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So guess what kids. It’s my one year anniversary with my beautiful lady, Mackenzie.

A year feels like such a long time and yet no time at all. We’ve been through so much, so much happiness and struggle; long distance has taken a toll on us but we’ve stayed strong and grown from the difficulties we’ve faced. She’s helped me through all the times that I struggled, as I tried to help her. Every time we’re together we’re in our own little world and it’s amazing. She understands me and loves me despite my failings; she’s so intelligent and hard-working; she’s kind and funny, caring and gentle, and braver than anyone I know.

I love her so much and I can’t wait until we can put the distance behind us and be together permanently. 

So guess what you lovely li'l fuckers. Today is my 6-month anniversary with Mackenzie and let me explain you some things about Mackenzie.

She is the most perfect person I could have ever hoped to have a relationship with at this point in my life. Yea, sure, we’re far away from each other on a normal basis, but that doesn’t even matter because we’re so close on every other level. She keeps me grounded when I need to be, or let’s me go all loopy and silly when I need to (like last night, I was just bouncing off the walls, man). She motivates me to be a better student, a better friend, a better lover, and a better person. She never fails to make me laugh when I’m being a stupid grumpy jerkface, she knows exactly what kinds of fics and pictures and things to send me to wound me emotionally (she loves da angst, lemme tell ya), she always knows just when I need a cute bear picture or a video of a bby bear wras'ling with a bby tiger or something.

She is practically a genius, she loves chemistry and all the differing types of painful, painful chemistry (I try to only judge her minimally for her perverse love for that branch of science). She squeals whenever she sees cute things, she gets super giddy-silly when she’s drunk, she makes the best noises in bed, her body fits perfectly with mine when we shnuggle. Her kisses are always soft and sometimes she goes onto her tip toes to kiss me and I just about die when she does that. Her family is awesome and she loves her dog because hey, Luna is fricken amazing. Watching her wake up is the sweetest thing in my life and it just makes me fall in love with her again every damn day. She makes me feel and think all those ‘cheesy’ thoughts about love and it’s just fucking great.

Plus she is just the cutiest of patootiests. 

So basically yeah. She is just the best and I really can’t tell you guys how much I love her. AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HER IN LIKE 9 DAYS IT’S GONNA BE AMAZING.

Happy Anniversary, bby. I love you bunches and bunches of oats.

futurelovedontfallapart  asked:

Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hullo, hi, yes hi, 'ello, hi hello

1. First impression:

Sweet Jesus this person is the best Sebastian Moran I have ever roleplayed with I must have more.

2. Truth is: 

Truth is I really fucking love you. You are an amazing person in every possible way, and I wish more than anything that we could have more time physically together. BUT, I must say, we are fricken rocking the socks off this long distance relationship. Mostly because of how amazing and wonderful you are.

3. How old do you look: 

You look absolutely precious, that’s how. All the time.

4. Have you ever made me laugh: 

Every damn day. I appreciate the weird faces you make for me more than most things. 

5. Have you ever made me mad: 

Nope. I get mad at all the distance between us, but never you because you are the sweetest thing on this planet.

6. Best feature: 

I love everything about you, but I have to say that your smile always gets me. And also the cute squeal you make when you see something cute. Kills me. <3

7. Have I ever had a crush on you:

Ummmm….. Maybe a tiny, itty bitty baby crush…. Maybe….

8. You’re my: 


9. Name in my phone: 

Mackenzie. For the longest time it was Sebastian Moran, but I changed it we started dating. Didn’t want Jim getting pissy at me.

10. Should you post this too?

You already did, and lemme tell ya, as soon as I post this I am headin’ on over to you ask box to drop a Hi in there. Because of reasons. Girlfriend reasons.