What’s your beauty regimen like? My beauty regimen is very simple. Every morning I wash my face with Olay foaming face wash.

Then I apply my makeup. At night before bed I simply use the Olay Makeup cloths to remove dirt and makeup and sometimes I will wash my face again but rarely.

I try to only wear makeup 3 or four times a week. I definitely forget to take off my makeup at times so that is why I love the cloths because it makes it so easy when you are exhausted and just want to pass out.

We Greeks say that if you are wise, you cook before you get hungry! In case you have no inspiring ideas for tomorrow’s brunch we’ve just found the best one, courtesy of Meagan Cignoli. 

Interview with Meagan Cignoli NY based Award-winning Fashion and Portrait Photographe

An Image-Poet Amongst Photographers: The Moods of Meagan Cignoli

I don’t fall in love with people, I fall in love with clothing.”–Meagan Cignoli (Award-winning Fashion and Portrait Photographer)

A tanned girl in a beautiful vibrant dress reminiscent of Joseph’s coat of many colours appears simultaneously to sink and rise in waters so cool you can almost taste them off the page, and the background a lush jungle appearing to be held back (though barely!) from devouring the girl and picture itself. This is the work of Meagan Cignoli. Her images are seemingly simple but heavy with concept and visual luxury. She makes you think in story, she makes you think in poetry.

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