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The Fall (Madera Lavellan/Cremisius Aclassi)

This is a commission for ottabox of their Madera Lavellan and our favorite Charger, Cremisius Aclassi. I hope you like it, hun!

How could she have been so stupid? Yes, Madera Lavellan knew that she’d been mourning Solas’ abrupt departure, the relationship that had ended before it had even really began, but there was no excuse for what she’d done. Krem had been kind to her. He had shown support, understanding, a caring that not even her closest friends shared with her. Everyone had tried their best to make her smile, to find a way to bring Madera’s usual happy nature back to the fore, but nothing had worked, and in turn, they’d given up. Krem… he challenged her. He didn’t try to make her smile, he succeeded.

And then she’d gone and broken his nose.

It had been an accident. The sparring match had ended with her on her back, Krem pinning her to the ground. The headbutt hadn’t meant to cause harm. It was a tactic Madera had used in the past to get her opponent back onto their feet. In this instance, it hadn’t gone as planned.

Running her hands through her dark choppy hair, she tried to find the words that she desperately needed to say to him. She had made a mistake. She’d been foolish. Her mind hadn’t been on the match…

Closing her eyes, a groan escaped her throat. She was so stupid.

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