every moment that can POSSIBLY be classified as pynch in trc part 1: the raven boys

alternatively titled: i have nothing to do with my life now that this series is over…. let me enjoy myself


Last week, he and Adam had taken turns dragging each other on a moving dolly behind the BMW, and they both still had the marks to show for it. (pg. 21)

this is the first mention of them interacting off-screen and it is so funny bc like…. don’t they hate each other??? don’t they only associate because of gansey??? what the fuck are they doing just dragging each other around for funsies??

Adam Parrish had been Gansey’s friend for eighteen months and he knew that certain things came along with that friendship. Namely, believing in the supernatural, tolerating Gansey’s troubled relationship with money, and co-existing with Gansey’s other friends. The former two were problematic only when it took time away from Aglionby, and the latter was only problematic when it was Ronan Lynch. (pg. 38)

this is my favorite thing… it has always been the best thing bc I’m….. it’s like adam…. this is your FIRST POV you have the opportunity to make it ALL ABOUT YOU! but he doesn’t lmao!!! he starts his first point of view talking about how he can’t stand ronan I’m living anyway we continue

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Andreil meets Pynch

i want this so bad because imagine it,

  • aggressive little fucker who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone except for the ones he cares about
  • specially his boyfriend
  • the smol i-have-daddy-issues-and-i-struggle-to-gain-my-own-identity 


imagine how they’l talk to each other

Ronan: *leans down to level his face with Andrew*

Andrew: i’ve always hated ravens

Ronan: well… i’ve always never cared about blond princesses’ opinion towards me

Adam: Ronan! don’t start anything!

Neil: Andrew, he’s a different kind of Raven..

Andrew: yeah, he’s a preppy kind of raven. even worse.

Ronan: you saying something there cupcake?

Andrew: nothing that concerns your bald little empty head

Ronan: can you say that a bit louder? i can’t hear you from all the way down there

Andrew: even if you can hear me i doubt your nonexistent brain could understand me 

Adam and Neil: *sweats nervously*

but lbr though adam and neil were both probably secretly turned on by how hot their aggressive boyfriends are idek why i did this 


@chronicopheliac I finally did it! Hope you like!

Bite Me

Adam didn’t know if it was polite to ask for things sexual if Nigel never expressed wanting them himself.

So he enjoyed their mutual give and take, happy to be with Nigel at all.

The words came by surprise without Adam even having to ask.

They were laying together after sex, sweaty and loose limbed, and Adam lay curled in the crook of Nigel’s arm. He nuzzled closer still, feeling the happiest he’d ever been.

“I think that was…”

Nigel kissed his cheek, “The best fucking sex we’ve ever had?”

Adam smiled, “Maybe. There was that time in the bathroom at the department store.”

Nigel laughed, “You hated that, Star. Reprimanded me for nearly a week afterward though I do distinctly recall having to carry you out on my arm?”

Adam pressed a kiss to his cheek in return, “It was very satisfying.”

Nigel moved so quickly Adam barely had time to process it, now flat on his back and staring up at Nigel whose expression was almost horrified.

“Satisfying? Darling, you wound me.”  

Adam frowned, “I’m sorry.”

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ti-re-elintes  asked:

A combo (?) of 35 & 28 with Pynch *heart eyes*

28. flannel shirt & 35. fall fair/festival - Autumn Fic Meme

This was a lot harder than it should have been because I kept coming up with long ideas and I need this to be short damn it.

Fall Into Me

Adam Parrish had never been good with surprises, though in his defense he had never had time to learn to like surprises since most of the things that had surprised him in his life had been bad, except his feelings for Ronan Lynch, that had been the best kind of surprise.

So when he came back to the Barns for a long weekend at the start of October expecting a quiet weekend with Ronan and Opal, he wasn’t really excited when Ronan told him he had a surprise for him and then pulled him toward the new old truck that Ronan had taken to driving while Adam had the BMW in New Haven. 

“Don’t be so broody Parrish, you’re going to have fun,” Ronan said with a smile as he drove them to the mystery location.  He looked different now, though Adam would never say Ronan looked soft, he would say that Ronan looked happy.

Adam just glowered at him and turned the music up.  The turned into the fair grounds and Adam felt his annoyance start to fade a little.  He had never gone to Henrietta’s Fall Fest as a kid, but he had always wanted to.  All the kids at school went and talked about it while Adam had been stuck at home, wondering when his dad was going to hit him again. 

“Surprise you fucker,” Ronan said, seeing the soft look on Adam’s face.  His own smile was wide and softer than it had been since the day his father died. 

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