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Runblr Asks

1. Favorite race memory?

2. What is your race mantra?

3. Favorite XC course?

4. Favorite running quote?

5. What pro-runner most inspires you?

6. Favorite track event? 

7. What is your strength as a runner?

8. What is your weakness as a runner? 

9. Are you superstitious before races? (certain pre race meal, clothes, etc.) 

10. What is the coolest place you have ever run?

11. If you could live and train anywhere in the world, where would you and why?

12. How many pairs of running shoes do you currently own?

13. Which running shoes are your favorite? 

14. What kind of watch do you have? 

15. What’s your favorite workout? 

16. Why do you run? 

17. What is your biggest running-related pet peeve?

18. What’s the most mileage you’ve ever run?

19. What’s the longest you’ve gone without running, since becoming a runner? 

20. How many years have you been running?

21. What is your ideal running weather?

22. What is the proudest running award you have received?

23. What do you dream of accomplishing? 

24. What do you think your training look like in 5 years from now?

25. What did your training look like 5 years ago? 

26. What is the biggest mistake you have made (and learned from) as a runner? 

27. What running memory will you most fondly look back on, when your career is long over? 

We interrupt your regular navel gazing with this vapid update: a week after cutting out dairy, wheat, refined sugar, red meat, alcohol, peanuts, processed foods, and caffeine, and my skin is like 100%. O-ver-night!

Whaaaaat else have I been doing wrong to my poor body? To my brain? Why does this thing not come with an owner’s manual?

Harry Dresden is autistic!

1. Comments many times on the comforting weight of his duster, and the weight of weapons in his hand or pocket and pets lying on him (pressure stim)

2. Very attached to routine and familiarity and is upset if his routine is changed or interrupted (same car, apartment, clothes, meals, etc.)

3. Uses (sometimes pre-scripted) snarky comments as a coping mechanism when he’s having trouble communicating verbally

4. Hyperfocuses on tasks he loves, like building little Chicago or other magical workings, can forget to eat/sleep/shower and ignores social interactions when focused

5. Infodumps about magic

6. Stims with mister and mouse, staff and blasting rod (comments a lot on texture and weight and feeling)

7. Avoids eye contact (partially because of soulgaze possibility but still does it with people he’s already soulgazed)

8. His voice is described as being different than most (non-neurotypical) and he vocal stims with spells

9. Meltdowns and shutdowns due to anger and other strong emotions or sensitivities, sometimes has trouble controlling anger and not melting down violently

10. Mind jumps subjects in ways outside viewers don’t follow, comments don’t always seem to be related to the conversation (going from vampires to why hotdogs and hotdog buns are sold in different amounts) and makes “leaps of logic” that he sometimes struggles to explain to others

11. When he’s having a shutdown or panic attack from sensory problems, he counts by prime numbers to cope until he can go somewhere dark and quiet to calm down

12. Hyperempathy (always wants to help even when he knows people might be lying, gave lash and ivy names and empathized with them)

Romantic Starter Pack

❤️ - Our Muses are on vacation in a Log Cabin. As it gets dark, they decide to turn on a movie, get some snacks, get a nice big blanket and cuddle. Fit with a lit fireplace for extra warmth.

💛 - Muse A is a servant who works under the wing of a very wealthy woman, as Muse B is a poor folk who happened to win a trip to said womans grand home! Upon arrival, Muse A is assigned to be Muse B’s personal service servant. Treating them to professional meals, clothes, special treatment and baths. At the end of the night, once Muse B thanks Muse A for their services, it is discovered that Muse A was never assigned to do everything they had, and they did it because Muse B was unreasonably charming to them.

💚 - Our Muses met on a dating app and barely know one another, scheduling a simple date at a karaoke bar. Once Muse A had arrived, they were disappointed to know that they had gotten stood up. Before they leave, however, Muse A discovers that it’s Muse B who is currently up on stage, preforming almost as a professional.

💙 - Our Muses don’t know one another, however, both of them earn a spot together in the same cart on the It’s A Small World ride at Disneyworld. Chatting each other up, they discover they get along pretty well, and accidentally fall in love by the end of the ride.

💜 - Muse A is found in a cemetery sitting by a grave on the verge of tears, speaking to it alone. Their voice is heard by Muse B who happened to be there at the same time, coming over and taking a seat with them once introduced, each of them vent and talk to each other about who they’re there to see. It turns out Muse A was unable to afford flowers for the grave stone, and, sadly, this is their first time seeing this loved one as a grave. Muse B can’t stand that idea and treats Muse A to a small trip to the store for some flowers. This night ends with each of their numbers in one anothers phone.

🖤 - Our Muses had a rough argument and Muse A is ready to leave. Muse B claims that they would prefer if Muse A left anyway. So, Muse A decides to break it off and pack their things. It takes over a day, but, everything is packed up and they’re ready to leave. Before they go, however, they check in on Muse B and ask if there’s anything else to say. All Muse B does is stand up, walk over and hug Muse A in a small fit of quiet tears. They sit there a while before Muse A drops their luggage and hugs Muse B back, calling them an idiot for making them pack all their stuff for nothing.

💔 - Our Muses are in an unhappy relationship. All they do is fight, they sleep facing away from each other. They bicker all day when they get up, and they argue all night before bed, there’s no winning. They both love one another dearly, but, are afraid to start any casual conversations, as they’re afraid of more fights breaking out. This is why they’re still together.

There we go!!

sex worker and houseless/low income pop-up shop and meal!
all clothes are clean and smell good!

please share for people who may need it but please do NOT plan on attending if you are NOT:

a sex worker
a low income person in need of professional office wear and/or warmer clothes

no one hungry will be turned away, regardless of age


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Tomarry- "You leave, you can never come back!" Congrats cxxx

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Tomarry

Tags: Light Angst, Feels, Friendship, Possessive!Tom, Pre-Tomarry

All he’d wanted was a place to fit in. Instead, he’d learned very quickly that Hogwarts was just another tier to the hellstorm that was his life. It wasn’t just being unliked because the matron of the orphanage told everyone he was a bastard child born of a circus performer. There were more reasons to be hated there than when he was at the orphanage.

He was sorted into Slytherin. Everyone seemed to hate Slytherin. No one stood up for a Slytherin, no one told the truth about Slytherins. If one was sorted into Slytherin House, they could expect half of the school to hate them on principle.

He had a common name that was in no way magical, making him a ‘Mudblood’. Slytherins were notorious for not liking Muggleborn children and being incredibly hostile toward them. So even though he was in their House, his fellow Housemates treated him terribly for his supposed blood status.

He was brilliant. Tom had always been naturally talented and had a thirst for knowledge because knowledge was power. Many students could not fathom the fact that a Mudblood like him could be capable of such magical control or knowledge. And if it wasn’t the bigots who hated him for being a Mudblood who was smarter and better, it was the Ravenclaws who couldn’t stand having competition for ‘best in class’.

He was friends with a Gryffindor. And he used the term ‘friends’ lightly, but it was the best term he had to describe what Harry was to him. Harry had been sorted to the House directly opposing Tom’s. He’d always been inherently kind and merciful. Both being so similar, but while Tom was the punisher, Harry was the savior.

Harry’s name was magical. He looked like another member of his House, almost perfectly should he make his hair brown and eyes hazel. Everyone was convinced he was a misplaced Potter child and there were murmurs of adoption. However the other Potter who was a fourth year, had told Harry that he couldn’t be friends with Tom if he wanted to be adopted.

Harry had refused immediately, stating that Tom had been his friend for longer than he’d known of magic and that Tom was more important than some stuck up family who were just as biased as the people they claimed were the epitome of evil.

If those weren’t reason enough to hate him already, Albus Dumbledore hated him for more reasons than even Tom knew.

He knew the man didn’t like that Tom could speak to serpents. He knew that Dumbledore hated it that Harry and he conversed on a daily basis. He knew that Dumbledore thought Tom a bad example. It was in his body language, the tone of his voice, andhow his eyes followed Tom’s every move. Tom was not trusted in the eyes of a man who knew nothing about him.

The condescending, holier than thou attitude the old fool walked around with was frustrating.

Basically, Tom was hated by a majority of his peers for many reasons either beyond his control, or simply because they were pathetic and jealous.

And a chance to possibly lessen the hatred had arrived that morning, offering to take him away from that hellhole he called a place of residence and have him tutored in the proper magics befitting one such as he. However, it also meant leaving Harry behind.

Mr. Riddle, 

I have been informed of your astonishing ability
in your studies as well as your particular talent
involving serpents. These are not skills that should
be ignored, but praised. They should be allowed
to grow in a healthy environment, where you can
attain self-control of your power without stress.

I feel that my family and I could very well aid you
on your journey to greatness. It would take but a 
few pieces of parchment and some signing to see
your adoption through to the fullest. The Ministry
is very easy to handle in these matters and no one
would seek to have you placed back into your
former home.

You would have access to the best private tutors
available. You would be coached in the proper 
manner befitting a member of Slytherin House.
Perhaps we could purchase you a serpent familiar
of your own so that you may harness your ability.

All of this, plus the benefits of our family name, 
would place you much higher in status among
your peers. Meanwhile, you may be able to learn
about your magical history. Your special language
is in no way common, even among the magical

Your agreement to this proposition would in a
way benefit both parties. We would be honored if
you accepted our offer.

Lord Arcturus Black
The Most Ancient and Noble House of Black

It was a tempting offer. So very tempting. They had something he wanted. Had wanted for years.

“If you leave, you can never come back!“

Tom’s head jerked to the side, seeing Harry standing in the doorway to their shared room at the orphanage. The other boy looked crazed and slightly wary.

“I would be adopted,” said Tom, “of course I wouldn’t come back.”

But Harry’s head was shaking. “If you leave me,” he clarified, “you can never come back.”

It was a startling realisation. Because Harry had denied the chance of a family. A room of his own and full meals. Non-second hand clothing and probably a chance to peruse any shop he wanted without having to worry about funds. Harry had done it for Tom’s sake and their… friendship.

Tom not doing the same would mean abandonment. It would mean leaving Harry to face the horrors of the orphanage without his protection. And Tom knew about the Blacks. They were as extreme as the Potters but on the very opposite end of the spectrum. They did not like Gryffindors and while it was not mentioned, he had no doubt he would be trained into hating Harry for simply his robe colours eventually.

It was more difficult for Tom to make the decision, than it was for Harry. Tom was cruel and self-centered. Until Harry came into his life, he’d only thought about himself. Harry was so free and careless about his own happiness most of the time, that he would willingly give things up for others. Such as a chance at a family all for a child who was a bit too possessive and Dark.

He couldn’t lose Harry though. Harry was the only person who was truly Tom’s. Even if he had trouble defining their relationship, Harry was still Tom’s no matter what.

Looking at the letter, Tom pursed his lips. He didn’t need the fame of another to become great. Besides, Lord Black had revealed a few things in his letter, whether he noticed or not.

  1. Tom’s ability was rare and considered a magical language. It also had ‘history’.
  2. For some reason, having Tom in their family would benefit them, meaning something about him made them consider adoption.
  3. People out there wanted people with Tom’s skills. 

Tom would become great without them, because they’d already given him some answers, and helped him formulate new questions that he could properly research now.

He folded the parchment in half and tucked it back into his trunk. He would reply later.

“I am none too fond of the Blacks,” he confessed. “Walburga caterwauls louder than any Banshee ever could.”

Thankfully, Harry understood what he was saying and knew very well that he was often a deflector when in emotional situations.

The other boy skipped into the room and plopped onto Tom’s bed in order to throw his arms around Tom’s skinny shoulders.

“We’ll take the magical world by storm, Tom. I just know it.”

A/N: This was long. Holy shiznit.

To the Women

To the women
  Cooking meals
  Sewing clothes
  Giving homes
  To our children

To the women
  Scribbling notes
  Dusting boards
  Teaching minds
  Of our children 

To the women
  Spreading love 
  Drafting laws
  Making change
  For our children

To those women
  And many more,
  Thank you
  For being
  Phenomenal women. 


pentagon as dads

Jinho: pushover dad. lets his kids do whatever they want because he just can’t say no. it’s very likely that if he knows you’ll get mad, he’ll tell them to “ask mom”.

Hui: embarrassing/funny dad. totally the type to cheer embarrassingly loud for his child at a sports game or will shout their names when they’re getting picked up from school.

Hongseok: helpful dad. he’s the type of dad who’s almost like a second mom. he can cook meals, do laundry, sew clothes that got ruined, but also cleans the house, picks the kids up from school, and still caters to his wife.

E’Dawn: cool dad. he’s the dad who is really friendly with his kids and lets his kids do everything mom won’t let them do. probably the dad that all the kids wish they had.

Shinwon: clueless dad. the type of dad who is completely oblivious to what is going on in his kids’ lives. “i don’t understand why our daughter is so moody” “she’s going thru puberty” “what? already?” “shinwon, she’s 14″

Yeo One: ‘best friend’ dad. he and his kids are on a very equal level, he’s the type of dad that can be trusted with anything, so you tell him everything that’s going on in your life as well as ask for his advice.

Yan An: soft dad. kind of like the pushover dad, but instead of letting his kids walk all over him, he just doesn’t raise his voice. he’s more of a “i’m not mad… i’m just disappointed” kind of dad.

Yuto: quiet dad. he’s the kind of dad that goes through his entire day without saying much. he’ll take naps, eat, watch tv, do some chores, and maybe he’ll ask if you had a good day at school– he’s always down to play catch.

Kino: fun dad. the type of dad that always plans fun trips and vacations for his family. is very active so insists on doing invigorating activities like rock climbing, snorkeling, and ziplining.

Wooseok: cute dad. the kind of dad to do aegyo to his kids to cheer them up when they’re having a bad day. just kind of cute by nature. sometimes embarrasses his kids because he’ll do it to them in public.

Hogwarts House Aesthetics


speaking your mind but only when you know you’re right / dark, quiet corridors / family traditions / only starting arguments you know you’ll win / watching the surface of the water / late night walks / breathing in the cold night air / going out at weird times to avoid other people as much as possible / secrets and mysteries / trashy romance novels / a small group of friends / showing affection only at rare occasions / long dresses / fancy dinners / suspicious glances / the scent of leather / potions / misty mornings 


lying in a field of flowers / herbology / feeling the ground beneath you / sunshine on your skin / laughing together with friends / being surrounded by people you love / messy rooms / creative works / paint stains on your clothes / singing loudly to the music / home cooked meals / cute, comfortable clothes / hot tea / flowers placed everywhere / the smell of fruit / all kinds of pets / loyalty / a good sense of humour / vintage things / standing up for what you believe is right 


books lying around everywhere / intelligence / watching the night sky / asking questions all the time / driving others crazy with your weird knowledge / ink all over your hands / high waisted skirts / watching the clouds fly by / astrology / strange experiments / working in a lab / wind blowing all around you / forgetting to eat because you’re too concentrated on something / daydreaming


cracking fire / adventures / taking risks / being outside a lot / warm, fluffy sweaters / dirty boots / ripped clothes / the smell of wood / always getting into trouble / long evenings / visiting friends / watching a bunch of tv shows / being a little out of the loop because you didn’t pay attention / bravery / hot coffee / marshmallows / dancing in the rain 

At Your Service ~Three~

Part One ~ Part Two

*so I have a full day ahead and can’t make a promise for the next part until maybe Sunday, depending on how the weekend unfolds. Thank you for your patience.*

Thranduil had always been a sound sleeper but that night he was inconsolably  restless. He could barely close his eyes to dream for the thoughts swirling around in his head of the next day. It was a mystery which eluded him why his mind fixated on the stone-faced maid. She was not an immaculate beauty, no more or less attractive than the elvish ladies he encountered every day, but she intrigued him to his core. Perhaps it was the forbidden nature of his curiosity which aroused him so.

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Ana Tips - Meals Together

Here are just some tips for anyone who has people breathing down their necks or people watching them eat.

Ask a lot of questions. If you are trying to move the attention away from the food, getting them to answer questions is a great way. Ask them open ended questions so that they have a while to talk and a while to think about what they are going to say. That way, they won’t be looking at your food but they will be focusing on answering the questions. Talk a lot. This one is simple. When you are talking, you aren’t eating. Hold the food up to your mouth and then say something as if you just remembered what you were going to say. That way, it looks like you were about to eat.Spit into napkins. Take a large mouthful of food, making sure that they see, and chew it up so that it is smaller. Then, wipe your mouth on the napkin, spitting the food into your napkin. Don’t use this as a go-to technique. This is just when you have a lot of food on your plate and need it to look like some of it is gone.Make your food look smaller. Either spread all of your food out so that it is thin, or bunch it all up in one place. That way, you plate looks less full. Your parents/whomever you are trying to hide anafrom will be happy to see that you “ate” at least some of your food, so they won’t get upset that there is still some food on your plate.Offer them some of your food. I know that this may seem a little suspicious, but when you are out to eat and you have something else than them, you can ask “Do you want some of this? It’s so good, you have to try it.” Insist. Be confident.


I guess you all know water is your bestie. Drink AT LEAST 8 glasses of water, or a glass per hour.
-Cold water speeds up your metabolism.
-Hot water makes you full faster.
Have a sip of water between each bite, It will help you to fill up faster and won’t make you overeat.
If you are about to binge, count 1 to 100, this will distract your mind and turn it to a different direction so when you finish counting you will be able to tell if you really want to eat or not.
You can also drink a glass of water fast, you’ll be all disgusted and the impulse of eating will go away.
You can also brush your teeth, chew a non-calorie gum or a pepermint. Do you really want to mess up your perfect mouth? And if you still feel like it, give it a bite. Good? I don’t think so, your mouth will be all minty and food will actually taste bad.
If you are REALLY willing to eat something, go to the kitchen, prepare it and chew it. BUT you have to split it out. And you should know that once food it’s in your mouth, you gain the 15% of the calories in it.
Don’t eat before going to sleep because you burn 100 calories while sleeping and if you have some snacks before that you will have to burn it, and other stuff you didn’t burned earlier on the day so you’ll actually areputting weigh for the next morning.
ALWAYS get 7-8 hours of sleep because like I said before- You burn 100 calories while sleeping AND if you don’t sleep your appetite will increase by 15% the next morning.
If you have insomnia, can’t help it. But don’t cry, there’s nobody awake! Do some workout while nobody is watching!
Every time you say ‘no thanks’ to food, you are saying ‘yes please’ to skinny.
When you are alone, WORKOUT! There’s nobody to bother you!
-Go to the kitchen and throw away all the stuff you’ll be snacking on the next day.
-Dance, sing loud, scream, laugh. You burn more calories.
-Go to the kitchen and LAUGH of food. I haven’t lost my mind, I’m serious. Tell it how bad it is. Tell it how it dosen’t control you. Tell it you will NEVER eat it.
NEVER EVER eat alone. It’s no use. It’s stupid. Eat when they’re watching you so they can’t say you starve yourself.
If you really don’t want to eat but they’re making you do so, get a colored cup and split all out in there, like pretend you eat it and that you’ll drink water, they’ll never know.
Do yoga.
Always take the stairs and when you do it, skip a stair so you’ll loose more thigh fat.
Suck in your stomach always, you can burn up to 10 calories an hour.
Tip toe stand when you’re washing your teeth, combing your hair, washing your hands, etc. This helps you burn about 15% more calories a day.
Wiggle your legs while stitting, this speeds up your metabolism and makes you loose about 10 calories per hour.
Don’t stay in one place, move around. Every calorie counts.
Make a list of stuff you are NEVER aloud to eat.
Say you are happy with your body.
Don’t get nervous when people talk about anorexia, say things such as ‘i can’t believe people actually starve themselves!’ Don’t be stupid.
If you have hunger pains, squeeze your body into a ball.
If you don’t have anything to exercise with, walik up and down your stairs for all the time you want and make your thighs smaller.
Eat while watching yourself in the mirror naked. How much are you able to eat now?
Think higher of yourself. YOU are too GOOD to put THAT in your body.
Always remember what ANA WANTS.
Eat al least 7 things a day, we don’t want a skinny corpse, we want a skinny girl.
Stay inspired. Why do you want to loose weigh?
Buy your own scale.
-Weigh yourself in the morning and at night.
If it’s possible, get an ana buddy.
Hit your stomach when you are hungry.
Make up some punishments if you think about food.
-Put a rubber band in your wrist and slap it when you do so.
-Don’t use a blanket in cold nights.
-Make up your own.
Take a shower with cold water. This helps you burn more calories.

You must burn more calories than you eat if you want to lose body fat. Period.

The basic rule of weight management is that you must burn more calories than you consume each day; each week; and each month if you want to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if all the food you eat is healthy, wholesome, or “clean” food. are some basic tips…

1. Don’t’ drink calories! Drinking only water (8 cups or 64 Oz a day baby!) or tea.

2. Eat under 1500 calories.

3. Breakfast should be your largest meal of the day. Just think about it, if you are waking up in the morning after an eight hour fast and want to be productive eat like a king! What’s the point of eating a large dinner if you are just going to be sleeping?

4. Healthy food choices all day (lean meat, fruit, veggies,). You are a cave girl! Eat like one!

5. Anything made from wheat or rice is a no.

6. Eat often! You won’t get as hungry if you are eating small portions throughout the day.

7. Pick a day to binge. You will go fucking crazy if you don’t allow yourself to binge. Pick one day out of the week to eat whatever, like Sunday.

8. Stay active for an hour each day. Choose to walk instead of drive. Stand instead of sit.

9. Pick a time to stop eating. I stop eating at six.

Fasting Tips!

1.       On a day you plan to fast, make a to-do list for yourself. This will keep your mind off of eating. Here are some examples:

a.       Do laundry

b.      Do the dishes

c.       Clean the kitchen

d.      Vacuum, dust

e.      Take out the trash/recycling

f.        Run to the bank

g.       Go shopping at the mall without the intent to buy anything (Double Whammy – avoid the Food Court area and try on clothes you love but know will be too small; try on clothes a size or two smaller)

2.       BEFORE you plan to fast, make sure you have all of your supplies!

a.       Caffeine pills

b.      Diet soda (I drink Coke Zero – 0cal, 0 carb)

c.       Energy drinks (Monster Energy – Absolutely Zero is the best! 0 cal, 0carb)

d.      Bouillon Cubes (5 cal/cube, fat free)

e.      Water, Juice, Drink mixes, etc.

3.       Things you can do when you start getting hungry and are afraid you might binge:

a.       Smoke a cigarette. (If you are not already a smoker,please do not start because of this suggestion!) I am not a habitual smoker but I will sometimes have one before bed when I feel like I’m about to binge.

b.      Drink a glass of water quickly (will make you gag a little). Makes you slightly nauseous and decrease your desire for solid food.

c.       Drink a diet soda instead; tell yourself it’s a meal.

d.      Take your clothes off and look at your body in the mirror. Pinch bits of fat and think about what you ate that did that: here is the bowl of pasta, there’s that slice of pizza, the bag of chips, those peanut butter cookies, etc. Ask yourself if it was really worth it.

e.      If you’re wearing jeans, put on shorts and sit with your thighs pushed down against the surface of a chair/bed/etc. Think about how disgusting they are; like flat fat fucking pancakes oozing with fatty syrup and whipped cream.

f.        Tell yourself that your body is confused. It isn’t hungry, it’s tired. Take a nap.

g.       Clean something.

h.      Brush your teeth. If you have a retainer, put that in.

i.         Paint your nails

j.        Put on lipstick or gloss

k.       Turn on your computer/open a magazine and look at thinspo.

l.         If you have Netflix, watch Heavy or the Intervention episodes with eating disordered people (Intervention obviously will not be triggering for everyone, but it is for me).

m.    Watch America’s Next Top Model or The Biggest Loser

n.      Watch a gory movie. i.e Hostel or any of the Saw films.

o.      Put on your little sister’s t-shirt (or an old one of your own thatused to fit).

p.      Look at the clock. Tell yourself that you have 25 minutes. After 25 minutes drink a big glass of water. Weigh yourself. Look in the mirror. Look at your thighs. Still hungry?

q.      If you are craving a specific food, Google “Fat person eating _____.” If you don’t find a good enough image try, “Most disgusting ______.” The goal being to lessen the craving by either drawing a parallel from the food to rapid fat gain, or just by making it look as unappealing as possible.

4.       Always have a diet soda, bottled water, tea, chewing gum (5 cal/piece), or coffee with you when you are away from the house in case you get hungry or feel faint due to low blood sugar.

5.       Never carry extra money w



Hiiiii guyysssss <3

Los Angeles is home to one of the first gay rights groups to be formed in the US, The Mattachine Society, which was started in 1950. Since then, LA has been on the edge of LGBTQ issues - Griffith Park, for example, was the home to the first “Gay In”, where LGBTQ individuals gathered together in the name of solidarity.

For tonight’s show we are partnering with Safe Place for Youth. Since 2010, SPY has grown from a volunteer-only organization to a staff of 13 professionals. SPY serves nearly 1,000 homeless youth ages 12-25 in Los Angeles, with a disproportionate number of those youth identifying as LGBTQ.

SPY offers programs such as drop-in services, case management, education and employment support, and health care to assist their clients in transitioning to a stable life away from the streets. They are super connected with the homeless youth population in West LA, and work hard to provide a positive, trauma-informed environment for them. As well as offering meals and clothing, SPY officially added showers to their facility in July. Amenities like this give the center a home-like feel, allowing young people to feel safe and relaxed while receiving life-saving support.

We’d love for u guys to bring new socks to donate to Safe Place For Youth. Bring at least one to be entered in a raffle for a ticket upgrade <3

Love Troye x

I am very proudly a childish autistic person like

I wave at every car I see and smile at every person, because they’re my friends

I say hello to every cat and dog I see and talk to them like they’re a person

I watch cartoons. i eat simple meals. I wear lose clothing. my behaviors haven’t changed much in 18 years of life.

I can’t do math

I collect flowers and love coloring

but also

I have extensive knowledge of medieval history, botany, anatomy

i can, and enjoy driving

i have a ton of friends

i graduated high school 2 years early

i’ve written 3 full length novels

my point is, i can chlldish. i am not a child. i live my life how i feel comfortable, and that’s great!

 tl;dr: support childish autistic people, please!

How to Win Wars and Influence Nobles (Ch. 13)

Rating: E for Explicit/NSFW Content!

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You’d think a video game lawyer could just drop into a pseudo-medieval universe filled with magic and demons and be totally okay with it, right?


In the wake of her brother, Spencer’s, disappearance, Belle dropped into Thedas with luggage, but without a clue. After a brief but memorable panic attack, she resolved to be the best goddamn lawyer Thedas had ever seen. Even if she was the only goddamn lawyer Thedas had ever seen. And even if that obstinate asshole, Cullen, wouldn’t stop giving her the side-eye every time she walked into a room…Or every time he walked into a room with her in it…Or every time they walked into a room together…Or–Fuck it. You get it.

I uploaded a little earlier today because I’m getting sworn in to the Bar tonight! Hope you guys enjoy! <3

Chapter 13: Fucking PTSD

Belle had taken to crying at night again. Sometimes it was big, squishy sobbing. Other times it was a couple of tiny tears running down her cheeks. Either way, it was crying. Didn’t matter how fast or fat the tears came.

Her brother was gone, out fighting a war that wasn’t his in a world that wasn’t theirs. He was exposed to a danger from which she could not protect him. A different kind of danger than she knew for him. It was one thing to go fight a fire or, more likely than a fire in Orange County, go into people’s houses and save their lives, but it was something so different to pick up a sword and a shield and try to kill someone before they killed him. These someones, from what she’d heard, were particularly skilled at sword-killing.

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Burning Love

This AU story is based on the Romeo and Juliet play of the game Daughter of the Dusk, with Roy and Riza as the protagonists. This is a very extended version of it and I took my liberties, but I’m sure you’ll still recognize the dialogues that have been translated and been around Tumblr for a while. I hope you enjoy this! :)

The annual military ball was held on a beautiful summer night. Central City was famous for its rich people’s taste in fine wine, orchestral music, excessive meals, eccentric clothing and masquerades. Big celebrations that only reunited the best of the best. And this night’s celebration was no exception.

Roy Mustang was a young soldier; handsome, kind, well educated. He was never one to question orders or break the rules.

Roy had little interest in the party he and his family had attended. Everybody danced happily, but he roamed the room in search of something that would catch his eye. He stopped by the fish tanks, they were big and full of colorful, beautiful creatures. He wished he’d be swimming right now, just like the fishes. While dancing was nice, he only enjoyed it the rare times his partner happened to be someone of his liking.

As they moved, many fishes met for a moment in the middle of the tank, and Roy saw his reflection on the glass. He was wearing an orange mask with yellow feathers. He smiled to himself, and when the fishes went their separate ways, the face he saw on the glass was a different one. Big brown eyes blinked at him, and Roy sat up straight, aware that there was someone on the other side.

He walked around the tank and saw her. The most beautiful lady he had laid eyes upon. Long, blonde hair, such a fair face, eyes he could die for. He saw her soul in them, and he felt immediately attracted. She enchanted him at first sight.

The woman smiled shyly at him, but didn’t make a move as she stared right back.

“My name is Roy, I’m an Amestrian soldier,” he said to her. He extended his hand at her. “Would you honor me with a dance?”

The woman took his hand and nodded. “Of course.”

They danced together for what felt like hours. Roy held the lady by the waist and guided her across the room. Her gentle touch on his shoulder felt shockingly warm, the kind of warmth Roy knew he couldn’t let go. They looked into each other’s eyes, which shone bright like the stars, and without a word they fell into the deepest of seas and drowned in the sweetest of waters.

The band playing the music took a rest, and Roy and the lady stopped dancing for a moment. She got closer to him, internally debating with herself whether she should kiss him, for he had become a gentleman she wanted to be held by, for at least the rest of the night.

She extended her hand to his face and pulled off his mask, revealing Roy’s handsome face. She blinked and tilted her head, observing him for a moment.

“I think… I’ve seen you before.”

Roy raised his eyebrows. “Oh! Well… maybe you’ve seen me in past military events? The Mustang family has been in the military for generations.”

Riza gasped. “You’re a Mustang.”

He smiled lovingly. “Indeed.”

They heard another song being played, and Roy moved to hold the lady tight again, but she broke the embrace and stepped back.

“I’m very sorry, Roy Mustang” she said. “I must leave now.”

Roy frowned sadly, suddenly confused and disappointed, and walked up to her.

“Wait, Miss! May I have your name?”

She sighed and turned around. “I’m… Riza.”

He put a hand on his chest. “Ah… such beautiful name for such beautiful woman.”

Riza smiled shyly at him, like the first time her eyes made contact with his.

Roy took a step forward. “I must say, Riza… my heart is burning with love for you.”

Riza blushed heavily. “Did… did I cause such thing?”

Roy touched her arm and looked at her tenderly. “You—”

“No, I’m sorry,” she interrupted. “I must go.”

Riza ran toward the exit, her full-length gown’s tale floating in the air behind her as she made her way. Appalled, Roy tried to follow her, but some dancing couples got in the way, and he soon lost sight of Riza. By the time he reached the entrance, she was gone.

Riza hid in the shadows, around the corner of the building. She could see Roy from there, looking desperately for her. Her heart pounded strongly, and she touched her chest with worry.

“What is happening to me? This feeling in my chest…” she took a peak at Roy again, “…what is it?”

She couldn’t go back to him, no matter how much she wanted to. He was a Mustang, after all. And her family, the Hawkeyes, had always been an enemy of his. They could never be together.

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The maid :Part One

Summary : in the ZA ,Lucy was a 24 years old lone survivor, in her path of survival and escaping death , she stumbled across The Saviors who took her to The Sanctuary, where she found shelter and food. But what she didn’t know was that the girl who always hated and bullied her at school, is one of Negan’s wives (Frankie ) and is about to turn her life into a living hell all over again!

Pairings : Negan x Lucy

Type : romance / slowburn

Warnings : language

Dedicated to @negansmainwife













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Lucy sat in the passengers seat of a big truck that belongs to The Saviors, while she was too busy eating biscuits like a pig.

“Woah! Girl! That’s the second biscuit bag you ate, in like what , five minutes!!”
Simon chuckled behind the wheel as he darted his eyes between you and the road ahead.

Lucy felt embarrassed, she flicked the crumbs of biscuit off her dirty bloody shirt.
“I’m sorry sir! I haven’t eaten in three days , sir!” she shyly muttered.

“Oh come on , don’t sir me! It’s Simon , the name is Simon! And don’t apologize girl, we have a plenty from where it came from!”
Simon chuckled again.

Lucy shifted in her seat and leaned to the window, Simon has been driving for what it seemed like two hours. She was grateful she stumbled across him in the woods.
The saviors were taking a rest ,when she appeared in front of them. At first they thought she was a walker, but they knew she was human when she fell into her knees, asking in a raspy voice for water.
Lucy was a lone survivor, she’s been out there on her own for months , she lost her family members one by one ,till she got none of them by her side.
She thought about running a blade into her heart or wrist but she couldn’t do it.
All that mattered to her, was to live! At any cost!
She ,miraculously , managed to avoid murderers , rapists and cannibals. Even though, she almost got killed a couple of times by crazies or lifeless walkers.

“Here we are! ” Simon ’ s voice woke her up, she was already asleep, it was the most decent and comfortable long sleep she had in months.
Lucy rubbed her eyes and turned her head to Simon who already stepped out of the truck, she lifted her eyes to the huge well fortified building in front of her.
Her jaws dropped when she saw the the dead attached to the fence.
The size of the building and the growling chained walkers made chills run through her spine. It’s definitely not something one sees everyday.
Lucy hopped off the truck, still scanning the whole place , she followed Simon in hasty steps, he was already getting far .
“This… is the Sanctuary? ” She stuttered.
“Yeah!!! Wait to see it from the inside, unfortunately I got few things to do now but Laura will explain how things work in here!
Hey.. Laura! Get your ass over here!” Simon called for a dirty blond girl, she looked small but she seemed tough and badass. Once she got closer, Lucy noticed that her neck was tattoed and her nose was pierced .

Laura eyed Lucy up and down, while Simon went into an unknown destination.
“Hi there fresh meat! What’s your name?”
“Lucy ” She mumbled.
“Lucy! Hmm nice name! Follow me!”
She turned her back to Lucy and started walking towards one of the Sanctuary many doors, Lucy followed her .
Laura stepped inside a huge room with shelves in it.
“This is the commissary! This is where you get your things from by spending your points! ”
“Points?” Lucy looked at Laura in confusion.
“Yeah , points! It’s a system we use here , it’s like money in the old days, you work you earn money and with money you get clothes food whatever, same thing for points, get it?” Laura explained dryly as if she’s done this her whole life.
Lucy hummed and nodded .
“Ok! Since you’re new, you’ll get your first meal and clothes for free. Maria! Give me the new female comers box! Uh she’s thin as you can see!!” Laura ordered the older woman who seemed the one in charge of the commissary . Maria did as told and went back with what Laura asked for, there seemed clothes and canned food among other stuff inside the box.
Laura shoved it into your chest and blurted.
“Ok follow me!”

Lucy held the box close to her, pacing behind Laura like a lost puppy until she stopped in front of a big door.
“These are the showers, they’re only open in the mornings from 8:00 to 10:00 am! And by open I mean hot waters! ” Laura turned to Lucy and added “yeah we have hot water! And since it’s uh…” she checked her watch “4:45 pm, you’re gonna have to use cold water, lucky for you it’s summer, plus you really need to shower, you’re stinky as ass! ”

Lucy blushed at the blunt comment that Laura made, but she couldn’t complain, a day ago she thought she was gonna starve to death and today she’s in a Sanctuary with running water in it, that’s something she never thought it’d happen.
Laura continued giving Lucy a tour , in the process she showed her the cafeteria and told her that in the Sanctuary, they have one meal , in 4:00 pm. And since she was late, she told her about the food cans in the box .
Last stop was where Lucy would stay, it was a room with three beds in it , it seemed like Lucy was going to share her new room with two girls she hasn’t met yet.
“Alright, now you know where the commissary is, the showers and the cafeteria , of course your room too. Get a shower! Then get some sleep, and tomorrow we’ll talk about the rules and I’ll try to find you a job , I’ll meet you here at 8:30 am ok? Every room has a clock!“
Lucy nodded as she kept her eyes to the ground.

After having a shower and putting on her new outfit, that consisted of a shirt and Jean pants along with black and white sneakers, Lucy headed back to her room. Shower had a good impact on her, even though the water was really cold, but Lucy never had a problem with the cold, she had worse days and worse conditions. She used to wash her body in a hurry in the rivers and the lakes if she run across one, but being I’m an actual shower using an actual shampoo was a luxury she missed in those tough days.
Lucy opened the door to her mutual room where she found her two roommates.
The two girls quit talking to each other, their heads snapped in her way, glaring at her from head to toe.
Lucy felt insecure all of the sudden, she wasn’t used to strangers, not when the world was normal, and definitely not when the shit hit the fan.
“Uh hi! I’m Lucy! ” she muttered.
The two girls ignored her like she suddenly became invisible, and carried on with their chitchat.
Lucy raised her eyebrows , she figured things could get tough and ugly if she provoked these two rude ones, so she just walked towards the empty bed and sat there combing her wet dark hair with her fingers and kept her mouth shut for the rest of the evening .
She wasn’t so shocked about how people became worse than the dead ones and she always feared the living more than the dead.
Even before all this started, people were always rude and merciless. Lucy was never a people person, she was just surprised that people chose to create a community and contribute to it.

Lucy couldn’t sleep well that night, wether because of the nightmares or because she wasn’t used to sleep on a bed in a long time. But in general, she had sleeping troubles.
She sat straight on the bed, while the other two already left the room without bothering themselves to say good morning to her. Lucy waited for Laura till she heard knocking on the door.
Lucy got off the bed and opened the door , Laura threw a granola bar to her and motioned her head to follow her which she did.
“ I found you a slot in the cleaning team, you’ll clean in the infirmary, your shift starts from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, you’ll clean and mop, change the sheets and help the doctor sterilize his equipments too, the guy who used to work there is remoted to a savior!”

“Savior?! I heard Mr Umm Simon said something about the saviors but I wasn’t completely following! ” Lucy uttered as she took a mouthful of the granola bar.

Laura turned to her and giggled.
“Yeah , I’m a savior by the way, our job is to bring the civilization back to earth and save the weak! Like yourself! ”
Laura paced across a corridor where her bootsteps loudly echoed , till she arrived to a white door, she pushed it open and called.
“Doc! Doctor Carson! ”
A white tall man came out of another room , firm look on his face.
“Hi Laura how can I help you?” He dryly asked.
“This is Lucy, she’s replacing John !”
“Oh I thought you’re hiring Melissa!” He exclaimed.
“No she’s helping in the kitchen! ”
Laura then placed a hand on Lucy ’ s shoulder and said.
“Like I said you’ll start at 9 and finish up at 3 pm, me or any other savior will check on you, and once you get your job done well give you 30 points everyday. Save 10 for your meal, do whatever you want with the rest, ok now get to work!”
Laura took few steps forward then she stopped.
“Shit I almost forgot!!! This place has a leader, Negan! He’s your leader now!“

Lucy placed her palm on her mouth and giggled.
“Negan??? What an odd funny name!!”
“Don’t let him catch you mocking his name little girl!” Laura hissed in warning

And don’t forget to kneel when you see him!”
Lucy ’ s eyes widened, she saw and heard a lot of shit but this definitely was the strange shit she had ever heard!
“Uh.. what?”
“You heard me!!! Just kneel, don’t ask questions, I’m not the one who makes the rules! Just be respectful! He’s one tough motherfucker! He won’t hesitate to kill you if you looked at him the wrong way!!!” Laura hissed, while Lucy felt her chest clenching at the thought that she’s now under the mercy of a crazed leader.
“Um , how do I know him!”
“Oh ,believe me you’ll know when you see him!” Laura threw her head back laughing when she noticed how nervous Lucy became then she left.
Lucy turned to Dr Carson and gave him a faint smile which he ignored and went back to wherever he came from.
“What a welcoming jolly guy!” She said under her breath as she started looking for the closet where her cleaning tools were waiting, she wasn’t so thrilled to clean but she wasn’t the kind of people who eat and sit without doing anything or contributing plus it wasn’t like she had much of a choice.
Lucy finally managed to find the closet , she found a bucket, broom , dustpan, mop , cleaning cloth and a pair of reusable gloves inside. She took them all out and got to work, she always hated cleaning her own house but it wasn’t rocket science, and she needed the job to earn points.
Lucy spent the whole time mopping and cleaning, the guy who was working before her wasn’t doing a good job, so she made sure to do hers perfectly so she can impress Laura.
She placed all the tools back to the closet when it was almost 3 pm, she wiped the beads of sweat that formed on her forehead and headed to the bathroom to wash her hands and face.
She heard male voices coming from the other room, what they were saying wasn’t so clear, but she didn’t care. She only gasped when she saw muddy boot prints on the floor. Lucy got mad, after all the effort she made to make the floor crystal clean, some asshole ruined her good work.
Lucy knew that it wasn’t Dr Carson who did this, he walked past her while she was cleaning and he hadn’t mud on his shoes.

“Hey who’s the prick who walked in with mud in his shoes??!” Lucy yelled as she entered the examination room, where a tall guy clad in leather jacket and gray pants with slick hair and bearded charming face was sitting on the exam table, and Dr Carson was kneeling in front of him checking on his leg.
Lucy noticed his muddy boots.
“Aha! That was you!” She pointed at the tall guy before adding “you walked in with your dirty boots, guess what happened, you ruined the floor, I spent a half day mopping it!”
“Hey listen..” Dr Carson interfered to prevent Lucy from saying things she would regret.
But the tall guy gestured to him to stop talking.
“Oh, I’m sorry doll, but I was in fucking pain, and last thing I noticed was your well mopped floor!” He said in a husky smug voice with a large grin tugged on his lips.
“You should apologize asshole!” Lucy hated how he was so calm while she was boiling from the inside.
“ oh ma bad!!! I apologize, doll!” He was getting more amused as he knew that she completely ignored who he is.
“Apology accepted!!”
Lucy turned to leave and clean the floor again, but his raspy voice stopped her.
“The name is Negan by the way not asshole! ” Negan licked his lips and smirked.
Lucy froze for a while in her action of pacing, then she slowly turned back to Negan, her eyes widened and she bit hard on her lip.
Dr Carson rolled his eyes and shook his head at the realization that she knew who she was talking to.
“I… I’m …uh…so- sorry sir! I .. was.. didn’t mean to..!” She stuttered as she swallowed hard.
Negan chuckled and waved his hand.
“It’s ok ! No fucking harm done!!! You seem new in here!”
She nodded playing with her hands.

“Aren’t ya forgetting something doll?? I’m sure they taught you the rules by now!”
Lucy lifted her blue beautiful eyes to meet his trying to understand what he meant, then it just hit her like a lightning, she remembered the kneeling part, and she immediately fell on one knee.
Negan chuckled again at this sight, she definitely made his day while he had a pain in his leg.

“What’s your name doll?”
“Um.. Lucille but everyone called me Lucy!”
Negan’s smirk faded a little, his eyes twinkled and his lip twitched a bit as her name rolled off his tongue.
“Lucy! Lucy! That’s one interesting beautiful fucking name!!!”
The Mysterious Miranda (Chapter 6)

pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader, daveed diggs x reader

summary: Your cousin Anthony drags you along to one of his neighbor’s infamous parties with his girlfriend, keeping you from a night in. Mr. Miranda, the host, is a mysterious man, but that isn’t the part that gets to you.

warnings: cheating, maybe a lil tiny bit of angst but it’s probably more nostalgia, fluff

words: 4235 (i don’t even know what to say anymore, my dudes)

a/n: wow so I know I said I was gonna get Pippa out first, but this was just screaming my name, I couldn’t get anything done on that one. so this is a very emotionally charged chapter, it’s fluff galore, and I’m super proud of it. Thank you @secretschuylersister for checking it out and reassuring me a bit. enjoy, and please feel free to send asks with your thoughts/reactions!:)

part one part two part three part four part five part seven part eight  part nine

Your husband is searching for you,” Anthony mumbled, shifting awkwardly with a look of worry on his face.

“How much of that did you hear, Ant?” You turned to him as soon as Lin scurried off, eyebrows furrowed in concern.

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