To give some idea of the difficulties [the translator Betty De Shong] Meador faced, consider the fact that the language of Enheduanna’s poetry, Sumerian, is an agglutinative language like Finnish, Hungarian, and Turkish but is unrelated even to those languages. A project sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania to compile a Sumerian dictionary has so far produced three volumes on “A” and one on “B”. It will be quite a while before nonexperts will be able to work their way through this unusual, long-dead language.
—  John Maier in the forward of Princess, Priestess, Poet: The Sumerian Temple Hymns of Enheduanna

Rantarou Amami x Kaito Momota - AU photoshoot ✨💚💜✨

My boyfriend & I did this photoshoot a little while back and it was so much fun… I love these dorks so much.

I went for a kinda grunge-punk look for Amami, and Kaito of course is a Galaxy-clothes wearing hipster boy 💫

Photos by Kirby Meadors Photography