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I would make a Youtube video but I’ll save you guys the 2005 video edits

Lol but seriously guys I truly feel like I’m acting like a youtuber doing this but in order to really help you guys out I decided to include a Supply Haul in my back to school series. The reason behind this is because I could say this, this and that but I would be hypocritical if I wasn’t actually using the supplies I suggested in any of my past masterposts. I will include pictures of everything I bought as well as a brief description of why I bought it and how I will use it for the upcoming school year. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of my personal preferences for school and how it may help you stay organized, and succeed.


So let’s begin:

·       Backpack

I chose to go with one of Jansport’s most popular backpack. It has one main pocket with sufficient space as well as two front pockets and a laptop sleeve. I chose this backpack because it’s simple and is a decent size for my first year of college.

·       Notebooks

I bought 5 notebooks for this first semester. Two of them are from Stellar and they are simple, one subject, college ruled notebooks.

The third notebook I chose is a grid notebook which I plan to use for my Intro to Statistics course. I felt this was a better option rather than a lined notebook because it will help me to keep my notes organized and easy to read. This notebook is also in the size 8.5x11 which was really hard to find for me. I don’t like the Mead Five Star grid notebooks and every other grid notebook was small so when I finally found this one I was extremely excited!

The last two notebooks I bought were from Muji. These Notebooks are made of recycled material so they’re an off white color. I plan on using this for my Spanish 202 class. These notebooks don’t have a spiral binding which, for some reason or another, I actually prefer for my language courses.

·       Binders

I chose to buy 4 1" binders for this school year. There isn’t much to this except that I’m going to use these as my main source of organization for each class which includes: Spanish, Statistics, US History, and English

·       Index Dividers

I plan to use these to further organize my classes in my binders. I won’t use an entire pack for one binder but just a few to divide up spaces for my homework, essays, class work, and notes. (also of course I had to pick the cute ones)

·       Folder

I grabbed a single folder along with everything else because, if you’ve read my BTS Series masterposts, then you’ll know that I strongly recommend a folder that you use for important papers or work that is given or needs to be turned in that same day. I grabbed a plastic Five Star rather than an off brand paper folder because I know I’ll be using this all year round for multiple purposes. I’ll need to get maximum use out of this folder so the sturdier, the better.

·       Erasers, Refills, White Out, and Adhesive Rollers

This is all pretty self-explanatory. I just want to point out that I strongly recommend you buy white out because you’ll definitely need it if you prefer writing notes with pen rather than pencil.

·      Highlighters

I bought 15 Zebra Mildliners for this school year. Of course you don’t need this many  highlighters, let alone such expensive highlighters. Just make sure to include a good variety for yourself if you heavily rely on highlighting your notes!

·       Colorful Pens

I bought 2 sets of pens (highly unnecessary but I’m extra) for this year. The first being 12 Pilot G2 pens in 0.7mm as well as 12 Muji pens in 0.5mm. If you don’t have access to online shopping I would go ahead and buy Pilot G2 because those will more likely be in stores rather than Muji pens (If you guys know of any American store that sells Muji prducts LET ME KNOW). But if you’re thinking of buying yourself some Muji pens, I highly recommend them! I also bought a white Gelly Roll pen which I plan to use for my bullet journal.

·       Black Pens

I bought three different black pens (again, EXTRA) which includes the Staedtler Fineliners, Pilot G2 in 0.38mm and Uni-Ball Signos in 0.7mm. I plan on using the fineliners for my bujo and the Pilot G2 for notetaking. The Uni-Ball Signos for whatever other reason but most likely as back up.

·       Pencils

For pencils so far I’ve only bought 2 pencils from Muji which is, again, totally unnecessary. I do plan on buying just some regular pencils from whatever store since I’m not really picky on the actual barrel but rather the size of the lead. I bought these Muji pencils for the heck of it (cuz it’s Muji ya know?) and liked how they looked. Plus they were in 0.5mm lead which is my preference.

·       Planner/Bullet Journal

I bought my first Bullet Journal after having tried it out with a different notebook over the summer. I chose to buy the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook since I’ve seen many good reviews and whatnot. So far I really enjoy the quality of the paper and everything the notebook has to offer.

·       EXTRA

Lol so this has been a reoccurring theme in this masterpost but these are just a few extra supplies I bought that I know I’ll be using this school year. This includes Washi tape (for my bujo), Tombow dual Brush pens (for my bujo) and a notepad for quick lists.

So that’s everything that I’ve bought for this school year! There’s certain things, such as my pencil case and loose leaf paper that I didn’t mention because I didn’t buy new ones and they’re pretty self explanatory. If you want to see the pencil case that I’ll be using for this school year you can check out my “What’s in my pencil case” post. Apart from that, if you have any questions of where I bought any of these or whatever else, don’t be afraid to comment, send me a message, or send an ask to my inbox! I'l be happy to answer and send you guys links of where I bought everything.

This was a pretty long masterpost considering I included multiple pictures. This was a lot of effort (much more effort than I thought it would take) so I hope you guys enjoyed and can really understand what I’ve been talking about in my previous BTS masterposts!

Also! Don’t forget to check out the rest of my Back to School Series HERE!

-much love, studyessie ♡


🌿 my back to school essentials🌿 

  • -my brand new ox red 15" kanken 
  • -5 star mead notebook 
  • -writing utensils: pilot delful 0.5 mechanical pencil, muji 0.38 black pen, grey mildliner 
  • -a book to read (although i rarely read, i love Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur)

American bookhaul (dec 27th 2015 - may 19th 2016)

S T U D Y I N G T I P S : Tip #1 // 2.26.17

• Purchase a notebook only for your revisions that has a plastic cover. I use a BlueSky notebook, which I obviously recommend, but other recommendations are the Mead FiveStar hybrid notebook, Mead FiveStar notebooks in general or a Greenroom college-ruled recycled notebook.
• Using a blank index card, make a list of all the things you have to do and prepare for (homework, upcoming tests, revisions, practice, and so on). Using either regular tape or washi tape, attach it to the front of your notebook. It will be front and center as soon as you grab your notebook.

Also, I like to write down information about my course load, GPA and degree for reference. This is just a personal thing.

Hope this helps!

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What notebooks do you recommend for note taking?

here are some ones i use and enjoy !!

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how much can you fit in your kanken? idk if it's big enough to fit all of my stuff :/

on the first day of school, i managed to fit:

  • 2 1.5″ binders and a 1″ binder
  • 2 mead five-star graph notebooks
  • a mead five-star hybrid notebook
  • a lihit lab pencil case + a5 pencil pouch
    • they had stuff like my pens, pencils, ruler, graphing calculator, index cards, sticky-notes, correction tape, highlighters, etc
  • “on writing” by stephen king for my ap lang class
  • a chromebook charger (i had to hold the chromebook in my hands)
  • an a5 personal planner
  • 2 a4 folders
  • notebook paper + graph paper
  • my wallet, lip balm, hair ties, pads, earphones, phone
  • a muji b5 notebook

to be 100% honest, i have no idea how i managed to cram so much stuff in my kanken, but i never want to do that again lol :”) i put a lot of the stuff that i didn’t need to carry around in my school locker. it’s so much lighter now + it’s probably better for my back that way haha! so now, i only need to carry:

  • a 1″ binder
  • a graph notebook
  • 2 folders
  • pencil case + pencil pouch
  • a5 personal planner
  • wallet, lip balm, hair ties, pads, earphones, phone

January 8, 2017 || ? What’s in my backpack ?

Hello! I have disappeared for a while bc various reasons ( finals and laziness) but I’M BACK! I recently got a kanken maxi, since I messed up my other backpack’s zippers, and I thought I should do a what’s in my school bag post. To be honest the contents of my backpack are not really exciting.. BUT they are what I consider the basics. Shall we start?


  • I have a Mead 5 subject notebook for quick and dirty in-class notes, mead folders, and my beloved planner. 
  • This  compartment is also where I keep my stationary bag (aka a makeup  bag) stuffed with flashcards, a 0.5mm Muji pencil, a .38mm Pilot Juice pen, a  pastel Pilot Frixion highlighter, various colored pens, earplugs, tiny scissors, and one of those white-out tape dispensers. 
  • My $$ is also stored in here as well as my chargers– phone and computer


  • headphones 
  • Rosebud Salve for my lips (my savior)
  • A bag from ipsy holding my sticky notes, tampons, hand cream, and eyeliner (Ciate)
  • Aspirin because I get headaches easily


  • Laptop (so far)

More will accumulate in my bag as time goes by… so I will make an updated version in the future. ALSO!!! ya girl got into her first choice college!! I’m thinking of celebrating by buying myself a camera to start a studytube…. thoughts?  

2.26.17 // Pre-study setup.

Location: Starbucks.
Supplies: Two BlueSky notebooks, Zebra mild liners, American Crafts metallic markers, 10 mm Pilot g-2 ballpoint pen, backup pens (07 mm Pilot g-2 pen, Pilot precise v7 capped pen), Pentel refillable eraser, PaperMate 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, bag of fine liners (Staedler, Stabilo, Sarasa), bag of black pens/markers (Staedler, Stabilo, ektools, Sharpie, Micron, Project Life, etc.), bag of assorted markers and gel pens, Mead FiveStar hybrid notebook, Mead FiveStar fabric binding college-ruled notebook, Happy Planner, two Yoobi three-pronged pocket folders, laptop
Other: Chai tea latte, turkey bacon cheddar melt, and an Arizona green tea

I have a LOT of writing utensils, but that’s because I’m very picky. I wouldn’t suggest bringing this much. (Lmao)

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So my freshman year of college is coming to an end and now that I've gotten the hang of things, I want to be more organized for my sophomore year. Can you recommend the basic supplies you use for your courses? I want to make sure I don't have too little nor too much.

sure thing! first, congrats on making it through freshman year. mine was so rough but i learned a lot (especially when it came to supplies!) 

i’m not just gonna give you supplies for courses, but supplies for college life in general: 

  • trusty backpack with side pockets
    • keep water bottles in those pockets!
    • if they’re zip pockets, keep wallets/money/small pens in them for easy access! *turn and unzip to get*
  • camelbak water bottle 
    • dish-washer safe
    • easy to hook to things 
  • 1-inch binder with side pockets
    • for storing my course notes and sheets/packets professors give out 
  • spiral notebooks
    • i always use five star mead notebooks because their sheets are always easy to tear out without leaving the “terrible stringy things” on the side that professors are somehow allergic to
    • but you can always buy cheaper ones 
  • loose leaf paper
    • for transferring notes onto and storing in the binder
    • or for class when this happens: “POP QUIZ. take out a sheet of paper.” and then you can be the hero when someone asks, “can i borrow a sheet of paper…” 
    • i have been both the hero and the unprepared one.
  • pencil case
    • it can be aesthetically pleasing, or a sorry black bag like mine 
    • keeps all your writing utensils in one place
    • dude
    • these will save you in exams - they can erase that whole problem you did wrong the first time in a pinch!! 
    • this is the best one i’ve come across so far
  • pencils 
    • if you get mechanical pencils, i recommend getting extra lead, too
    • some professors will only allow pencils 
  • pens 
    • for anything!! 
    • try different weights and see which one is best for your comfort and writing 
  • highlighters 
    • i didn’t use them that much, but some people do
    • mildliners are so cute and pretty - maybe try those!
  • storage containers! 
    • small drawers you can use for storing important papers or past school work you might need again 
    • they can be the big ones that have wheels, or the small portable ones you can place on a desk or table
  • A LAMP
    • like the pixar one that has a personal vendetta against the big “i” (what’s its deal??)
    • for late nights when your roommate is sleeping and glares at you when you think about keeping the main light on
    • if you’re by yourself, it couples as a study light and a night light!
  • notecards 
    • 8x5 and 5x3 cards are the two sizes i always used 
    • maybe your professors will be nice and let you use one as a cheat sheet! 
    • just buy them in bulk at the beginning of the semester
    • it sucks when you don’t have one and have to scramble to get one right before your exam 
    • you can also be the hero when someone asks, “can i borrow a scantron…” 
    • again, i have been both the hero and the unprepared one
    • you can also charge these unprepared students for a scantron on test day 
    • what are they gonna do - NOT take the exam? they’ll hand over a $1 a pop any day (i have seen it multiple times!) 

and that’s a kinda long list of what i had throughout college! trust me, this is 100% from experience. 


Prince’s Cherry Moon Personal Notebook with Extensive Handwritten Working Script

Prince drafts his script for Under the Cherry Moon, including the ‘Wrecka Stow’ scene and 'Girls & Boys’ musical sequence

Mead college-ruled notebook containing fifteen single-sided pages of Prince’s handwritten working script for the 1986 film Under the Cherry Moon. In the middle of the notebook there are two consecutive pages with messages written by Susannah Melvoin in red colored pencil, with large happy and sad faces drawn in the center. These are soon followed by the fifteen pages of Prince’s working screenplay for Under the Cherry Moon, written by him in pencil; several pages are annotated by Prince in purple pencil, with notes indicating scenes and page numbers. The dialogue begins with a line from “Tricky,” “I like 'em nice 2, u know that certain special way.” Mary replies, “Special. What do u mean?” Tricky: “U should know, Mary. That’s what u are." 

The next page has a scene that takes place slightly later in the film and features some memorable dialogue. Tricky says, "Man that was a dog thing 2 do. You mean she set u up 2 bust into her old man’s private business?” Christopher replies, “She don’t know what’s good enough 4 Isaac Sharon is even better 4 me.” Tricky: “She’s bad, cuzzin.” Christopher: “She’s tricky, Tricky.” Tricky: “But she ain’t as smart as us.” Christopher: “She’s smarter. But she ain’t got no street. U know I wish there was some way 2 bring her down 2 our world then she could experience the real fun.” Tricky: “Gimme a dark room & a Johnny Mathis album and I’ll show her the real fun.” In the film this conversation differs slightly, with “Johnny Mathis” swapped out for 'Sam Cooke.’

A few pages later is the famous 'Wrecka Stow’ scene in the restaurant. Prince sets up the joke: “(He begins 2 write on a napkin) 'It’s obvious Little Miss Mary has never been off the city block.’ He shows the napkin 2 Mary. There are 2 words—Wrecka Stow.” Mary: “What is that? Some new language?” Christopher: “Read it. Do u know what it is?” After some back-and-forth, Mary says, “Wrecka Stow. Wrecka Stow. It’s nothing. Admit it. (Tricky is laughing harder now. People are starting 2 stare).” Christopher: “Surely you must know. Again. This time say it louder.” Mary: “Wrecka Stow! Wrecka Stow!” Chris: “Louder!” Mary: “(very loudly) WRECKA STOW! I give up. What is it?” Christopher: “If u wanted 2 buy a Johnny Mathis album where would u go?” Mary: “(very embarrased) The Wrecka Stow.” As in the previous dialogue, “Johnny Mathis” is changed to 'Sam Cooke’ in the film.

For the most part, it seems that few changes were made between the dialogue as written here and in the final film—some short sequences were omitted, and some words were changed here and there, but in general this draft matches what became the final script for Under the Cherry Moon. It is rare to have so much of Prince’s handwriting in a single item, and outstanding to see the evolution of his creative thought process as it was committed to paper. His sense of humor shines in this script, and that it so closely resembles the final product makes it all the more remarkable.

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Now you listen to me Melly, and you listen good. I've had a long hard week, there's a torrential downpour outside, and I may be coming down with a cold. But this will still be the best week of my entire life if anything remotely resembling Zrank happens. Imagine that meet cute! "Awh I'm sawreh, didn't see you therah!" "I'll be honest, I didn't understand a damn word but your eyes are devastating" GAAAH MELLY WHYD YOU DO ME LIKE THAT!!!

Zayn would pull out his Mead notebook with all his drawrings on the cover and be all like “Ah’ve goht deese sohngs ah wrohte in dis nohtebook heah thaht weh could trah ouht”

and Frank would all impressed by Zehn’s sparkly hoe eyes and world class musicality? AND MAYBE SOMEHOW somewhere someone would produce some kind of Casio Keyboard? And maybe somehow sing a low key version of “Bad Religion together?

And somehow, even though I would have no way of knowing this was happening, the universe would just tell me to be rightfully ruined, and I would just immediately collapse, somehow knowing that greatness was happening SOMEHWERE CLOSE BY

31 July 2016 // I got paid for an acting gig for the first time ever! A whole $44. Not much, but enough for me to by some nice stationery before the start of school! I got a black board for my room, some really pretty pastel post-its, metallic sharpies, and my personal favorite, Cambridge Edition Mead notebooks. They have a nice soft (faux) leather cover, and they are sold in the more “metric” sizes. The dark blue is A4 and the light blue is A5. I intend to use the big one for AP Literature and the small one for Music notes. It’ll be a kind of bullet journal for voice/music things. I’ll jot down my thoughts and revelations after each lesson in there, and if I have to take notes for my music theory class I’ll take them in there. I’m excited!