Touch yourself (Luke Hemmings Smut)

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summary: you walk in on luke jacking off, moaning your name and you guys do the naughty dance


I had gone shopping today; I wanted to get out of the hotel because I was starting to get really bored. I was on tour with my bestest friends ever, the guys of 5sos, and they had a day off today so there really wasn’t much to do. I had only briefly saw them this morning, then they had all headed to separated places.

I think the Ashton and Calum went out to explore just like I had, but they said that they were going to get bored with me shopping so I went alone. Michael disappeared into his room, probably to sleep or something and I don’t know where Luke had gone.

Luke and I had been best friends for as long as I could remember, we were probably the closest between all the guys. We had gone to school together, I was the same age as Calum and Luke, and I had befriended Luke at first before the rest of the boys.

After dumping my bags in my own hotel room, I walked across the hall to go see what Luke was up to. I knocked on the door, not hearing an answer but I thought that maybe he was sleeping since he wasn’t getting much rest lately, so I took out the keycard that he had given me to his room.

I unlocked the door, hearing the click of the lock, turned the handle and pushed the door to walk in. I walked down the front hall that lead towards the main part of the room. I turned the corner, stopping dead in my tracks.

Luke was sitting there on his bead, leaning against the wall behind the bed. His eyes were shut, mouth parted, hair sticking to his sweat lined forehead. My eyes trailed down his body, following his right arm down to his southern region. He had his fingers wrapped around cock, hand moving up and down along the length and thumb rubbing over the red swollen tip.

I was frozen in place, eyes wide and mouth agape. To be completely honest, this wasn’t the first time I had seen him naked. One time he had showered over at my place but he had done it really quickly that I didn’t even realize that he had finished. I had walked in to give him some shampoo, even if he ended up using mine anyway, and he had just gotten out of the shower.

His parted lips opened wider, emitting a low moan. His eyes were still shut tight, so he hadn’t seen me yet and he clearly hadn’t heard me come in. “Fuck,” I heard him whimper, “Y/N.”

I would be lying if I had said that hearing my name being moaned out didn’t turn me on a bit, because t sure as hell did. Still, I was standing there dumbstruck. I stumbled back a bit, heel hitting the wall with a bang. I saw Luke’s eyes shoot open. He scrambled up, grabbing the sheets next to him to try and cover himself up.

I stood there, not knowing what to say. His gaze met mine, mouth agape as he clearly didn’t know what to say as well. A million thoughts were running through my head right now. I kind of felt like running away. This was my best friend. But another part of me waned to jump his bones. I don’t know why. Like I said, he was my best friend. But seeing him like this, moaning out my name was seating a heat to my core.

“Y/N, I uh-“ He muttered out, clearly in some state of shock. I found my feet moving, walking me closer to the edge of his bed. He furrowed his brow, probably confused about why I wasn’t running away screaming.

“What are you-“ I cut him off, sitting myself down on the edge of the bed and shuffling closer to him. “Shut up.” I muttered, pressing my hands against his bare sweaty chest, shutting my eyes and connecting out lips.

I didn’t move them, and neither did he but after a few seconds I hesitantly grazed them against his own. I felt something ignite in me. I thought it would be weird, kissing my best friend but it was anything but that.

I applied more pressure, moving my lips hungrily on his. He reciprocated my actions, not questioning my actions and kissing me back with as much pressure.

I pulled back slightly, biting his bottom lip between my teeth and puling on his lip ring. He moaned into my mouth, reaching to grab at my waist and pull me closer to him.  My hands trailed up from his chest to behind his neck, winding my fingers through his hair. His own hands were grabbing at hips, fingers moving down to my ass.

The kiss was needy and hungry and I don’t think either of us was going to say anything about it.

I could feel his already hard dick pressing into my thigh, as I was basically lying on top of him and he groaned when I pressed myself harder into him.

“Wait, wait.” He pulled away, lips swollen and eyes darkened with lust. “Y/N, what the hell are you doing.”

I licked my lips, my eyes flicking between his. I wasn’t really about the answer. “I don’t know,” I breathed out, my chest still heaving. “Do you not want to?” I hesitantly asked, now unsure of myself.

“No, no oh my God no.” He quickly said. “Fuck,” He ran a hand through his damp hair. “Fuck, I want this so bad.” He basically growled out, hands grabbing at my ass again to pull me in closer.

I grinned, almost amused by how excited he seemed. He grabbed my hips, legs on either side of me and flipped us over so that he was hovering over top of me as my back hit the pillows. “You are wearing way too much.” He groaned into my neck, sucking harshly and teeth nibbling onto my skin. A moan left my lips while his fingers tugged at the bottom of my shirt.

I separated myself from his slightly, reaching down to tug at my shirt and pull it over my head. He bit his lip, looking down at me. He hands roamed to my back, fiddling with the clasp of my bra. He unhooked it, and I slid the straps off my arms to throw the bra to the side.

He crashed his lips back down onto my, hand moving to cup my breast, gently massaging it in his large hand, taking my pink nub between his calloused fingers. Another moan left my lips, arching my back to press myself further into him.

His other hand went down and unbuttoned my jean shorts. I pushed my hips up so that he could pull them off, my underwear being the only article of clothing remaining between the two of us. My hands trailed down his chest, running down his hipbones and my fingertips lightly brushed against his hard member.

His hand grabbed my wrist, pulling it away. “No babe, I’m too close already.” He mumbled in my ear, nibbling at the soft flesh underneath it.  

His own hand was moving up my thigh all while his lips worked at my neck, and I ached for him to reach my core. “Christ Y/N, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this.” He muttered. “And here you are, lying half naked underneath me, moaning my name.”

I moaned at his words, begging for him to touch me. His lips moved back up to reconnect onto my mouth. His fingers moved higher up and brushed over my clothed pussy, finger hooking in the thin band and tugging the clothing down my legs. “Jesus,” He groaned, finger sliding across my slit. “You’re so wet.”

His fingers moved up to rub on my clit. “Luke,” I moaned, shutting my eyes and pushing my crotch further into his hand. “You like that? You wanted to feel my fingers inside your pussy?” He growled into my skin.

I moaned in response. I was aching for him. “Luke,” I whispered. “Stop. I need you.” I propped myself up on my elbows and looked up at him.

I watched his eyes turn another shade darker, and he sprang up and went to dig through his bag, coming back seconds later with an already unwrapped condom in his hand. He rolled it on, moving back to hover over me. His hands pressed at my knees, pushing them further apart. He leaned over me, pressing his lips hard against me as he lined himself up with me. He teased me, rubbing his tip against my clit and I dug my fingers in his back, begging him to move.

He slid in, slowly to let me adjust to his size. After a few seconds, once I felt okay he told him to move. “Luke,” I muttered when he made no sign at all to move. “Please,” I begged him.

He moved his head down, nose brushing against my neck. “Tell me Y/N, tell me what you want.” He moaned.

I bit my lip, moving my own lips to his ear. “Luke, please fuck me.”

That’s all it took, he slowly started thrusting into me. He moaned at the feeling, his pace getting faster and pounded into me harder. “This is better than I ever imagined.” He groaned, fingers trailing down to start rubbing at my clit again.

I bit my lip, screams threatening to leave my lips. I wrapped a leg around his thigh, his cock hitting a new, deeper angle. He groaned as I tightened around him, feeling my walls clench as the familiar pit in my stomach grew.

“I wanna hear you.” He groaned into my ear, and I let go of my lip as a moan escaped from them almost immediately. A loud scream followed soon after as he quickly started rubbing on my clit, edging me closer to my orgasm.

“I’m so close.” He mumbled into my ear, as he hit a new spot. I knew he was trying to get me to cum first, and honestly I didn’t mind at all. I felt the fire in my core grow, as one last thrust sent me over the edge.

I clenched around him, low moan coming from the back of my throat, shutting my eyes as my nails dug into his skin.

He can almost immediately after, riding his high out as he squirted his hot liquids into the condom. I let out a breath after my orgasm, pushing my head back into the pillows. “Fuck,” I breathed out.

He pulled out, rolling onto the bed next to me. “Jesus Christ Y/N.” He said in the same breathless voice as me.

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t regret it one bit, but I don’t know what was supposed to happen next. “Hey Y/N?” Luke asked, and I tilted my head to meet his eyes. “Hm?”

“You know I really like you?” He said, sounding so small. Not only two minutes ago he was growling in my ear. I nodded. I had kind of gotten that. “Yeah, I figured as much.”

I bit my lip. I don’t know if I reciprocated those feelings. “You don’t have to say anything else.” He quickly added after. “I mean, I get it.”

I shook my head, rolling over to lay on my side. “No, I wanna see what happens.” I kissed his nose, happy when I saw a smile line his lips.

That’s right folks, it’s time to talk commissions! But not just any commissions. No no no, we’re talking cheap commissions..I think. Probably more than deserved for this level of art. Annyywaaaayyy.

These aren’t urgent. Mod has started a second job and should be nice and cozy after the second paycheck. It’s just making to that paycheck that’s the issue. Bills will be paid, but mod will be as broke as the gears in Fanpony’s head. So this would be money used towards stuff like grocery and household stuff. The likes. Let’s talk prices.


Or something similar. Ponies, pokemons, whatever. You name it I sketch/doodle it.


Again, ponies, people, kid squids, whatever. You name it, I draw AND color it. Backgrounds may vary and/or be nonexistent.


DAMN THAT’S A STEAL. SO MUCH SO THAT YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN’T BUY IT! Nah nah, in all seriousness, there is one more option. For $15-20, you can get a fully shaded picture with possible fully shaded background. Check out Lovely Waifu’s page to check out what she’s capable of. Great artist, good at coloring. You want to buy. You MUST BUY. Also you should check out her commissions and toss some request her way while you’re at it.

That’s about it I guess. There are some people who will see this that I’ve lost contact with. If you see this, please get at me. We have things to discuss. You know…things

If you don’t want to pay through paypal, contact me and we can figure out another form of payment. If interested, send through asks and/or submissions. You can ask for my skype if you’d like to discuss it there as well.

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