idk i’m just very sensitive to when people mock kids and beginner artists about their skill like it takes time to get good and comfortable with art don’t rob that from people

people’ve ripped up my drawings when i was younger and liked to mock them and once a piece that i was really proud of got reposted to a bad art blog and it really crushed me.  obviously i didn’t stop drawing but actions like that could make other people stop drawing and like why would you do that to someone?  why do you like being needlessly cruel just to make them feel bad

when i was 12 me and my friends had a sort of manga network where we’d all buy different volumes of the manga we were into and then we’d pass them around to our extended friend group so we all could enjoy the manga but split costs.

so when we got into death note i grew attached to mello and like any 12 y/o who likes a character too much that meant i had 2 hate near.  i owned the book where l dies so i edited near’s reaction with a pencil so he looked smug when he was told l died like this

so when i passed it around everyone thought near was a dick and i was so proud of me.  i bet mello would be 2

so my pup here sleeps in my brothers room n my brother blasts the classic rock station to help him sleep. during the night my dog would always start howling and i realized that whenever i checked on him this song was playing so i tested it in the morning and it looks like my dog is a gross U2 fan