herbology / feeling the ground beneath you / sunshine on your skin / laughing together with friends / being surrounded by people you love / messy rooms / creative works / paint stains on your clothes / singing loudly to the music / home cooked meals / cute, comfortable clothes / hot tea / flowers placed everywhere / the smell of fruit / all kinds of pets / loyalty / a good sense of humour / vintage things / standing up for what you believe is right 


books lying around everywhere / intelligence / watching the night sky / asking questions all the time / driving others crazy with your weird knowledge / ink all over your hands / high waisted skirts / watching the clouds fly by / astrology / strange experiments / working in a lab / wind blowing all around you / forgetting to eat because you’re too concentrated on something / daydreaming


cracking fire / adventures / taking risks / being outside a lot / warm, fluffy sweaters / dirty boots / ripped clothes / the smell of wood / always getting into trouble / long evenings / visiting friends / watching a bunch of tv shows / being a little out of the loop because you didn’t pay attention / bravery / hot coffee / marshmallows / dancing in the rain 

To the Women

To the women
  Cooking meals
  Sewing clothes
  Giving homes
  To our children

To the women
  Scribbling notes
  Dusting boards
  Teaching minds
  Of our children 

To the women
  Spreading love 
  Drafting laws
  Making change
  For our children

To those women
  And many more,
  Thank you
  For being
  Phenomenal women. 


Romantic Starter Pack

❤️ - Our Muses are on vacation in a Log Cabin. As it gets dark, they decide to turn on a movie, get some snacks, get a nice big blanket and cuddle. Fit with a lit fireplace for extra warmth.

💛 - Muse A is a servant who works under the wing of a very wealthy woman, as Muse B is a poor folk who happened to win a trip to said womans grand home! Upon arrival, Muse A is assigned to be Muse B’s personal service servant. Treating them to professional meals, clothes, special treatment and baths. At the end of the night, once Muse B thanks Muse A for their services, it is discovered that Muse A was never assigned to do everything they had, and they did it because Muse B was unreasonably charming to them.

💚 - Our Muses met on a dating app and barely know one another, scheduling a simple date at a karaoke bar. Once Muse A had arrived, they were disappointed to know that they had gotten stood up. Before they leave, however, Muse A discovers that it’s Muse B who is currently up on stage, preforming almost as a professional.

💙 - Our Muses don’t know one another, however, both of them earn a spot together in the same cart on the It’s A Small World ride at Disneyworld. Chatting each other up, they discover they get along pretty well, and accidentally fall in love by the end of the ride.

💜 - Muse A is found in a cemetery sitting by a grave on the verge of tears, speaking to it alone. Their voice is heard by Muse B who happened to be there at the same time, coming over and taking a seat with them once introduced, each of them vent and talk to each other about who they’re there to see. It turns out Muse A was unable to afford flowers for the grave stone, and, sadly, this is their first time seeing this loved one as a grave. Muse B can’t stand that idea and treats Muse A to a small trip to the store for some flowers. This night ends with each of their numbers in one anothers phone.

🖤 - Our Muses had a rough argument and Muse A is ready to leave. Muse B claims that they would prefer if Muse A left anyway. So, Muse A decides to break it off and pack their things. It takes over a day, but, everything is packed up and they’re ready to leave. Before they go, however, they check in on Muse B and ask if there’s anything else to say. All Muse B does is stand up, walk over and hug Muse A in a small fit of quiet tears. They sit there a while before Muse A drops their luggage and hugs Muse B back, calling them an idiot for making them pack all their stuff for nothing.

💔 - Our Muses are in an unhappy relationship. All they do is fight, they sleep facing away from each other. They bicker all day when they get up, and they argue all night before bed, there’s no winning. They both love one another dearly, but, are afraid to start any casual conversations, as they’re afraid of more fights breaking out. This is why they’re still together.

There we go!!

sex worker and houseless/low income pop-up shop and meal!
all clothes are clean and smell good!

please share for people who may need it but please do NOT plan on attending if you are NOT:

a sex worker
a low income person in need of professional office wear and/or warmer clothes

no one hungry will be turned away, regardless of age


I am very proudly a childish autistic person like

I wave at every car I see and smile at every person, because they’re my friends

I say hello to every cat and dog I see and talk to them like they’re a person

I watch cartoons. i eat simple meals. I wear lose clothing. my behaviors haven’t changed much in 18 years of life.

I can’t do math

I collect flowers and love coloring

but also

I have extensive knowledge of medieval history, botany, anatomy

i can, and enjoy driving

i have a ton of friends

i graduated high school 2 years early

i’ve written 3 full length novels

my point is, i can chlldish. i am not a child. i live my life how i feel comfortable, and that’s great!

 tl;dr: support childish autistic people, please!


These rows of “coffins”, known colloquially at the time as fourpenny coffins, were the men’s sleeping quarters in London’s Burne Street hostel and many other homeless shelters like it. It beat the penny sit up, where you were given a meal and possibly some clothing, as well as a place to stay inside for the night, but were not allowed to fall asleep. At two pence, you might be able to use a twopenny lean over, where, in addition to the meal and the possible clothing, the proprietor would allow you to fall asleep, hanging over a rope, either placed in front of your chair or, where space was more limited, in front of you while you stood, to prevent you from falling on your face. In the morning, the proprietor or one of his employees would unhook the rope to wake the sleeping. Photos circa 1900.

If men are serious about this gheerah “protective jealousy” thing, they’d step up more and support their wives, daughters, sisters and mothers inside the home. If they’re really protective, it would bother them when the women in their lives wash their underwear, cook their meals, clean their clothes and handle chores which every human being should do for themselves while they lie around, especially when those women too have jobs, kids, studies and other endeavors to handle. The gheerah is asleep when their women need them most yet it’s awake and functional when it comes to policing them.

If men truly had this protective jealousy they love talking about they’d do their part to ensure that the women in their lives aren’t burdened by babying them in addition to all that they have to handle everyday. Step up please.

anonymous asked:

You just keep getting fatter and fatter. I bet all your clothes are tight now. Must be hard to button your pants with that gut covering the waistband.

Actually, I can’t button any of my pants!!!! I have restored to zipping them up as far as I can (which is becoming increasingly less and less), leaving them unbuttoned and then just keeping it all together with my belt on the loosest setting. All my pants are 32s or 34s, I’m a 35-37 depending on the time of day. My belt is a 36. Even then, like after lunch, the only meal I’m clothed for, it ends up hurting and I may unbuckle it for a few minutes. Per the suggestion of @wyo-chub I’m wearing my jogger sweats a lot more. Ironic, right? Athletic wear on such a fatty.

FINALLY got a space for the meal and clothing giveaway and it’s in a really great and accessible location right where we do outreach and it’s owned by a good community group so i don’t even have to pay a shitty asshole it’s all awesome.

—Sun’s Dusk, 9th, 4E 201—

A yellow-eyed Bosmer, hunkering by one of the city’s many public braziers in little more than ratted furs and sackcloth, was most amenable to my proposition. We are both in need of a good, hot meal and some warmer clothes, and she knows well enough why a merish visitor would want assistance in finding them. She apologised for the time it took for her to stand and ready herself, the rag-padded branch that served as her crutch as much a hindrance as a help, but she needn’t have worried; I’d become briefly transfixed by the play of light on the icicles edging the rooftops. What little beauty there is to be found in such a city should be savoured as well as it can be… Bless her, if she noticed the oddly-fixed quality of my gaze, she was good enough not to make mention of it.

This way, this way, down one of the warren of alleys, shady with soot and grime to blacken my gloves upon the walls. I am a little glad to be directed away from the greater market; despite the balm of the sugar, the Dunmer making their business there still discomfort me. Their twisted tongues aside, I find myself staring too much. Their hair is most often braided in the ugly, utilitarian plaits native to the Nords, with barely any care at all save to keep it from their eyes. There is little to distinguish them from their Nordic competitors. Too much baring of teeth to take comfort in the smiles. Even the most well-fed look too hungry.

But how sweet it is, to feel so little.

Becoming a young mum.

Yes I am 20 years old (21 next month!) so I am considered to be pretty young to become a first time mum.

But it feels like everywhere I go I have people asking me whether I mind that I have ‘given up my youth to become a mum?’

If my choices were between going out every night or staying at home and cuddling my son I know what I would choose..

If my choices were between spending my money on clothes and meals out for myself and clothes and food for my son I know what I would choose..

If I were given the option of spending a week partying and drinking, or a week with my little family.. I know what I would choose.

I don’t disagree with people wanting to live their lives whilst they are young, so why disagree with mine?

You may see me as a 20 year old who can no longer make 'spontaneous’ plans anymore..

But I see myself as mother.. whose son said 'momma’ for the first time yesterday and felt it was the most amazing moment of her life..

Who changes poopy nappies and wipes up sick.. but then gets the most amazing cuddles in return..

Who doesn’t get to go out everytime she wants to.. but gets to watch her son roll over for the first time, crawl for the first time and every single little moment in between.

I have not given up my life, I have just chosen to live it in a different way to you. Neither is wrong, neither is right.

But neither is less rewarding. I have not given up my life- I have created a life.

and nothing can compare to that..

Gift [AU - Closed]


Ben Amidala had (and would have, at the wave of a hand) anything that he needed - fine clothes, exotic meals, even a poor servant to be entertained by - but there was something that he didn’t have. It hadn’t been uncommon for royal families to have a few slaves in their household, put there to follow orders just as the other staff were, but some were asked to do a little “more” than just fetch things and deliver messages to the public. The young prince could have used one, or so everyone else in the palace thought, to keep him away from things and out of trouble. 

One day a guest had entered the palace, bringing someone else along with them: a tall, thin, red-haired man dressed in something that was quite tasteful, being dragged along by a chain binding their hands together. When the guest had reached the foot of the throne where Ben was seated alongside his mother, he announced that this man was a gift for the young prince (perhaps as a peace offering too for a favor that would be owed later on). Curious, Ben stood and came over to the guest and gave a closer look to the slave. The guest made it clear that this man was feisty, but may learn to act otherwise over time. 

“Feisty? I think I might like that. It will bring some excitement into this place,” Ben gave a small smile and turned his attention back to the slave, “What is your name?”

man tho… if annabeth finds magnus and takes him to camp, imagine his reaction, being told that just like that, he’s off the streets

will he think about others he knew on the streets, and how it might not get as easy for them? or will he just be happy with what he’s been given?

i bet he’d sleep in. be excited about actually good blankets and a thick mattress. and getting showers every day and not having to worry about people looking at him like he’s gross or going to steal from them. fresh clothes. good meals.

there’s probably a small group of campers who know what he’s been through- have lost their mortal parent and refused fosters or were rejected from shelters and were homeless for a while. they arent friends but they talk about it, sometimes. the experience. the hardships.

i just really want exposition of this and his feelings and emotions

“We have become [so] inundated with obligations, […] overwhelmed by noise, and the onslaught of news and information, surrounded by clamor and meaningless conversations, all buttressed by our culture’s supposition that action is preferable to inaction, busywork to idleness. Too many of us have bought into the idea that the pursuit of happiness is in fact the pursuit of pleasure. Somehow we have become estranged from quiet and have developed not only a low tolerance for it, but an almost outright fear of it.

Not too long ago, periods of reflection and stillness were woven into the fabric of our days as we washed dishes, prepared meals, chopped wood, mended clothing, and walked in contemplative silence. Technology has not only accelerated the pace of our lives, it has made our lives noisier and destroyed their peaceful rhythms.

Noise is a form of violence done to us, but have become so accustomed to it that it barely registers, like a car alarm that blares on and on but which no one heeds. Sound systems have become part of our communal landscape, inescapable in supermarkets, shopping malls, ball parks, elevators, coffee shops and restaurants, office waiting rooms, and hospitals. It’s as we have come to believe that silence is a void that must be filled whatever the cost. We no longer know how to be still. We no longer know how to be alone. We seem to require constant and relentless input. We are addicted to sensory over stimulation.“

Anne D. LeClaire, Listening Below the Noise, A Meditation on the Practice of Silence 

I had someone see my local post on FB about my picture deal for $75. She sent me a message saying she doesn’t have any money for photos but offered meals…clothes…and even doula services when babe comes home because she is a doula.

Bless her heart for even offering..

So I offered to take pictures for her for free. Turns out she has a 6 month old and no good photos of her…

Pay it forward people…pay it forward…