OK I’m starting to see a pattern with the Equestria legend ponies:

They all relate back to a member of the Mane 6.

Rookhoof - Applejack: Extremely determined, headstrong, physically strong, saving family/friends.

Mistmane - Rarity: Extremely beautify, selfless with their beauty when other ponies need it, generous.

Flash Magnus - Rainbow Dash: Head strong, selfless with their safety when helping others, a little cocky, apart of elite flying group.

Somnambula - Pinkie Pie: Always hopeful, a little eccentric, inspiring others to follow in their hoof steps(the Prince and Cheese Sandwich), jumping head first into a problem when their friends need help. 

Meadowbrook - Fluttershy: Caring for other ponies and animals, not giving up when odds are pushed against them, sweet, kind, has a way of understanding animals.

Starswirl - Twilight: Do I really have to explain all of their similarities after hearing/Twilight gushing about him for the past 7 seasons?

I swear their going to use this is in the season finally. And knowing what I know from the Shadow Lock storyline in the comics and the Legends of Magic series, I’m pretty sure I have an idea about how its all going to work together.

From “The Cutie Map,” parts 1 and 2. Mage Meadowbrook is mentioned here, but is also heavily implied to be an eastern unicorn. She’s very clearly an earth pony in “A Health of Information.”



Considering this ep aired over two years ago, I’d reckon they just hadn’t gone that deep into her development yet. If you’re looking for an in-universe explanation, maybe the book Twilight was reading from never mentioned Meadowbrook’s race and Twilight assumed she was a unicorn by her mastery of magic?

Okay so I wasn't going to post individual episode thoughts on here before the finale, but...

Man today’s episode went some dark places. WAY too dark for such a nice, wholesome premise! Want a cute Hurt/Comfort type story about Fluttershy trying to find a cure for her friend Zecora? Sure, you can have that! Oh, and along with that, have both characters get dangerously close to DYING by turning into trees! And let’s not forget a story of a historical figure who almost had her mom and entire village turn into flora, saved them at the last second and then “disappeared without a trace”! Plus Fluttershy was unconscious for three days! Imagine how much angst and worry her friends and family had to go through! Kid’s show, am I right? 

That said, it was still a great Fluttershy centric episode and I loved it. Just… don’t be surprised if it gives you nightmares because it probably will.

June 23, 1982 Duran Duran at Meadowbrook, Cedar Grove, NJ. An early bootleg, “Cedar Grove,” was recorded at this show. *Note error at bottom saying it was NY & not NJ!