vorchagirl  asked:

Question time! ^-^ If you could add an extra mission into ME3 or significantly change one mission, what would it be and why?

I think I would change Jacob’s loyalty mission. I spoke about it before, but I found the mission sexist and racist, and I really don’t think it’s about survival, but control. 

I also really want a proper underwater mission (so, not really like Leviathan?). Just because I think it would be amazing? 
I’m hoping we’ll get one in Andromeda! 

Thanks for asking! :)

My fantasy: downloading Mass Effect Andromeda. It’s finally here. When I click play, it launches. My heart is beating really fast. I get to the menu. It’s beautiful. I start the game. On the screen, there is only black, but then I hear Commander Shepard’s voice. They tell my new character vital stuff but I can’t hear everything because I’m almost crying. When it’s over, Andromeda asks me to customize my character. They look amazing. Everything is so gorgeous. Even the hair and makeup look good. I try not to spend an hour there, but yeah, I’m spending an hour customizing my character. Finally, I can recognize this new person I’m about to go on a big adventure with. And despite the emotion (and the need to take a billion screencaps - the game hasn’t even started yet), I click on the Finish button. I’m ready. I can do this. Commander Shepard believes in me.