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Here are some cold hard facts for people who overlook the situation. Harry will be the most successful because he's been prepped for YEARS to go solo. He has been advertised by his team as the best one, the one who deserves recognition, as if it weren't for Liam and Louis writing most of the songs for the last albums. So when people are pretending they're all on equal grounds, they're fucking lying. End of.



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I found a French dub of your comic! The person who made the video commented on my video, saying they made their own video of the beginning of the chapter. Looks like they just posted it today, and they have a handful of views and only 5 subscribers. How about we make their day? ^_~

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My favorite Austen hero is Colonel Brandon. And I love your description of him: "a sensitive and poetic soul, the true courage of an active soldier, and the deep passion of a romantic gentleman" ❤

I mean, I think that’s why many people prefer him to Edward, which is a pity because Edward has some great qualities which Brandon lacks, but Brandon just shows up better in a love story context by ticking lots of romantic boxes.