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So once my roommate and her bf (who lived in the same condo) were fighting & not speaking to each other, but we found a spider in the house and both of us were too scared to kill it cause it was HUGE and so gross so she had to call her bf who came and saved us even if they were still fighting LOL Imagine Victuuri

“Yurio,” Victor whispers through the phone.

“Victor, I want you to listen to me.”

“Yes, okay.”

“It’s five in the morning.”


“What the fuck do–”

“There’s, um,” he starts, and the confidence has left his voice. “There’s a spider in the apartment. And normally I wouldn’t call you or anything but the thing is, it’s a big one.”

A groan. “Isn’t katsudon–oh, you two got in a fight, didn’t you?”

“He’s… He’s still in bed…” Victor starts, and there’s a fragility to his voice, then. “I don’t want… He… He normally does this but…”

Yurio’s voice softens, but only slightly. “Go get him. I’m not going over there, and he’s not going to kill you. So go get him.”

“Go get him,” Victor repeats, and hangs up the phone. He floats outside of the bedroom door for a moment, then slides it open. Yuuri is awake, he can tell that much by the way his body reacts. He sits down on the edge of the bed and feels a pain course through him. “Yuuri?”

“Yes?” he asks, and turns slightly, meeting his eyes.

“There’s a spider,” Victor mumbles, and then pauses. “A big one.”

After a second, Yuuri laughs, and then sits up and hugs him, arms thrown around his shoulder. Victor isn’t sure what he’d said or done, but he hugs him back all the same, not wanting to let go no matter how many spiders sneak their way into their apartment.

“I should go kill it,” Yuuri whispers into his shoulder.

Victor pulls away, nods. “Please do.”