Til the End part 6

((OOC: Marlene and Remus played by: @son-0f-a-snitch, Sirius body double: @pighmypuff))

*Dorcas arrives in front of a house at the side of a lake, a green glow emanating from above. She looks up to see the Dark Mark shining in the sky above her.*

Dorcas: …no.

*She enters the house, one she knew to be brimming with life before, now an empty shell of what it was.*

Dorcas: *she calls out, desperate for an answer* Marls? 

*And then she finds her. Marlene’s body lies in the corner of the room, lifeless, her ring glinting on her finger, hair lying around her face, perfect as always.*

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Gün taşlarla konuşurdu yanni kaptan
koyaklardan akan ırmağın sesini dinlerdi
tepelerden esen zeytinleri

Geceyi keserdi dalgalar
süngercileri beklerken yanni
rumeli türküleri söylerdi ona madam eleni
odeysseus’us şarap kupasını taşıyordu
eleni’nin incecik parmakları
dokundukça yanni’nin titreyen ellerine…

Sessizliği yıkardı kuşluk vakti
eleni’nin göğsünde çırpınan mavi
kırlangıçlar uçardı yeşil gözlerinden
güneş boyayınca karşı kıyıyı.

‘Bu yıl kötü geçti’ dedi yanni
gecenin kömürünü yutuyordu ateşböcekleri
öykü okuyordu sanki anlatırken sınırdaki oğlunu,
kaputlar içinde çürüyen askerleri.

‘Islanmış yorgana benziyor’ dedi toprağa
alnından düşen ter damlalarına karıştı
eski dönemde ayağına takılan çocukluğu
kulağında yorgun su sesi
pencerede öylece…

Gün taşlarla konuştu.

Arzu K. Ayçiçek, “Sınırda” [yasakmeyve, 10.sayı Eylül - Ekim 2004]
Fotoğraf: Theodoros Angelopoulos’un
2004 yapımı, “The Weeping Meadow” (Ağlayan Çayır) filminden.


Twenty minutes past the time she had said she would be done getting ready, Dorcas sat in front of her mirror, putting the finishing touches on her makeup.

She was startled by the short amused laugh of Marlene who leaned against the doorframe of the room. 

Marlene: Love, are you done yet? We’ve been waiting for ages. 

Dorcas: I was just finishing up. You’re going to make me smear it, what with your inability to knock on doors before entering the room.

Marlene: If I can’t smear it now, I’ll have to do it later. You know my goal is to always mess up your makeup. 

Dorcas: Oh, is that so?

Marlene smirked, nodding her head and shooting her a playful wink: You know it is, Dor. 

Dorcas: Well, in that case.

Dorcas: Let’s go. The sooner we leave and come back, the sooner you can accomplish that goal. 

And with that, Dorcas is offline! 

Kissing Styles...

James Potter: Very… very eager, but trying really… really hard to restrain himself. Knows how to do fun things with his tongue… has had a lot of practice. All in all… he’s what people like to describe as “fun”… 8/10 

Sirius Black: Knows how to adapt. Can pretty much match anyone’s kissing style, but likes deep, intense kissing the most… Also likes biting and hickeys. As talented as he is pretty. Down for basically anything… An enjoyable experience all the way around. 11/10

Remus Lupin: Nervous. Starts off slow… then kisses like it’s the last time he’ll ever kiss someone because he always feels like it’s the last time anyone will ever want to kiss him… 6/10 when he’s nervous… 9/10 when he relaxes and let’s go. 

Peter Pettigrew: Sweats a lot… too much tongue… 4/10  

Lily Evans: Expert kisser, knows her shit… at least as far as technicalities go… but lacks spontaneity. Get’s flustered when she doesn’t see something coming like James’ tongue tricks… also gets distracted easily (”SHIT! That’s due tomorrow!”)… Overall, needs some work. 6.5/10

Frank Longbottom: Handles you like you’re made of glass… very gentle… very sweet… enjoys kissing the spot just beneath your ear. Hates biting because he’s worried he’ll hurt you. Often stops to stare or chat. Worships the ground you walk on… 8/10 for kissing… 20/10 for making you feel like a goddess. 

Alice Longbottom: Kinky as fuck. 9/10

Dorcas Meadowes: Kinkier than fuck. Kisses like she owns your ass. Also hella gay. 10/10

Marlene McKinnon: Also also hella gay… less kinky. Uses a lot of tongue… but does it right. 9/10 

Mary Macdonald: Mary sue to the max… every kiss is like a reenactment of “The Notebook”. Disney-esque. 7/10

Regulus Black: Untrusting. Tends to panic if things go too quick… or too slow… or not exactly how he planned it. Perfectionist… and a bit of a control freak… doesn’t really know how to adapt to other kissing styles. 4.5/10

Narcissa Malfoy: Reserved… until between the sheets, then she will eat you alive. Mother fucking queen. Savage. Always tops. 10/10

Lucius Malfoy: Fun to look at… Terrible kisser. -5 stars. Two thumbs way down… would not recommend…. 0/10……………. alright… 2/10 for being pretty… Also… submissive af.  

Bellatrix Lestrange: Will rip your goddam lip off. 0/10…. unless you’re into that.

Fenrir Greyback: Will rip your goddam head off. -54/10

Severus Snape: Ew.