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SLBP Logic Puzzle

I wanted to do another otome logic puzzle, so here is one featuring the lords from the Draughts of Starlight event.

I hope that you enjoy it!

Premise: On a warm summer’s day, each of the lords would like to spend some time getting to know you better.

They take care of all of the preparations in advance, and arrive at your door looking their very best, as they help you up onto their horse. 

When you open up to each other, you’re delighted to find that you have a hobby in common. As your date comes to a close, you’re surprised with a special gift.

Can you figure out which lord took you to which romantic location, what you had in common, and what gift he gave you?


  • Lords: Nobuyuki, Ieyasu, Mitsunari, Shigezane
  • Locations: Tea shop, Meadow Picnic, Hot Springs, Riverside Picnic
  • Hobbies: Star-gazing, Poetry, Cooking, Ikebana
  • Gifts: Flowers, Decorative Fan, Hair Comb, Obi Cord


  1. The lord who rented out the tea shop did not give you an obi cord. You share your love of ikebana with a lord who does not have blue eyes.
  2. You enjoy a picnic date with the lord who likes star-gazing, but it was not Nobuyuki.
  3. The first letter of Ieyasu’s hobby is not the same as his first initial.
  4. The two lords whose dates included a location with water are the one who gave you a hair comb and Mitsunari. You discovered that you both like star-gazing when you stayed out late with the lord who gave you the fan.
  5. You received a lovely decorated fan from the lord who commands the largest army.
  6. Shigezane’s hobby is not cooking, but he does take you on a date where you enjoy a meal.
  7. The lord who gave you flowers lives with a relative. Ieyasu enjoys hot springs, but he didn’t take you to one.
  8. A blue-eyed lord gave you flowers as a gift.  A dual-wielder shares your cooking hobby.
  9. You were impressed by the poetry skills of the lord who took you to the hot springs.
  10. You did not go to the tea shop with a blonde. Shigezane did not take you to a meadow, or a shop.

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how would inuyasha, koga, naraku, sesshomaru, bankotsu and hakudoshi cuddle with their s/o?

Inuyasha Headcanon: Cuddling with their S/O 

(Inuyasha, Koga, Naraku, Sesshomaru, Bankotsu & Hakudoshi)

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At first he’ll be a little tense but soon after, his muscles will relax and get used to the vulnerable position. However, he will not put his guard down. He will scan the premises, while cuddling his s/o, preparing for any attack just in case. At first he just stays there while his s/o cuddles closer to him. After gaining some confidence, he will wrap his strong muscular arms around them and gently kiss their cheek. He loves to feel his s/o nuzzling his neck.

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Koga loves cuddling after a long day near the waterfall, just running his fingers through his s/o’s hair and looking at the night sky. He loves to watch them fall asleep in his arms — nothing can beat this view in his opinion. He loves to feel his s/o relax their muscles and be in a tranquil state. He’ll often ask them about their day and make promises to them such as “I’ll marry you one day”, “I would die to protect you”, “I’ll start a family with you one day”, etc. If he’s in a cuddly mood but his s/o isn’t initiating it, he’ll grab them by the waist, lift them on his back and take them to the mountains and cuddle underneath the stars.

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Naraku is a very private person when it comes to cuddling. He would only cuddle his s/o if they initiated it, when no one else was around. However, there are rare times when Naraku would crave the affection of his s/o and initiate cuddling once a month, during the period in which he temporarily returns to his human state. He wouldn’t let his s/o out of his sight for the whole day, just cuddling and caressing them. His human emotions would cause him to be very clingy. Unlike the dominant half demon that he usually is, during this period, he will long to be cradled in his s/o’s arms like a baby.

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Sesshomaru is not a cuddly person and never really finds the time to just relax. However, once in a while when his mind is at ease he will just relax near a meadow or hot spring and this is the perfect time for his s/o to come and initiate the cuddling. He’s usually silent and he secretly loves the feeling of his s/o cuddling him. He is the big spoon and his furry boa-like mokomoko is the softest thing ever. If his s/o falls asleep, he will stay awake protecting them and looking at them lovingly. After he makes sure that no one is looking, he’ll sneak a few kisses on the tip of their nose, forehead, cheeks and even lips. If someone were to witness the great Lord Sesshomaru in such an act, he would surely kill them.

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Bankotsu likes to talk to his s/o and make them laugh while cuddling them. He loves to reminisce about their past memories together and joke around. He prefers to cuddle with them during the daytime, leaning against a tree. He’ll compliment their facial features and caress their face with his delicate fingers.

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Hakudoshi loves cuddling!! He’s been cradled, cuddled and caressed his whole life. He will often initiate it and he loves when his s/o runs their fingers through his long silky hair. He appreciates it when his s/o gives him little butterfly kisses on his cheeks. He enjoys talking about life, philosophy and deeper subjects while cuddling his s/o.