The Royal Wedding Gone WRONG

Everything was going well

Marth was giving his vows

But then Peach looked at the ring and thought, The fuck have I done 

So she left him at the altar

Robin: Well that did not go according to plan…

I do not remember life before you,
and I am certain that I will never
live a life that does not hold within it
the ability to constantly make me
ache for you. But your words hit me
harder than your fists ever could,
and your bitterness makes my blood
run cold. I have lost my desire to love,
because I can no longer love you. 


Aaaaah Otakon art QuQ!!!

The first one is an art trade from cryptovolans (olivier) and the other two are commissions from nargyle (meach for kikiine and peony for me!)

I’m so excited I got to meet them both in person they were both super presh q7q//// I would be more excited (trust me I was having heart failure ok LOL) but I’m sick and I have a headache now BUT YES LOOK AT THESE CUTIES.


Look Who We Met: Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen

I generally enjoy cooking. If I had all the time in the world, I’d fix myself and my imaginary dinner guests homemade banana bread and roast chicken galore and have no qualms about doing it. But the reality is I don’t. Working full-time can often stand in the way of achieving such lavish culinary desires—but it doesn’t have to. When Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen dropped by the InStyle office, she assured me that there is such a thing as a fun and easy dessert to prepare for your friends. 

The L.A. born chef, blogger, and host of ABC’s Food for Thought with Claire Thomas specializes in easy-to-make recipes and fun riffs on classic dishes. Her latest concoction, called S’Meaches, is exactly what it sounds like: s’mores made with peaches (and, in Thomas’s case, homemade lavender and rose marshmallows). “It’s a non-recipe recipe,” she told me. The yellow peaches, brown sugar, and cayenne pepper combine to make, in her words, “an insane peach cobbler explosion in your mouth.” We’re sold!

Check out the full recipe below:

For 8 S'Meaches
¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
½ cup light brown sugar
1 peach, cut into 8 slices and halved horizontally
8 marshmallows
8 double graham crackers

1. Combine the cayenne and sugar, and toss in the peaches in mix to coat.

2. Put 1 peach slice and 1 marshmallow on each of the 8 skewers. Use metal skewers or soak wooden skewers in water 30 minutes before using.

3. Toast over a medium-low flame until caramelized and browned.

4. Lay a peach-marshmallow skewer on a graham cracker half. Pull out skewer. Sandwich with another graham cracker. Enjoy immediately!

– Claire Stern, InStyle Editorial Assistant

Photo credit: Sarah Balch for; Claire Thomas