Look, I know that some people are convinced Cheryl’s not pregnant, others are convinced that she is and for heaps more, the jury is still out, but I just wanted to remind everyone of how important angle and the cut of clothing can be.

The pictures of Blake in the red outfit (which is a really similar cut to Cheryl’s green outfit) were taken within days of both the blue and the gold dress photos. This just goes to show what a particular cut will do to change a person’s shape completely. High-end evening maternity wear, partucularly for the earlier stages, is designed to distract the eye away from the bump and flatter the entire figur, to the point where unless you’re viewing them from an angle, you might not realise how full the bump is.

Until I’ve seen pictures of Cheryl from yesterday’s event where she’s standing side-on, and not just where she’s sitting at a table that comes up to her boobs, I’m still inclined to think she is actually pregnant.